Facebook's busted, taking the web down with it

Facebook's busted, taking the web down with it

Looks like Facebook Connect has gone a crapper, and sadly it seems to be taking a lot of the internet down with it. If you're having trouble getting to where you want to go, logging out of Facebook seems to sort things out again. Not much else is known at this point, other than maybe being dependent on single-point-of-failure networks isn't a great idea. Hopefully they fix this up quickly.

Meanwhile, let us know if you're having trouble, and when/if things start working again.

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Facebook's busted, taking the web down with it


I guess if you use your Facebook log-on creds for anything other than Facebook, this is what happens... I only use my FB creds for FB... didn't notice anything wrong.

No kidding! Facebook Connect, along with other such services, are a horrible idea. They are practically teaching people to become victims of phishing attacks.

Security rule #1: NEVER log into anything, other than by going directly to it yourself (not via a link or popup).

Yet, forums and sites all over the Net are collecting Facebook and Twitter login credentials. Bad idea.