Instacast updates to 64-bit, enhances sidebar, and more

Instacast updates with 64-bit support

Instacast has been update with several additions and improvements, first and foremost support for the 64-bit A7 processor. Instacast's sidebar has also been enhanced, with easy access to the "Unplayed" and "Imported" sections now available at the top of the bar. There is now an option to disable continuous playback in "Up Next", which has been moved to the top of the sidebar as well.

This release also contains a number of fixes. Instacast now supports background fetch for episodes in the event that push notifications fail. Syncing is also more reliable. Other issues that have been resolved include media file iCloud backups, single-episode import crashes, and downloading problems. This release also features improved localization. Current Instacast users can grab this update right now for free.

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Reader comments

Instacast updates to 64-bit, enhances sidebar, and more


Is "background fetch" what would allow me to wake up and have the new episodes already downloaded vs opening the app, waiting for the refresh, then download to happen as is the case with the Apple Podcast app now?

Question: Why is 64 bit an important upgrade for a podcast app? I'm not knowledgeable about processors. i would think there wasn't much to downloading and playing a file. Like for my email on my computer It works pretty much the same no matter what the processor but it's drastically different when encoding video.

As mentioned in the imore review and on ARM's own website about the ARM v8 architecture , the instruction set used in the processor is much more efficient and would result in a potential doubling of speeds.

The article should mention which version number has been updated.

Would be nice if Instacast wouldn't add podcast episodes from some month ago to the download list every few days ... also the lockscreen integration in the latest version is really buggy, doesn't work half the time.