iPhone 3G in the USA & Canada: Get Out of T-Mo Free and Rogers Still Reeling

T-Mobile SMS Hike = Contract Breech? Switch to iPhone!

Sister site WMExperts brings word that T-Mobile is raising the a la carte price of SMS text messages to an exorbitant $.20 per 160 characters (sadly, an industry average...) While they have their theories as to why tiny text qualifies for thousands of dollars per meg of data charges, others only really care about one thing:

A change in the terms of service may -- just may -- be a way for those of you stuck on contract with T-Mobile to get out of jail and into a sexay new iPhone 3G.

Whether T-Mobile lets you out or not will likely depend on who you talk to and how much you scream, but a chance is a chance. And could T-Mobile have had worse timing in providing that chance?


On the Canadian front, GSM monopoly Rogers is still amending their iPhone info, after correcting the embarrassing typo that made it seem like the early termination fee was $1100 ($100 turned out to be correct). Now it's info on non-iPhone specific plans, and warnings galore on off-plan data usage ($0.05/KB!) and roaming ($3/MB on plan). Clarified, however, is that using Visual Voice Mail won't count towards your minutes or your miserly data cap.

Also interesting is the inclusion of anti-Jailbreak/Unlock verbiage:

Your iPhone is restricted to use on the Rogers network, unless you are roaming. If you attempt to unlock your iPhone and use it on another network, it may become permanently unusable. Making unauthorized modifications to the software on your iPhone violates the iPhone software license agreement, and any resulting inability to use your iPhone is not covered under your iPhone’s warranty.

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iPhone 3G in the USA & Canada: Get Out of T-Mo Free and Rogers Still Reeling


Too bad I have the sidekick and have unlimited txts for $20 a month....so no way for me to use my "outrage" over the txt increase to get me out of my contract for free :(

Here's the trick to get out of your ETF (early termination fee):
1) You have to have incurred at least one SMS text message charge for $0.15 in the last three billing cycles before your next bill which will have the notice of the increase.
2) You have to either have no messaging plan or go over on your regular plan (400 or 1000) by at least one message and be charged.
3) If you have an unlimited plan, you will not have been charged for any text messages and this disqualifies you, however, if you cancel your unlimited plan before your next bill arrives, send or receive at least one text message and get charged $0.15, you are eligible for getting out of the ETF. So act fast before your next bill!
4) You MUST cancel within 30 days of receiving your next bill with the notice of the increase.
5) Do NOT cancel your service before you receive your bill, you must have received the bill to qualify for getting out out of your ETF.