Apple to change behavior of VPN On Demand for iOS

Apple to change behavior of VPN On Demand for iOS

Apple will be changing how VPN On Demand for iOS works due to a lawsuit by VirnetX. iOS devices running 6.1 or later that have VPN On Demand set to “Always” will now behave as though they were set to “Establish if needed”. The device will only use a VPN On Demand connection when it is necessary. This change will be made with an update at some point this month.

Apple says that they plan to address the functionality lost by this change with alternatives that will come in a future software update. If you currently use VPN On Demand, Apple suggests that you prepare for the change by creating a new VPN profile set to “Establish if needed” that is otherwise identical to your current profile in order to see how this change will impact you.

Source: Apple via The Loop

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Reader comments

Apple to change behavior of VPN On Demand for iOS


Okay I must be stupid or something, where on earth is this on demand setting. I am forever turning the VPN on and off by hand. I just looked and I don't see any such on demand setting.

Nevermind, I found it. It is only available in the iPhone Configuration Utility and only supports IPSec. I guess I need to switch to IPSec and get this setup.

It's for making secure calls, I think texts too. Many business and agencies use this. I think. My knowledge of VPN is limited.

It is also for email and anything you do on the Internet, online banking, accessing your credit card and bank accounts
It provides a secure layer when on a public Wifi, keeps spy's out, you are invisible to other wifi users
I have it on all the time