iOS takes top marketshare spot from Android on iPhone 5 enthusiasm

iOS takes top marketshare spot from Android on iPhone 5 enthusiasm

iOS on phones (i.e., the iPhone) has reportedly overtaken Android on phones (i.e. dozens and dozens of different phones) in marketshare, accounting for 48.1% of US smartphone sales, ahead of Android’s 46.7%. This follows the release of the iPhone 5, and not coincidentally, the last time Apple saw this share of the market was after last year’s iPhone 4S launch. The numbers come by way of study conducted by Kantar Worldpanel ComTech. Kantar’s global consumer insight director, Dominic Sunnebo, expects Apple to beat its previous record of 49.3% of US marketshare.

Sunnebo comments: “Apple has always managed to maintain loyalty levels far above the competition, and this has clearly played a part in driving sales of its new device. An impressive 92% of existing Apple owners in the US said they will choose an iPhone the next time they upgrade.”

Kantar’s study also notes that a large portion of iPhone 5 sales are new iPhone users. While a significant majority, 62%, are existing iPhone users upgrading their devices, 38% of iPhone 5 customers are either buying their first smartphone or switching from another platform, with 13% of new customers switching from an Android device and 6% switching from BlackBerry. Additionally, 92% of existing iPhone users said they plan to choose an iPhone the next time they upgrade their phone.

These numbers are good news for Apple. To have that sort of customer satisfaction is the wish of any company. It also goes to show that despite what some may say, excitement for the iPhone is as palpable as it’s ever been. With almost 20% of new customers coming from other devices, the iPhone remains an attractive device for a wide range of people. Or maybe they just like boring things.

Source: Kantar Worldpanel ComTech

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Reader comments

iOS takes top marketshare spot from Android on iPhone 5 enthusiasm


This is no surprise really, when you are talking phones only. Not including the Kindle or any other non-phone device. I understand Android has millions of activations a week, but no one really knows what that means.

But all the numbers are conflicting. We consistently see other phones (SG3) out selling the iPhone on carriers, yet these numbers say otherwise. Bottom line is numbers can be "calculated" to favor one way or another.

The iPhone had 48.1% and Android had 46.7% IN THE U.S. and in the quarter where the iPhone 5 was released and no new flagship Android phones were released.

Wow. So impressive!

What were the percentages for worldwide sales during that quarter? What about just the percentages for all countries where the iPhone 5 went on sale?

How about percentages worldwide over the last year? Was this one quarter, of just numbers for the U.S., really just an unnewsworthy drop in the bucket?

And only 20% of the sales are to people who didn't already have an iPhone? That sounds like they aren't really growing the iPhone user base very much - like they're mostly just churning phones to the Already Converted. What was the percentage with the 4S, 4, and 3gs went on sale? Are they pulling more or less new people now compared to what they did in the past?

This is kind of a silly line of reasoning. Apple only makes one phone and they are outselling literally dozens and dozens of Android phones. I think it is quite impressive. And my last phone was an Android phone, so don't call me a fan boy. And they are now giving away their Android "flagship" phones just to get them out the door...

It doesn't seem so silly when you're pondering the question "should I invest my time and money in Android or iOS?"

Generally, Android apps work on all Android devices. iOS apps work on all iOS devices. So, if one were to consider which platform to use based on the apps available and which one has a greater likelihood of future apps, you wouldn't really care that iOS devices are made by one manufacturer and Android devices are made by many manufacturers. You would be smarter to consider that an app developer is going to be looking at how many potential customers they have on each platform and, likely, first target the platform that will let them make the most money.

U are bullsting here androtroll...DUDE...the platform that will let them( Developers) make the most money... is iOS...way more...and that for years !!! not just because of the fact that androboys are generally cheap-skates but mostly... cause...since android phones are generally free and are in the same price range as basic phones ... so basically, anyone getting a phone is likely to pick an android phone due to the fact that you're getting more than a dumb phone at an equal price...since those devices are poured in tons at no costs... so they became literally the new dump phones... now days...because those people don't actually need any smart phone....nor they buy any apps... nor can they handle the complexity of andrOS....then, there is the factor that a lot of Android devices were pushed out as freebies for signing up for things like cable tv or internet access.-most of which will end up in storage bins. ..usage is what matters, not shipments...I would call it f@cking impressive... as they are real numbers (Apple) compared with fantasy numbers (andrOS)
Apple reports sell-ins and they report you have an exact number of how many units apple actually sold to end customers....Apple is the only company providing these exact numbers quarter by quarter...Someskunk and others...don't, they only tout smoke and mirrors...and they never tell us how many units they sold. Why is that?...
because so they could after launching a new model pull all the old unsold models back very quietly... but they'll still remain in all the stats as sold, cause they never do report inventory!!!.... that's WHY...there are NO official real numbers from any Androdevises out there ... and there will NEVER be !!!...So the research firms by the likes of Gartner, IDC and others...can put any fantasy numbers they want in to the wild....all depends on, who is paying for the research...because those numbers are impossible to prove... Those estimates are BS...This Analytics firms have been constantly wrong with their numbers...Year after Year !!! and still ... everyone reports on their numbers as if they were a fact.
Those of us who have been in tech for a longer time... might see some parallels here with Windows....The number of 'shipped' windows units always was WAY higher than those actually in use!

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Of course this is irrelevant, just like when the sg3 out sold the iPhone4s right before the release of the 5... Wait, didn't everyone make a huge deal about that? Wasn't that suppose to be a modern day "David and Goliath", so why shouldn't this receive the same press? SMH the knife cuts both ways, are you really surprised that Apple's slice of the smartphone market increased after a new device. The same thing will happen for android when their next cluster of flagship devices release, and so on, and so on.... The end!

Friends of mine went into a Verizon store in Prescott Valley, Arizona and were almost ridiculed out of the store by the staff for wanting to buy iPhones for their family. Their teenage boy was the only one to buy an iPhone, because he kind of wanted to stick it in their face. And the staff made it very clear that they were not happy with him. They were told that Android phones are much better and the GPS on the new iPhone 5 does not work as well as the GPS in the Android phones. Of course they were referring to the maps issue and had no clue what they were really talking about. I have heard about Verizon stores doing this all the time. It seems to be a very common practice. The reason I've been told is that they don't make as much money on the iPhones, so they discourage people from buying them. I am disappointed that Apple is not going after Verizon for these practices.

Apple should go after Verizon for that nonsense. Consumers should get whatever works for them. It shouldn't be surprising that the iPhone 5 outsold other platform vendors. Many people waited for the iPhone 5 rather than buy the 3S, 4, or 4S. As much as some of us complain about the incremental upgrade approach that Apple uses, they continue to make a pile of cash and therefore, success is difficult to argue against.

unfortunately...that is a common practice...on every carrier around the world... as they make 100$ more on androflagships than on iPhones... and even more on down the androcrapophones...DUDES
as my Granny used to say: * NEVER TRUST A SALESMAN !!!*

Eh, who cares, people will buy what they want at the end of the day. I cleared my house from all Android devices this year, I hate Android although I used for 3 years before I ever owned any Apple product, once I did it was an easy decision to make the transition for me, my wife and my son. Bought apple tv and MacBook Air and this house is completely apple now.

I'm very happy with my iPhone 5 even though I think the Galaxy line has nicer screens. I think what I like best is that Apple phones seem to have smoother screen transitions and a more consistent interface. I don't really appreciate that the icons are different on each Android device, they should consider forcing handset manufacturers to offer standard set in addition to manufacturer specific set.