Quick App: GoodReader Large PDF, Image, and TXT Viewer for iPhone

GoodReader for iPhone

GoodReader [$4.99 - iTunes link], sent to us courtesy of editor emeritus Mike Overbo, is an app to help iPhone and iPod touch users view very large PDF (Adobe Portable Document Format), images, and TXT (plain text) files.

While it can use the built-in iPhone file viewer for Office and iWork, GoodReader has its own, very fast renderer for:

  • very large PDF's, fast opening, password protected files, 50x zoom, text search, bookmarks
  • very large TXT's, fast opening, no zooming or left/right scrolling required (text lines are wrapped to screen size), text search, bookmarks
  • high-resolution pictures, slideshow

The new version also allows for USB file transfer.

If you like your files BIG, and decide to give GoodReader a try, let us know how it works for you.

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Rene Ritchie

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Reader comments

Quick App: GoodReader Large PDF, Image, and TXT Viewer for iPhone


I tried so many applications for a 2000 pg pdf file, most of them used to hang or did not had basic features like bookmarks etc. This is perfect for iphone reading. I love it.

Man, this is one time I really* wish you could demo a app. I want to know how well it would read game guides from gamefaqs.com. If Vineet B or someone could post a screenshot of one of those guides pasted into a text file and viewed in this app, I would be very indebted.

This is great, i work for an architect and would be great to load up project PDF drawings when going to site visits. But does this allow for doing Redmark ups? like in Adobe Reader/writer? That would be awesome and then be able to email back to the office.

I read a 100 page 36MB PDF document w/o any problem. Need to select landscape or portrait mode manually instead of rotating your iPhone though.
When you reach the bottom/top of a page "Turn Page" appears, tap on it will go to the next/previous page. It took approx. 5 sec to go to the next page and approx. 3 sec back to the previous page on my iPhone3G. My PDF document has more images than words, that's probably when it loads the pages so slowly.

I have been using Good Reader for months, and can highly recommend it. It allows zooming to any level without losing crispness, unlike some other readers. It is very fast. It handles huge PDFs gracefully. It has small features that greatly simplify reading, such as horizontal scroll lock, remembering the exact place in each file, reopening last viewed file, etc. If the PDF has a table of contents it will automatically create bookmarks from that. And the email support is excellent.

I bought it. And it works like magic. I haven't tried the big files yet, but hey the app is simple to use and that's all that really matters to me—until I run into a massive PDF file. Then I'll be back to report if it works or not. For now, and at 99 cents, this is an app you must have.

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