Phil Schiller reportedly debunks rumors of cheaper iPhone

Phil Schiller reportedly debunks rumors of cheaper iPhone

Despite recent rumors pointing to the development of a less expensive iPhone, Apple Senior Vice President of Worldwide Marketing Phil Schiller has reportedly indicated that no such device in development. Schiller criticized competitors for launching multiple mediocre products at once in order to find something that customers will buy. In speaking with the Shanghai Evening News, Schiller reportedly said that this was not Apple’s product strategy:

"So a lot of people in the Chinese market using a functional machine, some manufacturers use cheap smartphones replace feature phones, but this is not Apple's product development direction."

If this is accurate, it isn’t really that surprising. However, while it might not be in active development, it’s likely that Apple is at least thinking about a less expensive iPhone. Such a device doesn’t really make sense for many of the markets in which the iPhone is already sold because those markets also have access to previous iPhone models at lower prices. But there are emerging markets to think about, and Apple may be at least thinking about a device that they could sell in those areas. Apple as previously denied or derided products that they later sold, such as a video iPod. It’s important to keep in mind, whether confirming rumors or debunking them, that Apple is not a company that says “never” too often.

Update: Reuters, who also reported this story, has withdrawn their article after the Shanghai Evening News made "substantial changes to its content". What these changes are is unclear at this time, and Reuters did not elaborate any further.

Source: Shanghai Evening News, Reuters, via 9to5Mac

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Phil Schiller reportedly debunks rumors of cheaper iPhone


Just like they would never make smaller iPads because the ipad is perfect size, or how nobody wants a phone with a large screen.

Unless he was responding directly to a question about a less expensive iPhone, his quote doesn't really say anything to refute the rumors. It just sounds like a general statement that apple doesn't turn out a ton of crappy products like other companies. Which we already knew. I don't think they are making one, but if they did you could bet it wouldn't be the pos type of device he's talking about in that quote.

They won't make cheap iPhones, because they are not google. Apple is only going to give quality. Besides we already do have a cheaper iPhone, it's called the iPhone 4S and is still better then most if not all the other non-iPhone 5 phones out there.

You're* their* crappy* and that crappy OS is going toe to toe with IOS. I honestly don't care. I use an iPhone I was just correcting your clueless statements.

Still is going toe to toe, slipping or not. I never said it was blowing IOS out of the water or that it didn't lose ground in the model share front.

Phil said Apple will not produce a “low cost” Iphone, but he didn´t say that Apple will not produce an “Iphone mini”, like Apple did with the Ipad Mini (which is no low cost)
I believe there is a market for people who want the current Iphone but smaller (something like 95X50 mm, instead of 124×59) with the same functionalities and price. The only single reason why I am not buying the Iphone is the size, despite it is one of the smaller smartphones nowadays. Basically I don´t like to carry bricks in my pocket.

Shanghai Evening News misquoted Schiller:
"The original story had quoted Schiller as saying that developing a cheaper smartphone to try and replace feature phones was not a direction in which the company wanted to head.

That comment was amended in the new version of the story, which now cites Schiller as saying that while some manufacturers are moving toward such cheaper smartphones, 'Apple has always focused on providing the best products for its consumers, we've never blindly chased market share.'"

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