What features would you want in an iWatch? [Poll]

Given the recent rumors about an iWatch, we wanted to take a moment and you, the smartest iOS enthusiast community on the planet, what features you'd like to see in such a device, were Apple ever to release such a thing. Assuming it could link to our iPhones and iPads via Bluetooth 4.0 or similar technology, and exchange information back and forth with our constantly connected, larger capacity iOS devices, how would you like to see that used?

Would you want a Siri pass-through, so anything you said to the mic on your iWatch would be carried out by your iPhone and iPad, and the response sent back to the speaker on your wrist? That would let you send messages, place calls, add appointments, set alarms, and many other things.

Notification Center could display alerts on your iWatch, so you could casually glance at which apps are trying to get attention on your iPhone or iPad, and then follow up when and as needed. Widgets, like those included in Notification Center or Siri could allow for glance-able data, especially if they can be smart and predictive about it. Maybe even dedicated iWatch "companion" apps?

If the iWatch has a FaceTime camera built in, it could use Wi-Fi or piggy-back on your iOS 4G/3G connection to place video calls, right from your wrist. If the iWatch has iCloud built in, you could listen to iTunes music or videos streamed right to it, just like an Apple TV. Passbook integration could let your iWatch show your Starbucks card, movie ticket, or boarding pass without even having to reach into your pocket and pull out your iPhone.

Make all the maps jokes you want, but what about GPS directions show right on your watch? Or fitness features like Nike+ or the iPod nano pedometer?

Unless you're completely against the idea of an iOS iWatch, there are all sorts of features that aren't just intriguing, but downright compelling. Vote in the poll up top, and give us your grand vision and dreams in the comments below! (Or if you don't want it, tell us why!)

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What features would you want in an iWatch? [Poll]


A modified Notification Center would be nice... I can't really see myself responding to much on an "iWatch". iCloud could be nice for contact syncing... and having a way to dial a number from the "iWatch" to push the call to my phone and have it play through a bluetooth headset... that could be convenient. Then again, that's what Siri is meant for.
The "iWatch" is a solution to a problem that doesn't exist. Is pulling out your phone to check a notification that difficult? With custom rings/vibrates... you should have a pretty good idea of what's going on in your pocket.

If there was to be an iwatch, I'd like it to be just like the ipod nano with bluetooth.
Get in the car and have the system connect via bluetooth to play music... and when the car is off, the connection ends and the music playing stops. No wires to deal with, but a 3.5 mm jack available if needed.

Unless the screen will be big enough, I don't think gps/maps is a good idea if it's going to be used for driving. Walking, sure though you might as well pull out your phone and relatively reduce eye-strain. But a big screen for a watch... can't really imagine it being practically worn without looking kinda weird.

I can't imagine the need or want of yet another device to draw my attention away from the real world... but if I could talk into it and have a black Pontiac firebird come pick me up I'd get one.

I know when the iPad first came out people said it was a redundant device but a watch is REALLY a redundant device. The iPhone isn't so big and cumbersome that it needs a smaller companion to ease its burden. Plus we as a society are at the point where it is not unusual (even accepted) to pull out oes phone a any given time for a glance, so socially an iWatch isn't fixing an existing problem.

If there is such a product in the works it will (hopefully) be something no one has yet thought of. Just like many people assumed a touch screen iPod would have touch display version of he click wheel only to be shown wrong when the iPhones amazing interface was revealed, an iWatch could be a device that does things in a way no one has thought of yet. If it is just a smaller screen that does less than my iPhone but still requires my iPhone for it to work as well as my iPhone to use, then It sounds like a clunker.

Music, Videos, Weather. Games would be too difficult as most of the time it would be on your wrist and therefore you would only have one hand to use and the screen would be very small so you wouldn't be very precise. Also a keyboard would be difficult to use and so would web browsing.

An iWatch should basically be a remote for an iOS device. For me, an iWatch would have to be about simple quick actions and any information that could be glanceable. So Siri integration and a notification center are must haves. I hadn't thought about maps, but that could be useful. I don't know how icloud would be more useful than it running through Siri. It could also remind you when you are leaving the device you are connected to. Passbook is something I hadn't thought about but I have always thought a watch would be a better place for NFC than the phone. Fitness features would also be a plus. That said, I think e-ink is a good idea. It doesn't have to be another ipod although it should be a remote for itunes.
Not Facetime. Maybe in 2020 but for now no one needs Facetime at a moments notice. App integration makes sense but not apps for the phone because if it were me I wouldn't build a powerful watch, I would build the most informative, efficient iOS remote possible.