Make the perfect Old Fashioned with Mad Men Cocktail Culture for iPhone

Make the perfect Old Fashioned with Mad Men Cocktail Culture for iPhone

Season 6 of the popular AMC television series Mad Men has premiered and with Mad Men Cocktail Culture for iPhone, you can mix up Don Draper's favorite drink, the Old Fashioned, and other popular drinks from the show and the 60s. Mad Men Cocktail is not only a drink recipe app, but also a game. In this game, you must mix the drinks by choosing the correct ingredients, pouring the correct amount in the right glass, adding the correct garnishing, and executing the right mixing method.

Mad Men Cocktail Culture includes 14 playable cocktails, 32 drink cocktail guides and the ability to share your cocktail results via Facebook Connect. You will also receive Mad Men inspired feedback on your bartending skills. And if you're wondering when the next episode of Mad Men is going to air, Cocktail Culture includes quick access to the broadcast schedule.

Unfortunately, Mad Men Cocktail Culture does not support the iPhone 5's larger screen, but if you're a fan of Mad Men and cocktails, it's still pretty cool.

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asuperstarr says:

This is a good idea! Mad Med is a great series with great drinks!

shinuyuki says:

HAHA. This is awesome. While I'm not much of a drinker, I've always wondered how you make cocktails and other alcoholic drinks. Going to enjoy this one.