WWDC 08: iPhone Apps Roundup

Accidentally fall asleep when developers went over 190832 apps during the keynote? Numb your mind and index finger by maddeningly refreshing your browser? Miss all the apps that were showcased in the iPhone? Fear not, TiPb will give you a quick nitty gritty update on the lot.

  • eBay - A fairly basic eBay app that didn't really showcase any advancements from the basic web app. Sure it was nice and integrated but really, isn't an eBay webapp good enough? Certainly, they could have gotten someone better to demo their app.
  • Loopt - A location-based social networking application. Now this is kind of cool, it displays your friend's location on a map and works with other platforms. Basically, I imagine it to be similar to Boost Mobile's Where You At?
  • TypePad - A mobile blogging app that is pretty straightforward. The interface looked similar to the iPhone's E-mail client and well, at least you can add photos via camera or photo roll
  • Mobile News Network - Basically enables viewing videos and pictures of news stories from various sources. It also allows you to directly report the news if you have a first hand account of something
  • Band - This is a fun app, basically a collection of virtual instruments: piano, drums, bass, 12-bar blues 'instrument'. I've seen iterations of 'Band' in the jailbreaking scene and it makes for good fun
  • MLB.com - This app is nice! It gives iPhone users direct access to video highlights right after they happen! It also displays a live detailed scoreboard for quick updates on baseball games.
  • Modality - A medical application used to easily learn names of body parts, etc. Mildly useful for me, incredibly useful for doctors I presume
  • MIMvista - Another medical application that takes advantage of the iPhone's screen to zoom in, out, and scroll around. Basically, an interactive way to view medical imagery?

Whew, that was a lot of Apps to go through. It goes to show the versatility of third party applications and how far it can push the iPhone into becoming a true 'smartphone'. Best of all, many of those apps were priced as FREE. Now hopefully we can get to play with these apps ourselves instead of watching them on a 60 foot screen.

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Reader comments

WWDC 08: iPhone Apps Roundup


I'm hoping the ebay app is useable. Trying to use ebay on edge was a nightmare, the load time was ridiculous!

the mobile news network is cool and all and it maybe the first thing that I instail (other than super monkey) but I am dying for an rss reader on the iphone anybody else?

Ok, these were the apps shown at the WWDC..and they are really cool. But is there somewhere to preview all the apps that will be in the AppStore on July 11? These are the only apps I've seen beside OmniFocus.