Follow @iMore and retweet for your chance to win an iPad Air! #iMoreAir

Follow @iMore and retweet for your chance to win an iPad Air! #iMoreAir

Want to win a brand new iPad Air? Follow @iMore and retweet to enter! #iMoreAir

Apple has just launched the iPad Air and iMore is going to be the absolute best place to keep up-to-date with all the news, review, and how-tos views. Seriously, have you seen our iOS 7 review? Well, we've got tons more to come, and we don't want you to miss out on any of it. So to help encourage you to follow us, be it on App Store, RSS, Twitter,, Facebook, Google+iMore, YouTube, or iTunes, we're going to do some giveaways!

This time, we're giving away a brand new iPad Air! (Technically a $500 gift certificate to put towards the iPad Air of your dreams!) All you have to do to enter is follow us on Twitter, retweet the link to this post, and include the special hashtag so we can find it. Here's an example:

  • Retweet and follow @iMore for your chance to win an iPad Air! #iMoreAir

That's it! It couldn't be any easier! If you don't use Twitter, don't worry, there'll be lots of other contests. Now make sure you're following @iMore so we can DM you if you win!.

Usual iMore contest rules apply, contest ends Sunday November 10, 2013 at 11:59pm PDT.


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Follow @iMore and retweet for your chance to win an iPad Air! #iMoreAir


Wow just held an iPad Air for the first time... Amazing it's like a big iPad mini would be great to get one from iMore

Sent from the iMore App

You don't understand the feeling everytime I stare at such beauty. Someone's going to be on Cloud 9 today!

Sent from the iMore App

i seriously WANT an iPad this is my second chance plzzzzzzzzz MAY i have ONE plzzzzzzzz.i love apple and IMORE just one sentence...

let me win please.

every day I wrote about you on twitter and sent the link, and after that I never had any Apple product but I'm their biggest fan