Apple lays waste to Coca Cola, now the world's most valuable brand

There's a new king of the mountain when it comes to brand power, with Coca Cola being demoted for the first time in 13 years. The replacement; Apple, of course. According to the annual Interbrand Best Global Brands report:

The 2013 report begins: “Every so often, a company changes our lives, not just with its products, but with its ethos. This is why, following Coca-Cola’s 13-year run at the top of Best Global Brands, Interbrand has a new No. 1 — Apple.”

The top 100 is littered with top brands from the technology world, with Google at number 2, Microsoft number 5, Samsung number 8, and many more further down. A successful brand is a key aspect to a successful business, and no-one can deny the power of the Apple brand the world over. I mean, which other company gets thousands of people lining up outside its stores for the release of new products?


Source: Interbrand via 9to5Mac

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Reader comments

Apple lays waste to Coca Cola, now the world's most valuable brand


"lays waste"??? Coca Cola has owned this title for decades going on centuries, Apple's relative short time at the top will be a flash in the pan compared to span Coke has held it.

I think it's more suiting that a company/brand such as Apple is at the top of such a list instead of a brand such as Coke... Coke does one thing - beverages. That's it. Apple, or any like brand, has so much greater potential to influence our lives in a number of ways than a fizzy soda can. Data consumption that [hopefully] enriches our day-to-day activities such as communicating and coordinating with others near and far, reminding ourselves of important tasks, entertaining ourselves with music, movies, and games... Of course, depending on who you are, a drink followed by a belch can be entertaining too.

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It's an interesting dynamic considering Coke as a "brand" is one product, whereas Apple as a "brand" has many products. If you compared Coke by itself to iPhone, iPod, iPad, or Mac individually, I think you'd see something very different. The same as true if you compared all of Coca-Cola Co. to Apple.

Where did I say Apple makes more products than Coca-Cola? I was saying the exact opposite, actually.

"Coke does one thing - beverages. That's it."

Ummm. NO. Coke does way more than just beverages. They're like Pepsi in that way. They do a lot more than one thing.

I've come to rely on my apple products to locate places where I can have my Coke and not get stuck with inferior Pepsi products! Lol

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Now in the South they'll start asking you what kind of Apple you want instead of what kind of Coke you want for a soda.

No, we are sweet tea drinkers, but that would open new sale sites for Apple. With your Sonny's pulled pork, you could get an iPad, or iPhone.

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Doesn't matter at all. Fine. But different companies in different sorts of markets selling products with different characteristics. It's interesting, Coca Cola is a ridiculously stable product. Obviously they have more products than just Coke (powerade, nestea, dasani, concentrates etc). But, Coca Cola has been around for over 100 years. Dare I say, people will be drinking Coke for another hundred years simply because it's relatively cheap and tastes good and it's global. Imagining a world where people stop liking Coke strikes me as about is likely as a world where people stop liking pizza. By contrast, the future is not that certain for any consumer electronics company. We're seeing Blackberry have issues, Microsoft though strong because of xbox and lots of windows users is vulnerable because the new windows 8 wasn't adopted at rates they wanted. NOT that Microsoft is in actual danger or going anywhere. But point is, for Apple, they don't exactly sell something that has such locked in customers. Coke is selling sugary water. Most people love sugar. It's not hard to hook people. So if Apple has half the stability as Coca Cola it will be great. But time will tell. Who knows what the future holds.