Win the iPhone, iPad, or iPad of your dreams from iMore!

Enter now to win the iPhone, iPad, or iPod of your dreams from iMore!

Have you been dreaming of a new iPhone 5 for Christmas? An iPad or iPad mini for Hanukkah? An iPod touch for Festivas?

Well you're in luck! Every week for the next four (4) week we're going to be giving you a chance to win the iOS device of your dreams! (Technically four (4) $350 U.S. Apple Store gift certificate for you to buy (or put towards) whichever Apple device or devices you wish!)

You can enter each contest, each week, for a total of 4 chances to win! And entering this week couldn't be simpler:

  • Just leave a comment below telling us which iOS device you want and why!

We'll announce winners each week when we announce the next way to enter. That's it. That's all.

Enter NOW!

Rene Ritchie

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There are 4330 comments. Add yours.

alia_1 says:

Ipad 4 please, love to own one . AWESOME technology :)

Crystal Howlett says:

i'd like the ipad because i'm pregnant and would like one to keep me sane while in the hospital...also, my 3 year old loves monkey lunchbox and angry birds and she's always hogging my laptop.

TRVS537 says:

The new iPad, unfortunately my old one was stolen.

Droid Stew says:

And iphone 5 for Xmas would be tops! My wife has the 4, but needs Siri to assist her with meetings and information on her industry.

dzegers says:

iPhone 5 would be great

Rudolph76 says:

I'd get the iPad mini and give it to my wife - she deserves it!

MishoBG says:

I'd like to have one, please.

sguagliano815 says:

I'd really like a black iphone 5 for my wife. She wants any model from 4 up but we just can't afford to buy one right now.

siddo_d says:

I'd love to have have the voucher to purchase an iPad Mini please!

belladonna75 says:

I would love to have an iPad mini because I can let my daughter play her games on it instead of my iphone (:

jjetson says:

The iPad Mini!...cause I have the others, that's why.

daking1000 says:

I need an iPad... My 60 yr old mother has one and I don't... And I work in IT :S

Matt Burleson says:

I'd love to get my wife a new iPod Touch.

Writer@Large says:

I would love to have a fourth gen iPad. I run a mobile gaming podcast and do game reviews, but my iPad 1st gen can no longer play the games I want to review and discuss to keep my podcast relevant. Unfortunately, the podcast generates zero revenue! This win would help me keep my podcast going [and allow me to play Baldur's Gate :) ].

Writer@Large says:

Whoops, it double posted ...

Kal2731 says:

I want the iPhone 5 because my 3gs just isn't cutting it anymore.

Mr. Karmostaji says:

I would love to win the iPad mini. I want it because I haven't really ever owned a tablet and I think the iPad mini is a perfect fit for me.

eurafega says:

I would like an iPad Mini for my wife and daughter... I own myself an iPad 2 but have not been able to use it for the past months because my wife and daughter just love it... If you guys help me out with and iPad Mini I could give it to them (my wife's birthday is next week also) and I can recover my iPad

lrbrown1 says:

I'd love to win the iPad mini. It seems to be a very usable addition to my Mac products.

PinkyNess says:

I would love the new iPad. I am going to school next semester and this would help my studies. Thanks :)

UNhipandUNfunny says:

iPhone 5. I have a 4 now but the one thing I miss since switching to iOS is the bigger screen (and, heck, I'd like Siri capability, too).

linsiris says:

I would really like to win an iPad mini to give it to my mom for christmas it´d be great for her to keep in touch with the family through FaceTime and iMessage, read her books and magazines, be updated with the news that she loves and of course for work, a great companion all in her purse.

dallen50 says:

The ipad mini please!!

dtyrewilliams says:

Ipad Mini pretty please? I'm a wedding photographer and definitely need something smaller for contracts and model releases!

MarioVeera says:

I'd love an all new iPad mini that fits my white coat when I'm in rounds at the hospital ;)
Happy holidays and thanks for the opportunity!

taustin5 says:

I want an iPad mini to give to my mom for Christmas.

GarrettLongest says:

iPad w/retina! Because it would be a huge help with my design business!

peligon1 says:

That iPad mini will look great under our family Christmas Tree thanks iMore

Merry Christmas to all of you!!!

liyadi says:

Ipad. I've tried android tablet, BB playbook. I'd like to try Ipad next.

duganmr54 says:

iPad please, I'm a teacher and I know iPad will save me paper and reduce my printing costs!

evangelos says:

I would like the ipad mini cause I am a small guy and I need a small ipad

CaptainGoodnight says:

iPod mini for the wife! Free up my tablet for me :-)

CDaSilva18 says:

I want an ipad mini because its awesome and is the only apple product I need!

rkice14 says:

I would love to go shopping for a new iPad!!!!!!

funman95 says:

iPhone 5 in form of $549 apple gift card so i can have a way to communicate with the world

conormck says:

The new iPad (4th gen.) in any colour. Winning one would hopefully allow for me to immerse myself in the amazing Apple mobile ecosystem!

Andy Chesley says:

Oh man! I would LOVE an ipad mini! They're probably the slickest of mobile devices available! Please help!

md8232 says:

I'd like another iPad Mini to give as a gift. Mine never leaves my hand!

jdkurk says:

An iPad would a sweet gift! Please!

skraynek says:

I would love an ipad. I travel a fair amount and would love to use it on the plane and be able to face time with my family.

Reno Melon says:

I would love to give my wife an Ipad for Christmas. She's had a rough year and that would really lift her spirits.

Thank you.

jdunn says:

I would like to replace my iPhone 4 with something a little faster and newer.

KokeKoesling says:

An iPhone 5, because it is difficult to get one where I live

Michael Cogle says:

I'd love Santa to stick an IPad Mini in my stocking. Why? I know it will fit. :-)

romanfederation says:

an iPod touch would be an incredible replacement for my recently-passed nano :)

GodWithMee says:

I would love to win an ipad.

07GD SFD says:

New retina iPad for me!

JWh0le says:

I would love to win an iPad for my mom! I can never get her anything really nice during the holidays so to be able to get her an iPad would not only make me happy, but it would definitely make her happy (so she can finally FaceTime my sister & me whenever she wanted.

mrburns05 says:

I'd love to get an ipad mini- mainly to develop apps with , but also because I have no iPads anymore!!

Paul Einsig says:

I think i would want the iPhone 5, Because i feel like i don't need an iPad if i have an iPhone, and if i wanted an iPad, I'd just get the bigger one.

johnowoss says:

I would take the iphone 5 would give it to my wife she needs a new phone.

tramppdogg says:

I would like the mini to complete my apple family

smittyofdhs says:

I would take any one of three, or all three because I'm greedy.

Imamekanic says:

I would want the ipad mini for my wife to help her with her photography business she started.

Julian Leo says:

IPad mini!! It's not for me, but for my mom! She really wants one ever since I got one! She is obsessed with mine! She needs it for school cause she's a kindergarten teacher, and is stuck with a really old and slow laptop! Thanks!

Madhav Pande says:

I would like a iPhone 5... My parents won't buy me one so this is the only chance I have to win so please pick me!!!!

37yearoldkid says:

Hi. I would love to get an Ipad. I am a student teacher getting my degree in Elementary Education and it would be neat to have it in class to take notes, write lessons, and share with my students. Thanks for your consideration and Happy Holidays! Your site is excellent.

lauraroque says:

I would love to have an unlocked iPhone 5!

Donna Williams1 says:

I need the new iPad 4! I need ALL things APPLE!! I'm very needy :)

Quick5pnt0 says:

Would love to have the ipad mini!!!

mitch101400 says:

I would like to upgrade my current iPad or try out the iPad Mini.

Ducimus says:

Ipad. Because I deserve it!

thejimp says:

iPhone 5 please, Santa. Thanks.

jnannuri says:

I would love an iPod touch or iPad!! The new iPod touch is looking very good...

ScottMontoya1 says:

I would love an iPad mini.

JohnC4s says:

iPhone 5 please
The reason why i want an iphone 5 because im planning on giving my brother my phone because i kept it in good condition and i cant afford a good gift or i could give my brother the iphone 5

TheCrazyWolvesFan says:

I would absolutely LOVE an iPhone 5! It would make my Christmas and all thanks to iMore!

bassislife says:

I'd like an iPhone 5 so I can get rid of my Samsung galaxy nexus.

DragonJimmie says:

I don't want an iPhone 5. I need an iPhone 5.

kylek127 says:

I would love too win a iPad, the reason because on November 10 2012 I was involved in a serious car accident I broke my pelvis leaving me not being able too walk for at-least 3 months maybe longer I would appreciate this so much because this accident really has left me being in bed most of the time so an iPad would give me some entertainment, while I progress too heal ! I would be so thankful for this

Zachary Stevens says:

In the words of Dr. Seuss: "Wherever you fly, you'll be best of the best. Wherever you go, you will top all the rest. Except when you don't. Because, sometimes, you won't."

Its those times when i won't, that an IPAD MINI would really come in handy :)

allabout17 says:

I would LOVE an iPad w/ Retina Display...that is what they are calling it these days right? I can't keep up. I think the iPad mini is great but Apple dropped the ball by leaving out the retina display. Thanks for the opportunity!

carlosdavidgomez says:

I do not have any tablet, so I would like the iPad. Thanks!!!!

Youngtky says:

Please let me win..... I want so badly to have iphone 5 for free

Lucabrazzi says:

An iPhone would be the BEST. Then I can stop using this blackberry curve, no joke

monkmikey says:

an ipad, would love to play with the larger screen. ;)

bossybetty says:

iPad 4 for my son with special needs. He is on a very long wait list (possibly 2yrs) to get assessed to receive an iPad to help him learn.

zombiewithms says:

Would love a new iPad Mini!!! Top of my wish list!!

pman219 says:

I would LOVE an iPad mini ! White please :) Merry Christmas !

iBill 100 says:

Ipad with the retina display.

Brian Hecimovich says:

I have always dreamed of having an iPhone instead of my glitchy old iPod 4. I also have a phone that can barely text or call other people. My friends have iPhone 5's and I would really like one to put under my Christmas tree. Please Pick Me.

tigerinexile says:

iPad mini. Have the other ones, and it's the right size.

Although... iPhone 5 has most resale value just now, and that could buy an iPad Mini and leave money left over...

Metro1088 says:

I would like a black iPhone 5 because I am convinced this is the best smartphone available. I badly want one!

boxer says:

I've been a Mobile Nations "member" forever. You are the best. I would love to win an Ipad mini! Please help me build my Apple nest! Thank you for the opportunity!

Donna Stephenson Birch says:

I really really really want an IPad 4!!!!!

JohnKonnakkottu says:

I would love an iPad mini to use to do university work while on the train. Merry Christmas!

michelle.1069 says:

I would love to win a iPhone 5 for my son. He would be so excited. Fingers crossed. Good luck everyone.

kdot_1 says:

I would love to have an iPhone 5! I've been rockin' an iPhone 4 for quite some time now, but within the last 3 months both the front and rear cameras have called it quits. Having an iPhone 5 would be a perfect update at this point, as well as make an awesome holiday gift.

curtisdesigngroup says:

The iPad mini. It would solve the technical imbalance in my life associated with the void I have in not presently owning one.

Luis Alves Pinto says:

An iPhone 5 or a nice iPad Mini would be the most great Christmas gift for me!
Merry Christmas to all. Thanks!

jetjackson says:

iPad mini for me. I think it's the perfect form factor for so many things, yet light and easy to handle.

Samuel Macias1 says:

Hey guys I love iOS & apple, I have an older iPod Touch 2gen but now I would like to go for an iPhone, so I would like for Christmas a white iPhone 5 because for me is the best smartphone that exists.
Merry Christmas & thank you guys :)

Odai Naboulsi says:

I'd be so thankful If I got an iPhone 5.. I have T-Mobile and I can't afford to pay 500 for an iPhone 5 and this would make my life!

bhagyashree ganatra says:

Well, this is the 3083rd comment, dunno why this will be noticed.. But I'd like an iPhone 5, to gift my Mum this Christmas. Yeah, that's all. :)

SmartFah says:

-32gb iPhone 5!
Why??? I used my upgrade over the summer to get an 8gb iPhone 4 on Sprint. I love my iPhone & iOS, but I only have 100mb of free memory left & would really like to get a 32gb iPhone 5. Since I'm not eligible for an upgrade until 2014, I'd use that $350 gift card to offset part of the off contract price.

jlindsey.stu says:

iPad mini! I would like something that is portable and most importantly iOS!

kevng9 says:

I would love to get an ipad mini, portable and great looks. Thank you

m4lmx says:

I would love to have the new iPad Mini so that I can use iMessage to communicate with my husband who is in Mexico!

BigR3dBri says:

a iphone 5 for my wife. She deserves a good gift for the new year :)

Littlefishchan says:

I would love a normal sized ipad because I just gave my ipad to my grandfather and I don't have one anymore :( but he enjoys using it so I'm fine with it :)

Gunpreet Singh says:

i would love to have a new ipad with lte !! :)

Small protable replacement from my clunky old laptop

macberry8 says:

All are amazing products!

asianpeep says:

I'd like an iPad Mini... they are just too cute! :)

malingering says:

iPhone 5 please... I never had an iPhone... I want to have the iPhone experience...

jjefferson13 says:

I'd have to go for an iPad. Love my iPhone..

Arya Suradinata says:

I want an iPod 5. fully functional and useful device to accompany my study, since I just have an old mobile phone.

Preyash Patel says:

I would like an iPad for my college books. Thanks

boisetoots says:

I would be very happy with a mini Ipad

JOWENB says:

iPad Mini because I don't have one yet!

Ghaavy says:

iPhone 5 would make a Christmas wish come true. Replacing a failing blackberry is the thing to do.

joenotaro says:

I would love an iPad to go with my iPhone 5.

justinuriah says:

iPhone 5 on sprint please in black or white. Surprise me on color. I've had android since it first came out. I'm ready for a better experience.

Anthony Uche says:

I would like iphone5 beacause idon't have it

garynky says:

Definitely the iPad Mini! My iPhone is a good productivity tool on the go, but, the screen size is definitely a disadvantage for anything more than text/email. The Mini should hit the sweet spot.

Thanks for a great site iMore!

Sangel366 says:

I'd be the happiest kid on the planet if I could win an iPad mini because winning would be the highlight of the past few months.

Mauliawan Prima says:

If iMore deign to give me an iOS Device, i'd like to get an iPad 4. Why ? because that is the most awesome tablet pc in the world i think. I will use it to read e-book and other necessary for study.

Thanks iMore... I hope my dream come true

hydra94 says:

iPhone 5 for the way! Best luck to everyone who's entering! =D

aussie1999 says:

Hallo, ive always wished to have an iphone and i would love to get the iphone 5.

cottonstuffing says:

I'd love to win an iPad 4 -- it would be the perfect way to celebrate the end of the year.

ZkiZZoiD says:

Black Slate iPhone 5 please..!!!!!

Arif Jalil says:

I would like to have an 4th generation iPad with Retina Display, as it is just the right size for productivity.

Angela Janisse says:

I would love to say like other people I have these things, I would love too but I can't afford them my phone is just a metro pcs phone and I have no tablet so I would love and be honored to have a Christmas present like this I would love to have an IPAD that everyone seems to have except me. Merry Christmas. You would make a wish come true if I win!!!!!!

Bowchicka says:

I'd love love lovity love an iPad mini. Drool.

Nick_87 says:

I would love an iPhone 5 because it's time for me to upgrade from my current iPhone 3G.

iVenom says:

I would love the iPhone 5 all my money is going to my wedding do no upgrade this year. Good cause but I would love the phone also hey as a wedding gift lol go imore!

Prasaanth S says:

i would like iphone 5 white color. If u give it to me for free ,i will use it for my studies, functions, etc

lialia says:

Let me have it, please......An iphone 5.....For my birthday present....

JD.1991 says:

iPad with Retina Display would be amazing. Loved Apple stuff for ages now, I have a 4th gen iPod Touch but other than that and an iPhone 4 on contract I can't really afford to fork out on all the Apple gear of my dreams!

Daniel Sinaga says:

I would like iPhone5. I want to give it to my little brother as a christmas present. He talks about iPhone everyday, unfortunately it is to much expensive for us.

obengfrancisjr says:

I would like a iPhone5! ;) that would be the best gift ever ;)

sb_bb says:

I would happily put that towards an ipad mini! Thanks for the chance.

Danmz says:

I would like to have a iPod Touch, because the Christmas season is quickly approaching, and I would like to get myself something nice on my tight budget. This would fit my lifestyle nicely.

MM 12 says:

I would like an iPhone 5 please. I Don't have the money to buy one, and I don't have an smartphone.

Jason24cf says:

I would love to win a iPad mini for my daughter. It would be nice to get my iPad back from her so she can play all her educational games on her on iPad.

Danmz says:

I would like to get an iPod Touch for the holiday season. I am on a very tight budget and would like something fun, portable, and cool this Christmas.

crilumegghiu says:

Attending! I'd love the mini ipad for this Christmas ..!
Merry Christmas to all!

aberssax says:

I would want an iPad mini. Why, I just got my mom to finally buy an iPhone 5 and she loves it. An iPad mini would be the perfect follow up and get her more into apples world. I'm tiered of tech serving her PC stuff

jklive2001 says:

So hard to choose, but it I win, it would probably be the iPhone5, though a new iPad would be great too!

Rob Underwood says:

A black iPad with Retina Display please, the bigger the storage the better. You can never have enough App space :D

iamdrockstar says:

I would like iphone 5 ..i would love to surprise my parents with ther christmas gift ...

JaimeMartinezJ says:

I Would Love To Win An iPhone 5
I Want An iPhone 5 Because, When I Got My iPhone 4S, It Was Like A Week Before The Launch and Right When I Got Home With My 4S, I Read Online About How There Was An Apple Event and Everybody Was Saying It Was For The iPhone 5, So I Knew I Was Doomed, So Could You Really Help Me Out Here, Get Me Out Of This iPhone 4S!!! -Merry Christmas

patexan says:

Really need an ipad. It's time I joined the revolution. I'm tired of carrying a laptop everywhere.

igeekman says:

iPad please I have an android device. #droidrage

poste says:

I would live an iPad mini the size is perfect for travel especially for reading books. It still amazes me that something so small can be so powerful.

Angel Angel says:

Can deaf guy like me have iPad please?

jbanning69 says:

Would love to have an iPad mini. I could use it while visiting clients for quick access to Evernote...

christopher phillips says:

iPad 4 64 gb because my kids hijacked my work iPad 2

TheFancyWalrus says:

I honestly have not touched an actual iPhone 5 since it was released, so it would be awesome if I can get one of my own! (Black one is cooler this year)

djkbb says:

Got my fingers crossed for an iPad 4

cliffdiving says:

I'd love an iPhone 5 for christmas!! :)

qberry69 says:

iPad mini for Christmas will be a awesome gift!

VerdugoP says:

I would love this price to buy the new ipod touch especially the red one because it helps people in africa and it is awesome!! hope to win thank you iMore :)

dirtriderkellen says:

I would love to have a Ipad to give to my little brother for Christmas.

LauraLuvsDisney says:

I would love to win an iPad because it would make my first Christmas away from home very special.

rodan1218 says:

I have an iPad 2 that I share with my kids. I would like another iPad for my kids for Xmas.

dante1990 says:

I would like to have the iconic iphone 5 because i always wanted one as i want to experience the rich apple and its technology world through its flagship phone. I am a big apple fan and followed it from sometime. If i get the phone then it will be my first time experiencing iOS which i want to soo badly !! i hope my luck and my desperation shines for me this time.

fennaboy125 says:

ipad for Christmas always wanted one but really dont have the money to actually get one

wideye says:

I want iPhone 5 . It's amazing

LeftofCntr says:

I would like a white iPad Mini

ricky_nguyen says:

I would like the iPhone 5 because I am giving my iPhone 4S to my brother. thanks and merry christmas

PhillWar says:

I would like to win an iPhone 5 for the simple reason this iPhone 3GS(from original launch) is getting old.

Aviral Singh says:

iPod touch for my mother, she's a music lover and her anniversary is on 25 December (no kidding) so I just wish I could give one to her (:

qwertyuiop245 says:

Pleaseeee. I can't afford one for me and mom said that she won't be able to buy me something! For Christmas I would love an iPhone 4S. If you would do it. I would be really grateful! Merry Christmas. Please contact me at

marco900163 says:

iPad mini would be awesome,

JamesGonzales says:

Argh! I would LOVE an iPhone 5! Why? Well, I've been using Android for over a year now and I have to say... it isn't the greatest. I mean sure, there may be some perks like free Angry Birds but that's it. iOS is a lot more defined and is a lot smoother than Android and if I got my hands on an iPhone, I would be so happy I'd never switch back.

sharmaleens says:

I phone 5....... So that i can be in touch with my kids when they are on their iPods and am not around.....happy holidays.

giantbrownguy says:

My iPhone is too old...I still use a 3G. I'm too broke to get a new one! Help!

crazyme24 says:

I want an iPad ( that released in November 2012)
If I get that , it will be my best Christmas ever

UpsimotoJet says:

This is an awesome contest iMore. I am currently an Android user and have been since I left feature phones years ago. My current phone is a Samsung (Google) Nexus S 4G through Sprint. I really do enjoy Android, but for a few years now I have craved to switch "teams" and use an Apple iPhone. So I would LOVE an iPhone 5. I don't have any gripes per se with Android, but my preferences have changed and I know realize an iPhone would best suit my desires. The App Store and games are one big reason as well as just overall usability. I used to tend to think I was more of a tinkerer and that's why I preferred Android, but I have realized that I just want Apple's reliability and performance with the iPhone. My holiday season would be great if I was able to get an iPhone 5. Well, great-ER because I'm already so excited to give my 2 daughters a beautiful holiday as well! : )

talasdave says:

iPod nano 6g and wear it as a watch :D

azalor says:

I would love the iPhone 5 in black/slate for my wife. She gave birth to our second child (Milo Anakin Clark) a week ago, and this would be a great gift for her hard work the past 39.5 weeks

Sager-Naji says:

I will need iPad mini for school and face time with my family back home.

texaskd5 says:

Need an iPad Mini!!!!!!1

Zacharacamyison p says:

iPad mini cuz it's awesome!!!!

lukinowacki says:

I'd like a iPad 4 because i had first generation of iPad and it was amazing device. Now, iPad 4 have even better display and it would be awesome device for a student like me.

jazzyreed says:

Hi my name is jasmine I want a iPhone because I'm 14 Years old in I've never had a phone I nearly have clothes to wear of my own I wear my moms clothes people talk about because I don't havehave name brand clothes in a cool phone it would mean a lot to be me if I won a iPhone. That's way I think I should have one

Chads10R says:

I am needing a phone upgrade for Xmas...iPhone 5 please :)

BrianTufo says:

iPhone 5 as I'm sick of having bad battery on other devices. :)

hackberry2 says:

I want the iPhone5 so that I can take advantage of the LTE data.

megmarieee says:

I would love an iPad for Christmas. I've never had one!

jazzyreed says:

I'm not going to sit here in lie to u to be honest my life isn't going so will I'm 14 yearrs old in I live with my mom I'm the youngest out of 3 in I don't know my dad I bearly have clothes to were to school I were my mom clothe I don't have no name brand I haven't had a new pair of shoes in months I ask my mom for a iphone for chrismas but she said we can only get 1 gife each in it couldn't be to expensive cuz she's paying for it out of her rent money she also has to pay the rent so I'm not going to get wat I really wanted in I never had a phone in my entire life my lil cosin has a iphone in she's 6 so that's the reason I want a iphone merry chrismas

be12nard says:

a new ipad would be nice for my son

jazzyreed says:

But I don't really want a iphone I want a iphone 5 just can't eford it I guess some dreams don't come true iphone 5 is my dream phone

jmarcoli says:

I would like an iPhone 5 (AT&T) in black because I really need a new iPhone.

evolution75 says:

iPAD for me please so I can get rid of my BB Playbook thanks Happy Holidays to all

biniopi59 says:

I would love to have a Iphone 5 because everyone have one because it is actually a cool device and easy to use. Thank you Imore

pakuuu says:

ipad mini for sure. never had an ipad. merry christmas

nicnoc says:

iPad would go down a treat thank you. Will fully compliment my iPhone 4S and make me a productivity superwoman!!

thewolfsage says:

An iPad 4 would be awesome.

claybird says:

An iPad for the wife would be a lot better than what I could afford for her. Thanks for the chance!

gperozich says:

A white iPad Mini would be great!

kylek127 says:

I'm Kyle Krause and I recently got into a horrible car accident I broke my pelvis and had 2 stable breaks of my vertibre on my back a IPAD would be wonderful too me right now because I was told I won't be able too walk for atleast 3 months leaving me in bed most of the day, this accident changed my lifestyle and I know iPads and little gadgets won't change my condition, it will help me from staring at the walls all day haha I would be VERY thankful for this, everyone have a happy and safe holiday season.

Justin Pittman says:

I'd love a new iPhone 5, that would make a great present for my wife! Happy wife, happy life!

camzac08 says:

A black iPhone 5 would be amazing!!!

klcow says:

An iPad would be awesome because overall, in terms of quality apps for tablets, apple still has the upperhand :D

architorture says:

A new iPad please!!! It would be such a great tool for college!

Relletti says:

I want a 4th generation ipad. Why? Because it would be my first ipad and i love that retina display it has.

wilmark667 says:

I would like to give my kids the iPad mini.

szfebje says:

an iPad mini will be a perfect addition to my lineup!

ixemperor says:

The new iPad would be just fine. Merry Christmas :)

grojhblora says:

I have always wanted an iPad. Never have the money to get one.

bryanw0104 says:

I would like the 4th Generation iPad because it would help with school work.

jongross100 says:

Need a Ipad Mini White please!!!!!!!! Just to have one.

TBird007 says:

I would the iPad 4th generation for Christmas please.

jan11 says:

please choose me! i want an iphone or an ipod!!! please !! i <3 imore for all giveaways

Jan Vandaan says:

iPhone 5, to add some volume to my new Apple Collection

dfb8085 says:

My next apple device would be the ipad 4 to add to the 2 iphone 5's and ipad mini i got the wife for christmas. i am an apple fan now for sure after going through about every other brand of device. Including playbooks,blackberries,samsung s3 .

GadgetQueenn says:

I'd like an iPhone 5 because after 4 yrs of being an Apple fan, I still don't own one >.<

rich_asap says:

i want an iphone so i can facetime girls, :P, if you know what i mean

k_ward says:

Ipad mini. It'll be my christmas and birthday present all rolled into one!

neospyder says:

An iPad mini would make a great Christmas gift.

Madhav Pande says:

I wanted to buy an iPhone 5 and my parents won't let me so this is my only chance! So please pick me!!

merkin3k says:

I asked Santa for a 4th gen iPad, but he told me I'd put my eye out. :( So you're my only hope!

acr4 says:

iPad Mini, of course!

sweetlee00 says:

I would appreciate anything you give me iMore!!!!!

TheJeremyDiehl says:

I would love to have an iPad mini. I can't afford the iPad mini, but it would be so cool if I won this contest. Whether I win or not, thank you iMore for giving me the chance to enter and thank you for your great website. Stay awesome! -Jeremy

choppedscallop says:

I would love to have an iPhone as I've never had a smartphone before. And the iPhone would go well with my MacBook Po for college.

bigboyhat35 says:

I desire an iphone 5. I gave all of my upgrades away to my wife and mom and dad so they could upgrade and get an iPhone 5.

nike12 says:

I want a iPad because I always wanted one ever since they came out and it will be great to have with my iPod touch:)

GSLeader10931 says:

iPad mini. And a iphone5, it would what I'd like for my christmas day birthday- but they would end up being used for our girl scout troop- with almost 30 girls (and their parents), there's a ton of stuff to keep up with! Any new and creative ways we can come up with to help even our underprivileged families, we look for it! This would be an awesome addition to us! Thank you for the chance to win!! Keeping figners, knees and toes crossed!!! Happy holidays! =)

pinochalibre says:

I would love the iPad 4 my nephew and I would use it for all the educational apps and children's interactive books. We have not been lucky enough to be able afford one. We truly would be grateful Please pick us.

icezer0 says:

I would love an iPhone to go with my new macbook air. I have always been a pc person and an android person until I bit the bullet and decided to try an apple product. apple products just work! I love it. now its time to say goodbye to android. I will be able to have my devices in sync with each other. I hope I'm picked so I can get an iphone and ditch my nexus and s3

schnebs1 says:

I would love to win an iPad 4th Gen for Christmas, thanks iMore!

Mscatinboston says:

Hi Santa iMore, i would like an iPhone 5.

Mscatinboston says:

Hi Santa iMore, i would like an iPad.

Mscatinboston says:

Hi Santa iMore, i would like an iPad Mini.

Apple Calderon says:

I dreamed of owning an iPhone 5! Its very light, very elegant! All you want in a cellphone... You can find it here! Love iphone 5 the best!

drewmarasco says:

Would love to win my first ipad, and purchase the dark knight trilogy to watch on it as well!

kmc979 says:

I want the new ipad mini for my son who lost his ipod touch back in april when we were at diney world for his birthday. it broke his heart and he is really wanting a mini now!

berrydroidapple says:

I would love an iPad please, LOL. Good Luck to everyone .

Guang Li says:

Ipad mini is nice for the holiday, iPhone 5 will be even better

m.ryan322 says:

I would like the new ipad for my classroom. I want to upgrade from my original ipad for my classroom of kindergartners.