Upgrading to Windows 8? Here's what you need to know about iTunes!

Upgrading to Windows 8? Here's what you need to know about iTunes!

Windows 8 hit physical and electronic store shelves this morning, and Mobile Nations' own WPCentral was up early grabbing Surfaces and giving everything a look. For iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad users, however, you can also now get your hands on Microsoft’s latest and greatest operating system. If you are a Windows user, like most of us, you can download Windows 8 Pro and install it straight onto your PC as an upgrade to an existing Windows installation or set up your computer as a new PC and wipe it clean.

Windows 8 comes with an upgrade compatibility wizard which will check your hardware and software and let you know what is compatible and what isn’t. It looks like the current version of iTunes is compatible -- but there's something you need to be especially aware of.

You need to de-authorize iTunes on your computer BEFORE you upgrade to Windows 8. If you don’t do this, it will be authorized as an additional machine and use up two out of your five allowed computers.

To de-authorize a computer in iTunes follow these simple steps:-

  1. Open iTunes
  2. Click on the Store tab Microsoft makes Windows 8 available to buy or download
  3. Click on De-authorize this computer Microsoft makes Windows 8 available to buy or download
  4. Enter your username and password Microsoft makes Windows 8 available to buy or download
  5. Hit Ok and you should get a confirmation message saying “This computer has been successfully de-authorized". Microsoft makes Windows 8 available to buy or download

If you decide to upgrade to Windows 8, you can download the update from Microsoft for $39.99 or buy it on physical media for $69.99. If you want to discover exactly what Windows 8 is all about, Microsoft has you covered with a dedicatedWindows 8 portal right here.

I will be updating my computer over the weekend so should have some more information on using your iPhone or iPad with Windows 8. If anyone else does the update, let us know how it goes in the comments!

Source: Microsoft

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Upgrading to Windows 8? Here's what you need to know about iTunes!


If you forget and run out computer authorizations, you can always go into itunes, deauthorize all, and then sign back in and authorize that computer. I've done this before and you don't lose any content already on the computer while you go through the deauthorize / reauthorize process.

I'm going ti need to do that anyway at some point, as I've had multiple computers die on me over the last six or seven years, leaving me with all five auth slots used and no way to deauth the dead systems.

Other than that, I have no plans to "upgrade" to Win8 until I'm forced to.

I upgraded yesterday before seeing this so didn't de-authorise, and while iTunes asked me to authorise after the upgrade, it recognised the computer as the same one previously authorised.

No problems with itunes. icloud control panel & outlook 2013 don't seem to work well together. I'd stick with 2010.

Pretty much doing a lot of shortcuts in desktop. Can't stand the metro part. It's about useless.

Did I mention how utterly useless the metro apps are? Is this a joke? I hadn't used windows 8 in months and thought there might be improvement. At least they did some work on the desktop that makes it somewhat worthwhile.

Re: "Windows 8 comes with an upgrade compatibility wizard which will check your hardware and software and let you know what is compatible and what isn’t."

LOL. Whatever happened to "XP Compatibility Mode"?
Didn't MS ever get that to work?

Having used Windows from the very first version ever released, my experience is that its best to let others be early adopters and suffer through the bugs, crashes, incompatabilities and frustrations. Its usually safe to upgrade after they've released their second Service Pak. If you're an IT professional, this is an absolute must. Early adopters of Microsoft OSs are the ones who get fired...

Although I usually wait until after Service Pack 1, not 2, you are spot on with your analysis. My office still uses XP. We skipped Vista, for obvious reasons, while others didn't and learned the consequence of upgrading too early. Since XP is reaching end of life, we will soon be upgrading to 7, seeing how it has proven to be as solid.

Same here. We're currently an XP shop but all our latest laptops have come with Windows 7 and we now have a few 7 desktops. The biggest barrier to upgrade right now is the hardware. We have hundreds of older PCs that can't run 7 that will need to be replaced.

I've been using 7 at home for quite a while and its totally stable.

Cool. Waiting for the update right now. Would be great to see someone post their experience connecting their iDevices to W8.

I've been using windows 8 since June and haven't had any problems connecting my iPad or iPhone through iTunes, or tethering to use my iPhones 3G coverage. Upgraded to the full release today and again no issues.

Thanks for the helpful post, I would like to have a question from you concerning windows 8 Pro installation on MacBook Pro.

I have 13" MacBook Pro early 2011 Model. and having two OS one is lates OSX Maountain Lion and the other one is Windows 7 Pro installed by Boot Camp. Now I like to install Windows 8 Pro instead of Windows 7 Pro.

If I install it. Are all devices compatible with win8 pro? is win 8 pro has all MacBook Pro laptop's Drivers ?

Thanks in advance.

1. iTunes works with Windows 8. Reinstall it if you have problems.
2. It kept me authorised.
3. It's not a big drama if you forget to deauthorise. menu>itunes store>view my apple ID>deauthorise all your computers. You now have 5 free slots.
tl;dr this post is wrong :(

I had no problems running iTunes on Win8. But I also found an awesome app in the Windows Store called rtRemote that let's you control iTunes using a Windows 8 interface. Have been using it for the past couple of weeks to control my iTunes WHS server and it's very solid - works with my Airplay speakers and let's me watch movies on my Apple TV. App description says it can be used to control iTunes on the same box, but I haven't tried that yet.

More info here - http://www.bizmodeller.com/rtRemote/rtRemote.aspx