The iMore team is on, here's how to follow us!

We're talking social all week this week on Talk Mobile, and one of the newest pretenders to the throne is It's a more interesting proposition than just a mere social network, positioning itself as a platform and inviting developers to build on it. It's also not free, which from the outset may have put some folks off trying it out. There are now invite-only, free, limited accounts to get people through the door and trying it out. And of course, the iMore team, well some of the iMore team, is on as well, so here's how to follow us!

If you're on ADN drop your handle into the comments below!

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Richard Devine

Senior Editor at iMore, part time racing driver, full time British guy

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Reader comments

The iMore team is on, here's how to follow us!


Sadly, there is no one on it though. All I get in my stream are *promotional* posts. I follow a few real people but they never post. So even though it's "advert-free" and a paid service, the net effect is just a stream of adverts.

I think someone needs to make a tool that takes whatever someone posts to Twitter, and sends it to as well to at least get the service started. As it is, it's a ghost town.

First, there are people that post loads, you just need to find the right people. Start with @dalton and @berg, the creators of ADN, and some of the iMore folk of course.

More importantly though...don't focus on following people. ADN isn't Twitter (though it has one Twitter-ish aspect to it). Explore the other ADN uses. This isn't a microblog, it's an app architecture.

Twitter works fine. It just depends on where the people you want to interact with/follow are. There is no one I feel like interacting with on ADN, hence I don't use it.

ADN is the unpopular version of Google+. Don't believe me? Just look at the details of the iMore list of accounts; only Rene is active. ADN is an embarrassment for social media, it's like a cruel joke played on a select few.

Its funny that the guy that wrote this post (Devine) has just one ADN post from a couple months ago asking "Does anyone actually use"