YouTube for iOS updated with support for video suggestion overlays

YouTube for iOS update with support for video suggestion overlays

YouTube for iOS has been updated with support for overlays with suggestions for what to watch next. These banners come up from the bottom of the video that you are currently watching, suggesting a video for you to watch after your current video is done. Suggestions can be dismissed with a tap of the 'x' button on the right side of the banner. It does not happen automatically, and content providers will need to implement the feature for the banners to appear on their videos.

This update also contains closed captions for live videos along with the usual stability improvements and bug fixes.

Joseph Keller

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luiggimaster says:

I wouldn't lose my ''Protube Extension Tweak'' for this crappy update full of ads!!

GlennRuss says:

Would be nice to play youtube on the MacBook Pro without flash, and what is up with "the owner of this video has not made it available for a mobil device." These are silly. Now adds with a small x to dismiss.

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Gregz0r says:

The YourTube Cydia extension was perfect.
No ads, can choose both the stream and download video quality.

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rdstryr says:

Is the option to view in HD when NOT on WiFi still missing?