Netflix for iOS updated with new subtitle and episode selector


The Netflix app for iOS was recently updated to 4.0, which includes a few new features - namely, a brand new episode selector for iPad, and a redesigned audio and subtitle selector for both iPad and iPhone.

The last big update we saw for Netflix was last fall, for their Just For Kids section. These additions aren't insanely groundbreaking, but they're better than a kick in the teeth. Plus, hey, bug fixes are always good.

As a side-note, Netflix announced their quarterly results today, which included a $1 billion in revenue and are on track to hit 30 million subscribers. Well done, Netflix. Oh, they also announced a new $11.99 family plan to stream to multiple devices at once.

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Netflix for iOS updated with new subtitle and episode selector


It would also be nice if they would allow for the removal of items you have rated... A checkbox under settings or something that would say, "Hide Rated Movies/Shows" so that all my recommendations and other lists would not be full of things I have already seen.

I wish they would update the app so you could use it with a DVD/Blu-ray only subscription. It'd be nice if you could add movies to your DVD queue on the go. I am never by my computer when I hear about a movie I want to add and the mobile webpage of Netflix is awful. Zooming in does weird stuff and makes searching difficult.