Quick App: Ringtone Studio for iPhone

A daily double of ringtone makers today, this one focusing on Ringtone Studio from PocketMac.

Ringtone Studio includes visual sound editing, volume control, fade in/out, and the ability to grab ringtones from movie files.

If you give Ringtone Studio a try, let us know what you think!

Rene Ritchie

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Nick says:

Or garageband. Just as good (or maybe better)!!!

Brooks says:

Yup its completely free. I use it all the time

azzkickr says:

but audiko is not an app, ist a webapp.Nice Source too.
But i like this programm also.please crack or serial...

Debbie says:

All I'm sniyag is that you were calling other tablets better. You then said that it's personal preference and hat I have no point while what I was sniyag this whole time was what you said in the last comment. Ok leave me alone and look up troll before throwing names.