Apple extends in-store pickup to iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c

Following record opening weekend sales following the launch of the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c, Apple has extended in-store collection to both of the new phones. This means that before heading out to find an iPhone 5s, you're able to hit up the Apple Store online, check stocks, and reserve one to collect in person.

The iPhone 5c is generally speaking more widely available, which isn't surprising since Apple confirmed just this morning that the initial supply of the iPhone 5s has sold out. But, it looks as though some versions on some carriers are starting to come back in stock, so if you missed out over the weekend head on over to the Apple Store website right now and take a look.

It does appear to be a U.S. only option – following on from the Chinese pre-orders following this method – so if you're elsewhere in the world you'll have to visit your local Apple Store in person to see if you can buy one.

Source: Apple Store

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Reader comments

Apple extends in-store pickup to iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c


I wish they would've let me do this with mine instead of just shipping it to me, since they waited til today to ship it and I know both of our local Apple stores had that in stock all weekend.

Both Charlotte Apple stores show no availability despite my just having been in the store and being told that 64gb is available in all colors for ATT. Hmmm.......

This worked wonders for me. I live in Manhattan and after searching in vain over the weekend for an iPhone 5s 32GB AT&T (I was willing to take any color), I found that there was one at the Grand Central store. I ordered it online for pickup, and had it in my hand in about an hour!

Worked for me. Cancelled order that was to arrive 2nd week in October and picked one up at local Apple store. There was a line in front for a shipment of AT&T models that had just arrived and were being inventoried, but I just walked right in to get my Verizon model.