Which maps app are you using on your iPhone? [Poll]

Google Maps downloaded over 10 million times in the first 48 hours of release

We all know the timeline by now. Apple replaced Google as the location data provider in iOS 6 Maps. It didn't work out as well as Apple intended. Apple was forced to apologize and recommend alternative maps apps. Nokia released HERE maps for iOS. And now Google has released Google Maps for iOS.

According to Google’s VP of Geo and Commerce Jeff Huber, the app had been downloaded an astounding 10 million times in the first 48 hours since its release. Now, raw download numbers indicate a high level of interest, but they don't tell us how many people tried them an liked them enough to keep using them.

That's where you come in.

Which maps app are you currently using on iOS 6? Are you sticking with Apple Maps? Have you switched to Nokia HERE or Google Maps? Have you resisted upgrading to keep iOS 5 apps? Or are you using something else entirely? Vote in our poll up top and elaborate in the comments below!


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zwanneman says:

I'm just wondering how long it took for the iOS6 to reach 10 million installations. Does anybody know?

cstephens18 says:

"Apple also announced that 100 million iPhones, iPod touches, and iPads have updated to iOS 6 since it was released on September 19." That was posted on iMore, September 24th. So, 100 million iOS 6 upgrades in just five days.



Pimp Lucious says:

Go ask macrumors, that's where you got that right?

chris.lenderman says:

Absolutely still using Google maps! I feel much more confident that my searches will actually pull relevant results, and I won't be sent walking in the wrong direction. Also...having transit directions back has been a game changer.

Snowman81 says:

Apple Maps still has a long ways to go, so its not too surprising to see people have downloaded Google Maps this much, this quickly.

David Sly says:

It's funny, to me the new Google Maps looks identical to re Apple Maps. I never had a problem with Apple Maps in Australia and thought it was certainly better than the old google maps.

However, the Tom Tom app is still far superior for driving directions than either Apple or Googles offerings as it shows current speed, estimated time of arrival and a tap on the screen repeats the last VoiceOver direction.

jjetson says:

Yeah, "current speed" is a must have while driving. Maybe Australian cars don't have speedometers, I guess I can't say I've for sure driven in one. ;)

gregg37 says:

Neither. Waze owns both of their faces.

SC8888 says:


I agree - Love Waze!

Bebo says:

+1 for Waze for my commuting

screamlordbyron says:

+1 for me too! Waze rules for commuting.

Rene Ritchie says:

Switched the post to a poll so we can get some indication from you guys what you're using now.

(I'm using both Google and Apple Maps, as they're both proving a little quirky, though differently so, in my area)

west3man says:

I am not interested in upgrading to iOS 6 any time soon so I've got the "original" Maps app. I downloaded Google's new iOS map app but *IT DOESN'T INTEGRATE CONTACTS*.

Turn-by-turn or not, that's a gigantic, Tranzor-Z sized FAIL.

chippy19977 says:

I'm using both. Google maps is nice but it drains battery faster, doesn't link to contacts and doesn't seem to run on a locked screen like ios6 maps.

richard_rsp says:

I voted for Google Maps because I use it the most, but I also use iOS6 maps when not looking for a Point-of-interest.

psiclne says:

I use Waze, you get real time traffic, real time cops in the area, and it's got access to your address book

west3man says:

Oh yeah. I use Waze and even got new nav units for the cars.

I like to have multiple bases covered. One day they will force me out of my unlimited data.

But not today.

TumnusMr says:

A bit of both. Google Maps obviously has a better POI database (seriously Apple, your POI database doesn't even match Yelp, what are you using TomTom Places???), but I don't really like the Google Maps interface and in particular the driving directions just shows an animated form of their normal maps, which is too detailed to be safely useful while driving.

Also what is it with the Androidification of IOS apps recently? Google Maps, Dropbox and a few others. I though there were supposed to be design guidelines and it is jarring to get all these different UI elements.

rclyde says:

I use a combination of Apple, Tom Tom, and Ariadne. Being visually impaired Apple nor Tom Tom alert enough bu around my town, when out of town I use all three with arisdne to find my way back.

wadebot says:

I use waze for commuting and general City driving. I switch to google maps when outside of the city as it is more accurate in low population areas.

rewNATION says:

i'm using google maps as well as iOS 5 maps

csimpkins says:

Waze for navigation, Google Maps for more general map stuff.

rockerchick says:

I did download Google Maps it works just fine. I love her voice, much better than Siri's. Told me to turn a little early but no big difference. I will test it more. Lock screen availability is missing. It looks pretty, but I'm driving so I don't really care what a map looks like, as long as I don't get lost!

Dev from tipb says:

I have not had too many problems with Apple Maps in my area, provided I give it an actual address. However, Google Maps is far, *FAR* better for location/point of interest search, and, since perhaps 90% of my maps usage is looking for something, THEN getting directions to it, I use Google Maps now.

RC46 says:

I'm a map geek and I have played with them all. I mostly use Garmin offline maps. The last few updates have made the Garmin app the best that is currently available for serious turn by turn navigation. When I just want to quickly look something up, Siri and Apple maps work fine for that.

BuhdeeBoy says:

I'm using both Google Maps and a third party app called Waze...haven't picked one that I like the most yet.

ruben.pedraza says:

Idk in the US but at least in Mexico apple maps was a mess! im glad we've got back google maps :)

Gazoobee says:

The Poll is missing. I am using Apple maps because Google maps tracks you (while claiming it doesn't), collects personal info (while claiming that it's "anonymous"), constantly nags you to sign in and denies you features of the app until you do.

It has transit directions, but they are not as accurate as the old Apple maps ones were, and are often just missing for some unknown reason. They are also presented in list form which is not helpful at all IMO and there doesn't seem any way to make them actually show on the map as they did in the original Apple iOS maps.

The new Apple maps are not very good at all, but Googles maps, despite having access to the better data of Apple's original mapping app, seem less accurate and much more difficult to use overall IMO.

ErickP says:

Using Navigon's "mobile navigator".

JamesTheLess says:

Fortunately for me, Apple maps works fine...in fact, Apple maps via Siri saved my bacon in Philadelphia the other day, so I don't have any complaints so far. I also don't use transit, so that wasn't a big miss for me.

I downloaded Google maps to try it out and I don't notice any difference in routing...in fact, both of them make the same mistake at the end of my street (there is a 'No left turn', and neither seem to know about it). I'd also argue that Google maps is less attractive and a bit clunkier than Apple maps, but that comes down to preference.

jkeitz says:

Unless you need to catch a train, Apple Maps is the best one out there. Flawless navigation, Siri integration, what more could you want?

mike in nc says:

I recently bought a 4s, came with 5 upgraded to 6. How do you tell which map you have?

Dev from tipb says:

iOS 5 and lower - Google Data in an Apple App

iOS 6 - Apple Maps (data and app) unless you specifically install and use an alternative

JaxBearsFan says:

I use both iOS 6 Apple Maps *and* Google Maps. Google Maps traffic view is a MUST for me. Inrix Traffic app is nice, but I still prefer the view & how the Google Maps app/web app handles showing me traffic.

I rarely need turn-by-turn directions (I don't get out much)...but when I do need them, Siri/Apple Maps is far superior at this point. I listen to a lot of audio in the car, be it from Instacast or the Music app, and the Google Maps turn-by-turn voice directions don't work nearly as nicely or as well as the Apple Maps/Siri directions do. So I use both.

kch50428 says:

I'll stick with my Garmin Nuvi first, then Navigon or Apple's stock Maps app... Google? I'll try to use that if the other options have failed me.

Vox says:

Waze still kills all of the options in the poll...much better, faster, prettier, and with help from the people around you, much more accurate.

FLskydiver says:

Google Maps App on my un-jailbroken iPad 3 (where Apple Maps is just eye-candy).

Stock Google Maps on my jail-broken iOS 5.0.1 iPhone 4 (which I haven't yet updated to the Google Maps App's minimum required iOS version -- iOS 5.1).

There was never a need to update my iPhone to iOS 6 -- Apple decided the iPhone 4 doesn't get access to any of the major new features, like Siri, Sky View, and Panorama anyway (boo - hiss!) or even 5.1 one, till now.

Funny how Google managed to get both excellent on-device voice parsing and voice-guided navigation to work on the iPhone 4; but Apple claims it isn't powerful enough to enable those features natively. This kind of thing is why Google continues to earn my business over and over again (and by 'my business' I mean, of course, complete access to all of my personal information).

That, and Google Maps has allowed me to plot all of my running paths and trails in my local parks and enabled them to be used by all (after approval) when searching walking directions; so I can get accurate distance measurements of all the off-road courses I run.

iSpikeyBoy says:

Already tried out the Google Maps the other day. Still prefer Apple's Maps.

Duvi says:

I downloaded Google's map application, but still use iOS maps by habit.