Samsung fires another cheap shot at Apple with ad poking fun at Apple Maps

Samsung fires another cheap shot at Apple with ad poking fun at Apple MapsSamsung hasn't wasted anytime taking advantage of Apple’s problems with its Maps app in Australia. In a strange marketing campaign in Sydney, Samsung set up a muddied 4 x 4 vehicle in the city center with a tent and other camping supplies strewn around it, making it appear that the owners were lost. The news comes from [cnet] who managed to get some pictures of the mocked up incident.

CNET Australia has snapped pics of a little guerrilla marketing by Samsung featuring a muddied-up vehicle with a tent and other camping supplies. Next to it is a sign that says, "Oops, should have gotten a Samsung Galaxy S III. Get navigation you can trust.

If you recall earlier this week, Police in Mildura, Victoria, Australia, issued a warning to motorists, cautioning them against relying on Apple's new iOS 6 Maps. This came about after receiving distress calls from motorists who had become stranded in a national park after following iOS 6 maps directions.

The ad is really just a bit of fun but it does show that Samsung will take any opportunity going to take a shot at Apple. Of course it’s all a bit of a moot point now, with the release of the official Google Maps app for the iPhone; you can get the best of all worlds now!

Source: Cnet

Samsung fires another cheap shot at Apple with ad poking fun at Apple Maps

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Reader comments

Samsung fires another cheap shot at Apple with ad poking fun at Apple Maps


Why do you call it a cheap shot when second level senior executives heads have already rolled due to this very issue?

Seems to me Apple has to have been expecting blow back over their horrible maps implementation.

Samsung is just setting itself up to get hit back harder, I'm thinking the chrome book that looks identical to the air. I myself have never had a problem with maps and I use it all the time. I don't really care too much that a bridge doesn't look like its supposed to, you think google maps was perfect when it first came out?

Give me a break... SMH. This is why us Apple supporters get so much hate. The ChromeBook does not look like the MBA.

Why is it a cheap shot when Samsung does something and truth when Apple does it? It's not a cheap shot. It's a valid punch right to the gut. It isn't a blind side or hit on a defenseless player. Apple is very capable of defending itself and deserves this punch for a very sub par product it gave us. It should of held this piece of software until it was ready.

I hate being associated with you people by carrying an Apple device. Android has the same douches though. Rene is definitely the worse. The dude always has an expression on his face like he has to take a massive shit. Go take some stool softner or ex lax buddy.

" Android has the same douches though." Well, then, OK, we won't mind being associated with you given that you're at least an equal-opportunity name caller.

(I can't say if Rene is constipated, but I do know someone around here has emotional diarrhea...)

LOL classic... He does have that arrogant, wanna-be genius look going on. I just never associated said look to his bowel movements. Now I will though. LOL!

I don't think it's a 'cheap shot' at all, I think it's quite clever advertising. The Mac vs. PC ads, those were all very cheap shots since it usually wasn't even true what they said.

The timing is quite bad though since Google just released Maps for iOS.

Who cares. The level of detail in Bing Maps far outshines Google Maps anyway. The only 2 differences is Google had a head start and people tend to write off Bing because it is Microsoft.

In time Apple Maps will get better. People just need to give it time.

It is not the consumer's responsibility to wait for a product to mature enough to fit their needs. It is, however, the responsibility of the manufacturer to produce a product that fits the consumer's needs or risk losing said consumer.

Funny how a discussion about a software product turns into a personal attack for some "douches". I've personally never had a problem with Apple Maps. Works just fine for me. But I understand that it hasn't worked for everyone. Good to see some business vollies going back and forth. Nothing wrong with what Samsung did in the story. Apple is more than capable of taking care of themselves. With all of the choices, if you don't like what the Apple products do for you, then you have other choices. For me, I'm very happy in the Apple ecosystem.

Agree that the "cheap shot" title and the content "The ad is really just a bit of fun but it does show that Samsung will take any opportunity going to take a shot at Apple" don't match.

If writers aren't allowed to make up their own article titles because they're not great at marketing, why does this sort of discontinuity keep happening in today's media environment?

Because it looks like the "professionals" aren't very good at this, either.

I almost feel cheated that I haven't had a bad experience with apple maps yet, I want to be in the inn crown too.

Cheap shot? Pointing out why a competitors product is inferior to your own product is not a cheap shot. These companies are in business to make money. Get a grip -- especially when the executives of Apple have gone so far as to issue an apology for that specific product... The fact that Apple is seeking additional damages on top of $1B to Samsung is a "cheap shot". I have an iPhone.. I moved from Android to iOS... Clearly Apple has indicated that the gloves are off here -- reap what you sow.