iPad Air unboxing and hands-on!

The iPad Air is here, we have it, and dagnabit we're going to unbox it and go hands-on to show you ever bit of packaging and hardware! It's not just a tradition, it's an experience!

And if you're aching for more, don't miss our iPad Air: First impressions podcast recorded earlier today!


Anthony is an IT administrator, retro gamer, and accessory reviewer for iMore.

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There are 11 comments. Add yours.

bigredherc says:

What a terrible video, plastic everywhere and editited awfully!

Richard Devine says:

You know all that plastic comes in and around the box, right? :)

JTBurn says:

And Renee really needs to do some work in his yard. I little unsightly!

dc9super80 says:

Very nice looking device, I imagine it looks even better in person. Apple did well in terms specifications and aesthetics. Here´s to hoping the iPad Mini Retina rocks the boat even more..

LewLew23 says:

Yup, this is what I'm waiting for. A 7 inch tablet is the perfect size for me. How I wish it was released yesterday as well :/

WhyAreYouHere says:

Good Stuff!!!

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Becjr says:

I was worried Rene was gonna drop that new iPad.

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EPJS says:

Because we can really tell the thickness when you stack the two iPads on top of each other...

(NoSarcasm)It would have been better if you put the iPads side by side.(/NoSarcasm)

sweetstyle says:

Rene, take some time out & sort the garden...

Chris Parsons says:

Lol.. it'll sort itself out soon enough...........by getting covered in snow. Thanks for the quick look Rene, beautiful device but I'm still getting a iPad mini Retina.

Antrikshy says:

Apple hasn't gone lighter and thinner every generation though.