Speedtest.net app gets a new look, iPhone 5 support, and more

Speedtest.net app updated, show us your results!

Speedtest.net Mobile Speed Test has been updated to version 3.0. The update brings a new look, iPhone 5 support, and some new features. The interface is now less cluttered than before, sporting a more modern, clean design. Additionally, Speedtest.net is now compatible with the 4-inch screen of the iPhone 5.

Other improvements include easier results sharing, improved server selection, sortable results, and a $0.99 in-app purchase to remove advertising.

So now that you have a proper Speedtest.app, download it, and head on over to the iPhone 5 speed test forum thread and post a screenshot of your results!

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Reader comments

Speedtest.net app gets a new look, iPhone 5 support, and more


Great to see that they updated the UI. Have had this app ever since I got my iPhone4. One more
app added to my list when ever I get an iPhone5.

Speed test I don't really care about speeds and hardware. When a phone works than good and if I need to wait a second okay

I love the new look; however, the more important part is they updated their server selection which is incredibly important.

Finally! The new app looks so much cooler and fresh than the old app. Also, now you don't beed to use FullForce for iPhone jailbreak tweak to make the app fit the 4 in. screen.

I'm glad for the update, especially the iPhone 5 support. I have used speedtest.net for years. Now if it would just quit getting my location wrong by 5 states.

I can't believe anyone gives 2 cents about this UI. I don't think I've ever kept it installed on my phone longer than 5 minutes at a time. I feel if you spend enough time with this app to worry about ads or UI you have bigger issues. Network or otherwise.

Love love love this app! The new look is super sleek and beautiful. Just a welcome update to an already great and appreciated service!

I had been using speedtest before. They got some issues with my device and I feel that I am not getting accurate information. I guess it's time for me to try it once again.

Have been a user of the app (and website) for many years. It needed the update asap! glad they finally did it, it's a lot less cluttered than the old one.