Echofon for iOS updated with new interface and support for iOS 7

Echofon for iOS updated with new interface and support for iOS 7

Popular Twitter client Echofon has just updated both their free and paid versions with support for iOS 7. As you'd expect, the update includes a nice little facelift with new menus to match the iOS 7 look and feel.

Echofon is not just any third party Twitter client. It's got a ton of functionality packed into an app that's always been well designed and maintained. From being able view profiles to edit your lists on the go, Echofon provides quite a bit of functionality. Native push notifications are also included.

There is a paid and a free version of Echofon available. The free version is ad supported but what I've found interesting is that the App Store shows the free version receiving the same design updates as the Pro version but upon downloading it, I'm seeing the old version still. Anyone else still seeing that?

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Allyson Kazmucha

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Lenin17301 says:

I love Echofon Pro, I've tried like a bajillion Twitter apps on all three mobile OS's and Echofon remains unbeaten.

BooBeeNYC says:

I don't see what's the big deal about users demanding iOS 7 "look & feel" updates especially when the app works exceptionally already. I think of Tweetbot when I make that comment but with Echofon and others adopting this change I have to think that Tweetbot needs to adjust with the majority to get an update. No update would not make Tweetbot "feel" outdated despite it working really well and in my opinion the best client.

pictor says:

It's just a case of the expected user experience. I love iOS7, I love the style and UX concepts...therefore an app that is integrated into that UX language is also appealing, and more to the point, feels like it's part of the same contiguous experience. I switched from Tweetbot to Twitteriffic (which honestly, seems just as good and in 1 or 2 ways, better) for that reason. No regrets.

It's also more than just UI. Twitterific know does Twitter feed downloading in the background. I open the app, and can start scrolling immediately...even if I am now offline. That's not just eye candy, that's an app that is leveraging its platform.