Win a new iPad contest! Comment now to enter!

Win a new iPad contest! Comment now to enter!

Leave a single comment below telling us why you love Apple and iMore, and you're entered to win a $500 gift certificate to put towards a brand new iPad or iPad mini!

Apple will be announcing the iPad 5 and iPad mini 2 today and iMore is going to be the absolute best place to keep up-to-date with all the news and views. Seriously, have you seen our iOS 7 review? Our complete new iPad rumor rundown? Well, wait until you see what we have in store for you next! Yeah, STILL only the beginning! So make sure you to follow us on RSS, Twitter,, Facebook, Google+iMore, YouTube, and iTunes!

And to show how much we appreciate you we want to give you a chance to enter to win a brand new iPad or iPad - technically a $500 gift certificate! All you have to do to enter is:

  • Leave a single comment below telling us how much you love Apple and how much you love iMore!

That's it! What could be simpler? Usual iMore contest rules apply, contest ends Monday October 28, 2013 at 11:59pm PDT. Hurry up, enter now!!

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Win a new iPad contest! Comment now to enter!



I love apple because their products just work and love imore because they tell me how their products just work.

Sent from the iMore App

Hey iMore, choose me! I'm a loyal Apple customer and AVID iMore reader! Oh yea check out my art! IG: UpUpAndAwol

Sent from the iMore App

I love Apple because the make great products and they are not afraid of doing things their own way. Imore tells me about the best products in the world- from Apple. Imore + Apple the best of both worlds.

Alright, so I'll start with Apple, and round it up with iMore.
I was first introduced to Apple in 2009, with the iPhone 3GS. I was also gifted the iPad 2 the summer of 2011, which I still own (iOS 6.1.2 and jail broken). I just recently upgraded from the 3GS to the 5s, and wow, what a jump that was! I prefer Apple and iOS over Android and Windows in the mobile category because, simply put, it's a better fit for me. Apple's outstanding hardware quality is so appealing, I'm more than willing to overlook the lack of expandable storage. Apple's devices also hold resale value extremely well, something that cannot be said for the majority of their rival's products. Their operating system? Sure, iOS definitely lacks the extensive customization of Android, but I do not need all that to convince myself that I'm content with what's insider device. I will admit that I'm glad my iPad 2 is jail broken, and am anxious to jailbreak my 5s as well. For example, 2 and a half years later, my iPad 2 still has the option to be up to date with the latest software and can perform almost any task I need it to. That longetivity is rare in the fast-moving world of mobile technology. "iPad" and "iPhone" have become a household name for tablets and smartphones, and that is not an easy task for any company.
Alright. So when I was ready to tune in to today's Apple event, I went to iMore without any second thoughts. I read A LOT of articles on a lot of topics, so I use the app Flipboard, which is a compilation of inter articles. Under "Apple News", every single day, I see one source that is updated and cited more often than any other site. I've come to appreciate their articles, their views and opinions, and even their editors' choice of humor. Do I sometimes disagree with some of their articles? Of course. But I always find myself reading those articles anyway, to see and understand their point of view. I like the community that has built up on iMore, only from what I can tell from comments, and how iMore actually get INVOLVED with their users with polls and giveaways, just like this one. Overall, I'm grateful for the day I discovered your website. Thanks to the whole iMore staff!
Best of luck to everyone! (But not as much as for myself) ;D

I would love a new iPad. The 4 is nice, but I can't wait to see what Apple has done with the iPad 5. Thanks iMore!

Today of all days you ask? A day when new product is being announced and we're all fixated on the 'more things to cover' event? Easy - iMore gives us our fix of information on the subject that we simply cannot do with out. Now, can I have my new iPad, please?

iMore has always been the place that I go to check on everything Apple, you guys don't let me down. Apple always satisfies customers and a new iPad would be amazing.

I love apple products! They might not have all the top of the line specs but, they always seem to work just as you need them to, and that is what counts for me. Now put all of that with excellent coverage from our friends at Imore and who could ask for more?

Used to be an Android user, but honestly the iOS stuff takes less work to make it work (if that makes sense).

Apple iPad Keynote day! Apple products just work. I dont have any hassle with them and iMore always has the news I want to read! Love you guys.

Apple is the best. iMore is the icing on the cake. Plain and simple. Thanks for hosting the contest and good luck to everyone.

I <3 apple bc the make Great products that work. You guys always have great coverage and a fantastic staff!!

Just switched from Android to iOS and I'm loving how it integrated with the Macs I use on a regular basis. Adding an iPad to complete the trifecta would be awesome!

iMore allows die hard Apple fans not unlike myself find their center in all of the useless press releases out there. If i want the best most accurate news i always turn to iMore either on the net or on their iOS application. I cannot go a half a day without using iMore or my iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, Mac, Macbook Air. I love the ecosystem and cant wait for the next generation of Apple products. A proud user of iMore than you guys so much. My new blogging team at Edgeintech model you guys and hope we can one day join the ranks.

Apple products are easy to use - even my 72 year old mother can work an iPad! I'd love to win a new one for her as she's on an old iPad 1! I love iMore because I've learned things that I didn't know I needed to know ;)

I check iMore religiously, even when I didn't have any Apple products. Now I've upgraded to the iPhone 5s, so how great would it be to pair it with a cool new iPad Mini? Can't wait!

Like ^

As always no one comes close when it comes to give a ways. Somehow us fans really need to find a way to show our appreciation for all the hard work you guys do at iMore. Not to mention the great up to date news that we enjoy every day. No better guides for new products or apps. Great job.
Good Day Sir

Love is such a strong word. But I have respect for both iMore and Apple. Maybe even some admiration.

I love reading iMore. Visit this sote everyday so that my needs of knowing things about applle related stuff can be fullfilled. I have always love an iPad its a revolutionary device and this time im sure its gonna be a great device and im hoping i can own it

iMore is my go to Apple website (of course!), and Apple is my go to hardware :-) good luck to all!!!

I love Apple products including my iPad 3 (time to upgrade *wink *wink). And what better place to get the lastest and greatest Apple news than iMore! Love love Apple and iMore!

I love Apple because they have the best devices than all the other companies. They have so many awesome apps on these awesome devices. The new iPads should be amazing and cannot wait for their release. I love iMore because they have great stories, great writers and have awesome contest like this one. Keep up the great work.

OMG I would love to win this... just think of the money I'll save for my bucket-list saving acct. =) Happy Winning !!!

Apple designs beautiful products and iMore lets us know about them and how to get the most from them. Great products and great reporting.

A new iPad I'd love to see,
As my wife's iPad, with the kids always be.
If I won a new iPad I'd be one cool chappy,
For the best wife on earth, I'd make very happy.


Sent from the iMore App

I love Apple because of the way everything is connected. You could have an iMac, iPhone, MacBook and an iPad and all your data can stay synced.

While I only have an iPhone at the moment, an iPad would be great as I can pretty much replace my noisy desktop. I don't do much video, editing and the sort. I read a lot, do some voice recording (VOVA aspirations) and watch videos. The iPad would be great for that.

I love iMore because they give me the option to get free Apple stuff, and I Love Apple because they make the best products.

I like iMore because I used to work at Apple and iMore seemed to be the only blog site that's post on such a consistent bases with helpful info not just fluff. The majority of readers seem more informed which gives a better experience when reading comments. Basically, iMore is the closest you can get to trusting info on a blog site. Others you just never know what your reading...

I love iPhone and iMore because they go so well together! You can't have one without the other... it just doesn't make sense! There's nothing else like Apple and iMore, two different things but the same perfection in what which one does. As Apple puts so much love to each new product/software they designed and build, iMore writers make each post like were writing an article on the best newspaper. In spite of one being a blog and the other a company, in the end the ideology of their work is the same, make everything with love, dedication and the most perfect detail.

If I could live without Apple or iMore, probably I could but my live will never be the same!

I love coming to iMore for news, updates, and how-to's and love Apple for their reliable products. It just works both ways ;)

Sent from the iMore App

I have the iPhone iMore app, I like iMore on Facebook, I follow iMore on Twitter, I check my iMac for iMore every hour! Seriously huge/loyal fan of the site! Would love an iPad to travel with and use with work everyday!

I've been an Apple guy for the last 4 years. I'll never go back. I LOVE my iPads and would love the new one!

Love iMore because it is the best site for news/rumors for related to Apple and they simply have the very best reviews to date. Love Apple because they simply make the best hardware together with software.

Ease of use and longevity of applications from device to device is what I love. Whenever I upgrade I do not worry about weather this or that application will work, they just work!

Love good quality of the products & services and the coverage Imore gives for these! thanks guys really helpful those tips and info!

Because Apple products just work and iMore tells me which apps are worth it and what's happening in the world of Apple.
I will now beg silently...

Sent from the iMore App

I am an iMore addict! The fact that I practically live on the site is proof of how much I depend on you guys for up-to-date info on Apple products. You guys never disappoint! Would love a new iPad!!

Sent from the iMore App

An Apple a day, plus a dose of iMore is just what the doctor ordered. Love all things Apple and the outstanding iMore team!!

I don't have one so I would love one to compliment my iPhone! iMore is where I get all my updates for anything Apple.

iMore is awesome, been here since the TiPB days. Awww, remember TiPB? Wow that seems like ages ago. Really looking forward to Apple's announcements today.

Having never won an iMore contest, you guys are making me sentimental about apple :).
My love for apple started in 2006 when i started using iPod and it is increasing exponentially with every product launch. I believe their software and hardware goes well together, that seperates them from their competitors. Plus, i abosolutely love their customer support staff, those guys are just awesome.

After running my own site for a while, I have since given it up, deleted all RSS feeds except for iMore. It's the only coverage I need for my Apple related fix!

Apple makes the best products and iMore delivers the best Apple news!! Thanks iMore!!

Sent from the iMore App

I love Apple because their products are the perfect blend of form and function. My entire family uses one device or more. I love imore because they are always on the cutting edge of information but don't talk down to the user. Imore gives honest reviews and even injects humor showing they have a solid understanding of their reader base.

Great job!

I love apple's hardware design and the "solid" feel they have to them. I come to imore for all my my apple related news and trust their evaluations of new software and hardware. Thanks!

I love apple because their products just work and love imore because they tell me how their products just work.
Sent from the iMore App

Sent from the iMore App

All started with ONE iPhone in our family 4 years ago - as result windows and android devices are sold - iMac, Macbook Air, iPads and IPhones rules our world now ;-) and iMore tells us how to use them best and iMore is always a good place to find the best tools and software for our hardware to enjoy them more!!! *****

Thank you for having cool giveaways. I love Rene and the team for always keeping us current with apple news. I know they work hard.

iMore has the best Apple coverage in the biz! I read it every night! Would love the new iPad, excited to see what it has in store.

I really hope for a huge bump on the iPad mini! iMore delivers the best in Apple news and rumors that arent just rumors :-) Apple is a huge part of my life and i couldnt live without them!

Been a long time iMore fan, the bookmark in my browser still has it under TiPB! Perfect mix of news, reviews, rumors and more. Love Apple for great hardware and fluid software. My iPad 2 is getting a little rusty, would love to win a new one!!!

Apple makes a lot of my day more enjoyable because of how thoughtful they are; iMore makes my day better because of Debug.

Why I love Apple? the same reason we're all here... It's the reason we check our twitter, RSS and Email for any (and every) tiny bit of news, gossip or leaked info on the newest developments, or the latest technologies. We're all technology lovers (fanboy's or whatever the label is this morning.) As technology lovers, there's a certain feeling you get when you use or even un-box a new Apple product. there's a sense of craftsmanship and commitment to the user experience that you get when you use an iDevice. It's what keeps me coming back time and time again.

The reason I love iMore is even more simple. Simply put, it's because you guys really get and understand exactly what I wrote above...

im poor and is so nice to win something never in my life won anything but abuse i would love to have an ipad maybe ill start to make money i so would love if u make me a winner call me 3472302724 my name is cindy

I just got my first iPhone after a few Android phones. Glad I finally made the switch. Loving the 5C and really don't understand the hate it gets. It is a great option for the consumer who doesn't need a 5S.

You guys are literally the best apple news website there is!!!!!!! I love apple more than anything and there's no where better to hear the latest news first then right here!!!!!

Mature and respected editors, a great place to go and get mature news about Apple and iStuff without the typical 3rd grade comments. Plus the fact that I'm still using an iPad first generation... Definitely need an upgrade!

I love Apple. I've had an iPod sine they first came out, as well as an iPad and 2 Apple TVs. They're fantastic products. And I really like iMore because Rene is a brilliant writer in my opinion.

'Love' is such a strong word... Which is why I reserve it for Apple and iMore. Now how about a little reciprocity? :)

iMore + All Apple = Quality and enduring value! Rene is an outstanding journalist. He can be both technically competent and personable. He knows how to extract the best from his guests in his interviews. iMore is respectful of their readers and listeners. Please do more interviews and podcasts. Apple needs more insightful commentators who provide true clarity and understanding of where their brilliance truly shines and makes them one-of-a-kind kind of company. Apple's best days are truly ahead of us.

I'm worried that by 2pm today, I'm going to have 6 things on my Apple wish list!

I'm also kinda mad, at this point, that I didn't bring my AppleTV to work to hook up to our 46" office TVs!

All that being said, 1pm ET can't get here soon enough!!!

Apple and imore are both the best at what they do! Keep up the great work!! *fingers crossed* Thank You!!!!!!!!!

I love apple because their products just work and love imore because they tell me how their products just work.
Sent from the iMore App

Sent from the iMore App

I love apple products because they are essential in my quest to find Godzilla. (Yes, he exists)
After a long day of monster hunting, I visit iMore for the latest news. All of the best apple stuff, with none of the fluff.

Apple? Well my life runs on their products, so I'd better love them! And iMore always has thoughtful, speedy articles on the things I need to hear. Pretty good combo if you ask me.

i love apple products due to their design and performance which no other device out beat it. and i love iMore because it is the best place for reviews and to resolve other problems or issues for your apple products

I love Apple! I wouldn't have a job if it weren't for them. Because of my first MacBook in 2007, I got interested in technology. Now I help people with theirs! A new iPad Mini with Retina Display would be fantastic!

I turn to imore first for my Apple information. I love my many apple devices and like to keep up with the newest products.

iMore is the carmel covering to Apple's Apple. Separate you both are tasty content and hardware treats yet as a Carmel Apple you amazing together.

Sent from the iMore App

I love Apple because their products do as advertised and I love iMore because they help us get more of the ad advertised out of Apple products!

My dream is to one day work for the Most Valuable Company in the World. An iPad would truly help me get through school and help me do work and research easier. iMore just fuels my urge to work for Apple more. Providing updates and all the latest news makes iMore one of my favorite websites. Please help me fulfill my dream, iMore!

I remember the nay-sayers when the original iPad came out. "It's a big iPhone", "It will flop", etc… how wrong they were. I remember thinking "Who wouldn't want this? It's a great idea and a fantastic device!". I love Apple for creating things that no one else would. And I love iMore for the best coverage on the net!

I love apple because they make great products that are usable and dont get in the way. I love imore because i can find all the news about apple there.

My family and I have been apple users for the longest time. We have the first generation iPad and are looking to get a new one. (It's about time!) It would mean so much to our family if we could get an iPad through my favorite apple news website! Thanks for always giving me the most reliable news ever, iMore!

I've never owned an iPad (though it's been recurring on my wish list since iPad 1) but I'm sure I know everything teensy weensy detail and info there is to know about the it because of iMore. Let's make this wish come true finally!

Apple products have an unmistakable quality about them inside and out physically, and the user experience on any of their devices is as close to perfect as anybody is ever going to get, they just feel so good in your hands. iMore keeps me in the know about them, the good and the bad with interesting, well thought and easily read articles, it's one of my top gadget info sites.

I love iMore because you guys are awesome. I'd love an iPad since I'm starting my Apple programming classes on Monday.

Apple has some of the best built devices around, and TiPB has all the related news and rumors. Their coverage is second to none.

Imore is the perfect site for apple product. I love apple because i just caught up with the apple's eco system from the time i got the 2nd gen Ipad. I'm planning to upgrade when the time it release. I just hope i can win this time though.

Huge Fan of both Apple and imore, i keep checking your site for the latest information in technology, cheers from the heart of Damascus!

Apple products work for me. No complicated launchers, add-on's, etc. I'll never go back to Androi... Andr... can't say the name! iMore rocks, too! Excellent tips and product reviews.

I love Apple because of the excellent products they sell me, and iMore because about once a month they give away one of those excellent Apple products.

I've been an Ipad user for some years now, however even though it's has an ease of use, lots of apps basically made everyone............., I'd like Apple executives to realize that you don't have to come out with one a year, I appreciate what your doing but every two years....ok it makes since update, renovate or make look more cool with apps ext... That's really it love the ipad, please keep up the good work. Even my mom and dad live using it......and my dad doesn't even embrace Technology.

Love Apple because they're intentional...Everyone else frantically follows trends.

iMore? C'mon, I'm here, aren't I?
Thanks for the great content, iMore Team!

You keep asking us to tell you how much we love Apple and YOU!? Man, you guys are really hard up for wanting some compliments. Seriously though, can't say enough how much I've enjoyed all the great news/info/insights from iMore. Easily my best resource for Apple stuff. Oh yeah, and Apple's pretty cool too.

Well, not really sure what to say here. I suppose I could big up iMore etc, but that would be just fawning to win. So I'll just say, yeah, i'd like one please.

If I don't get it, well, meh, maybe next time.

Apple products let me design and do what I love easily and comfortably. iMore has been a great new news resource for me. Great columns and great reviews.

Apple pays exquisite attention to each and every detail of their products, and iMore does a fantastic job of paying exquisite attention to apple :)

I have been a Windows techi for over 20 years and was never more surprised as to how much I was drawn into the light of Apple via the iPhone 3GS and a couple years later, the iPad wifi/3G. Yes the iPhone was my gateway drug into the Apple society, but it was the iPad that opened my eyes to all the possibilities that is Apple. Subsequent tablets from the lesser competitors and quality, ease of use and reliability won every time.
IMore has become my go to source for everything Apple. I rely on them to keep me up to date with straight forward, honest reporting without all the fluff sites like this is known for. Keep up the good work. Love you guys!!

I want the new Ipad Mini so I can upgrade my ipad 2.
So me.......pick me.....

Apple has the finest and most attractive hardware, and the most simplistic, user-friendly UI on all of their devices......and they "just work". That's why I have deep affection for Apple. Couple that with blog with the best Apple info in the industry, and we have a match made in tech heaven.

I love iMore because of these great giveaways and I love Apple for the products that just work!!

I love Apple for its top notch products and iMore for its top notching report of said products.

It's really simple... iMore is my go to source for anything Apple. And I dig Apple because of there consistent quality and usefulness of their products. They never disappoint. BOOM!

iMore gives the best advice for anything Apple related. Apple constantly delivers the best devices that just work. It's the perfect combo!

I have loved Apple and iMore (before it was even iMore!) for the great products and the great reporting on those products!

I love Apple products because they continue to be consistent in quality. even their plastic products are high end. So please Apple make your services as good (iMessage)!

Love Apple because its devices and customer service without comparison!
iMore is just one of the best Apple-related sites.

Apple makes the best hardware and software, form and function together... iMore produces the best podcasts related to apple and other tech.

Have been an Apple fan since I got my iPhone 4. Now I have an iPhone 5, an iPad mini and a Macbook Pro! I get all my info from iMore to stay up to date on all things Apple. A new device would be wonderful.

I love apple for its intuit & quality products and iMore for providing quality articles to read on those devices.
Good Luck!

Thanks iMore for all your hard work keeping us in the know. I'd love to upgrade from the iPad3! Thanks.

I love Apple product for its sophisticated design and ease of use.
I love iMore that i subscribed to it, so that I can read any latest post as soon as possible. =)

Apple does put a lot of time and effort in the quality of products they release. I do appreciate them for that.

I love Apple products. While they do cost more, they do last longer for me. Before becoming an Apple user, I was buying laptops almost once a year because the plastic would break off or the system always hangs up.

Sent from the iMore App

Apple makes hardware and software that works seamlessly together. iMore gives me news, rumors and tips for all of my Apple products.

My whole family uses Apple products, the only thing we don't have yet is an ipad! :) I look at iMore EVERY day to keep me update to date on everything apple! Thanks iMore!

Yeah! I love your contests! I love iMore because it's a great source of all things Apple! and I love the mobile apple products! beautiful OS!

Apple has had me hooked since day one and is by far the best source of information for all my apple products!!

iMore, I love how attractive all of your staff are. They're just so beautiful, particularly the one who's picking the winner of this contest. He/she is just a total stunner with a kind heart. He/she's so intelligent and interesting also. And also wonderful in every way.

I love Apple's refusal to compromise on quality. Just like the guy/girl who's picking the winner of this contest refuses to compromise on being amazing. Also.

Apple keeps leading the way on phones and tablets. Apple leads, they don't follow like the others. They're the creator of the smartphone revolution.

Apple as a matter of fact has been a great company for all the people with high cash on their pocket..having a single iPod touch also made me really attracted to this company but price come there.....but its great at last..... and thanks to iMore that i can learn and read about every apple products without any cost....THANKS iMore....LONG LIVE APPLE AND iMORE

Apple seems to make the most thought out products that work better together.

iMore is the only place I check regularly for Apple news since they have the most thought out coverage

Using apple products is now a part of me and is ultimately a way of life for my friends and I. I remember when I had just got my first iPod touch some years ago, that was when I knew I had found a good companion. At the time, so many people around me had not got any apple device, so I had to look for reasons to convince them why they should buy an Apple product, I stumbled on the iMore site and I faithfully followed every post and found more and more reasons to choose to use an apple product over any other one. Today, everyone of my friends has at least an iPhone and now I have got a Macbook Air, iPad and an iPhone. My life revolves around all these devices and they perform their individual duties. I've been looking forward to getting the iPad5 right from the first time I saw it's leaks and following every update on its anticipated features on iMore has made the cravings more. I would be really lucky to win it.Thanks for the opportunity.

I'll do just about anything for free stuff, but really I do love Apple and of course iMore cause they do the best job in covering the things I love.

After buying iPhones for family I think I need a break so winning iPad would be nice and who better to gift it then iMore!

I'm a long time Apple user, now into iOS and beyond. Despite some experiments with Windows, Linux, and Android I keep coming back to Apple as my daily mover on both the desktop and in my hand. iMore helps me keep up on all those world though and satisfies my wandering eyes.

I love iMore! It's the number one site I go to when I wanna read up about anything going on with Apple. Would love them even more if they helped me out with my new iPad!

Sent from the iMore App

I Love Apple products because they Just Work, they look elegant, and feel amazing, I love iMore because they will give me a gift certificate to feed my Apple addiction.

I love iMore for all the help and reviews and great people in forums that help with all questions. And I love Apple for their great products and how much you can do with them!!

I love iMore because it has the best contests an apple for simply having the best products!

Sent from the iMore App

IPhone and I pads aren't just devices they are life companions. They are how I see my family with I message how I show my coworkers awesome photos of my trip air drop and how I keep up to date with the world in new and Apple events apple. Com and I more. It's all a circle of people and products that keep my life going

Apple products just work amazingly without having to tweak or mess around with them and iMore provides the best coverage of anything and everything Apple (as well as some of the best contests)

IMore provides the best in-depth coverage of some of the best products being made on Earth to date!

Sent from the iMore App

I love Apple for building the products that work well and look great, and iMore for helping me leverage them just a wee bit more.

I come to iMore for the best and accurate info on Apple product. Apple product are my everyday tools.

I love Apple because of the awesome products they produce, and for their easy integration into an ecosphere at home and work! And I NEVER go a day without browsing iMore and getting RSS feeds from them on everything!

I love Apple and iMore so much I've been depending on both for years! Hope to win an iPad!! Thanks iMore!!!

I love Apple and it's products, and I love how iMore makes great articles about them! I read you every day guys!

You guys are great. Love all the news and tips. Love apple because everything works so seamlessly together.

iMore has been my news source for so long. It is amazing! The information is so helpful and mind blowing. I am only 12 years old and I am already an Apple developer. I love Apple and their products so much. One day I would like to work there.

Apple makes the highest quality consumer electronics. iMore provides the best coverage and analysis of Apple and doesn't get bogged down with junk put out by other companies. iMore and Apple have a wonderful marriage.

iMore, the ONLY site that knows the score! I'd love to surf the web with an iPad from iMore!

Sent from the iMore App

Right now, 1 iPad mini to be shared by 3 (soon to be 4 when he gets to be old enough to sit up). This is ratio needs to get better. Please and thank you in advance for the new iPad.

I love Apple because their products are a joy to use, both functionally and aesthetically. I love iMore because it keeps me apprised of the latest and greatest when it comes to the aforementioned products.

I would not love Apple if it wasn't for imore. Imore your site is the best. You give all the updated information and leaks that helps me use my apple products to the full. Apple has the best devices. Thank you both!!!!

I love Apple and iMore so much that I made a companion pillow representation. I go everywhere and do everything with it. (Yes, everything.) You've probably seen me in r/wtf.

iLove iMore and Apple thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis much. Ok, more than that, but didn't want to be annoying.

Mischief managed!

Sent from the iMore App

I love apple for their great products and how they work well together once you're in their ecosystem. I love iMore for all of the yummy articles my eyes get to eat! nom nom!