Mobile Nations Survey: Do you use a car mount with your smartphone?

Mobile Nations Car Mount Survey

This Mobile Nations Survey comes to you via our accessories team. We're always putting new smartphone accessories to the test, and are often getting into debates over which are the best.

One topic where the team is 100% in agreement though is car mount docks. We think that car mounts are the absolute best way to take your smartphone with you on the road.

We're curious to know if you agree, if you own a car mount or not, if you like them or not and why. Thanks for sharing!

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Mobile Nations Survey: Do you use a car mount with your smartphone?


I like the idea but find it to be a hassle at times. It would be great to have your count mount up and ready whenever you need it but I had my car broken into once for this very reason and the constant taking down and remounting caused me to run through a few of them as many of these things aren't made to be placed in a bag with other electronics that weigh more than twice as much

i use Bracketron PHV-200-BL. it's a vent mount. very stable, it swivels and fits any iphone with a case because the brackets adjust in width. Not only that it works with my garmin nuvi which is a must because for long rides because iphone gps kills my battery in an hour. Oh 98% time i'm listening to music when my phone is in a mount. best of all i got it at Marshalls for $7.99. Amazon has them too.

I think some of the best are the Proclip system custom made for your car model. I was gonna go with those when i first go my ipod many years ago but they are a bit pricey and i decided to save my money and just lay my ipod in my cupholder. lol

I don't know of the other names in the survey

I agree, I've used them for my BlackBerry, Android and now the iphone. I'm guessing its not included into the survey cuz MobileNations (store) cant sell them or be a reseller. No drilling, no cheesy suction cups.

I use a small camera clap style mount...easy to stick the spreadable 3 prongs in almost any crevous in the perfect and is hide able

I use (and recommend) a combination of Panavise and ProClip mounts. My current setup is a Panavise in-dash universal mounting bracket and a ProClip device holder, and I've had this setup for about four years. I've used the same Panavise bracket for 10 years, ever since I've owned this car, and it's seen multiple device holders over time as I've upgraded phones (going backwards, iPod Touch, Blackberry Storm, iPhone, Treo 680, Treo 650, Kyocera 7135, and a dumbphone I forget the model of).

Though when I next upgrade my phone, I'll likely get the ProClip dash bracket in addition to the device holder so I can mount the phone where my now goes and dump dedicated the GPS in favor of the Garmin/Navigon/Tom Tom phone software. (The Panavise bracket is to the right of the center dash console, ProClip has one that mounts in the upper-left corner of the center console, which is closer and easier to see and use.)

I think about how convenient it would be if I had one every time I get in the car, been stuffing it between my right leg and the seat for a while now..

I've tried before and never could find an ideal solution.

Now I have built in Navigation plus Bluetooth for calls and music so there really isn't a need. Once Siri is a availible from the steering wheel there won't be a need to touch my phone in the car.

I absolutely love my Mountek. It fits in the CD slot and doesn't interfere with my use of the cup holders, ventilation grills, dashboard or, most importantly, the windshield. In fact, the one thing on my car I can guarantee not to need while using my smartphone is the CD slot! It holds securely and swivels in any direction.

I can't believe you missed ProClip! I drive 40k - 50k per year, so I'm in my car a lot. I've looked at lots of mounts, but there simply isn't a better system than ProClip.
First, it's amazingly simple, no drilling or tape that has to be removed later. Then it's adaptable. If you change phones, just change the holder. If you change cars, which I have to do frequently, you simply change the mount. If you need to add GPS, just add an extension plate. It just doesn't get any easier.