Google Play Books catches up with the times and allows PDF files and ePUB books

Amid the extravaganza that is Google I/O, the folks from Mountain View quietly pushed out an update to one of their applications that finally catches up with the times. Google Play Books has never quite matched iBooks or Amazon's Kindle, but the latest update to their iOS app finally adds support for PDF files and ePUB books bought from other sources.

Features such as these are likely taken for granted by users of Apple's or Amazon's eReading platforms, but anyone who is heavily investigated in Google Play Books will now see the benefit. The only drawback is that the files have to be added to your Books account via the web, for them to then become available on your iPhone or iPad.

There's also a handy dose of stability and performance improvements for good measure. Grab it now for iPhone and iPad from the App Store now. Anyone out there using Google Play Books? Does this make your reading life that much more bareable?

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Google Play Books catches up with the times and allows PDF files and ePUB books


Did you overlook that this update allows syncing across multiple platforms for pages, highlighting and notations?

No other ereader app allows this.