Our iPhone 3G Giveaway Happens July 9th. Hie Thee to the Forums!

In our forums, dhp1080 asked an important question: since the iPhone 3G comes out on the 11th and whoever wins is surely going to be the sort to go out and buy one that day, doesn't it make more sense to hold the drawing for the winner of our iPhone 3G giveaway a bit earlier?

Yes, yes it does.

So we'll be holding our drawing for the iPhone 3G givewaway the morning of Wednesday, July 9th. Since Apple capitulated to the standard operating procedure for activating phones, we can't just pick one up and send it to ya. So instead we're going to do the following: overnight a gift card to an Apple Store (or AT&T store, if necessary) for 400 smackers. That will cover most of the necessary bases: people eligible for upgrade that want the 16gig device, people ineligible for upgrades, etc.

All of which means you have six days left to get yourself up to 20 (non-garbage) posts in our forums in order to qualify for the drawing. Get your full contest details here. Meanwhile, this also means that this week and the next are the last weeks for the iPhone 2.0 Wait-a-Thon giveaways as well.

We will wait-a-thon this post too. We already asked you what your plans were for July 11th. Now we want to know: Are you Exchanged-up at work? If so, will your IT Overlords put your iPhone on the network? If you're not, will you be going push with Mobile Me? Will you forego push altogether?

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Our iPhone 3G Giveaway Happens July 9th. Hie Thee to the Forums!


This is one nice give-away folks. I plan to be early in line to upgrade from iPhone I. IN fact, it would be really interesting to see how many are upgraders compared to new owners come July 11.

I'm going to have to skip out on push email unless I find a good (non-exchange) push email service. I currently reside on GMail, so I figure polling for new email every 5 minutes will suffice with my current situation. I just don't want to spend $99 a year for MobileMe or an extra $15 a month for exchange. Waste of money in my opinion (unless your business depends on it).

Pushing up the date was a great call!
I don't have a job right now (someone please hire me!!!) since I just graduated from college two weeks ago no Enterprise for me. However, was considering Mobile Me until I heard about other programs out there. I will check those out first.

Unfortunately . . . my .Mac account expires next month and i really can't afford to renew it (after buying the iPhone and other misc expenses). That being said i will be going push for a month or so. At east thats long enough that i wont have to manually enter contacts and that kind of stuff . . .
Now that i think about it i really see no need for it, for me at least. i only use one computer and i don't really use the .mac galleries as it is. I would be nice to have, but i think i'll just stick to a manual sync for now. :/

Nope no exchange for me and as for mobileme I will have to wait and see what other people have to say about it first after hearing how crappy .mac was I'd rather not jump on the boat to early. Also it seems alot like MS new live mesh setup wich is free but right now it doesnt have support for the iPhone but I hear that MS is working on software for the iPhone so I guess we will see what happens there.

Hi every body & i phone user i would like to book one mobile & made order to send it to me to Bahrain please your help on the price & how to order it
thanks & Regards,
Mansoor Al Faraj

I am setup on an exchange server but I really don't use it often enough to warrant trying to get it synced. If it's a relatively pain-free process, I might do it just because. :-D
July 11th can't get here fast enough.

Already bought .mac, so I will be ready for push from MobileMe! I am excited about the contact and calendar push, not so much the email... polling works for me. I am on the lookout for people trashing their old iPhones - I don't think I will upgrade, but I want to equip the rest of my family with the best cell phone available - the 2G iPhone!
Anyone want to send me one? I'll pay shipping... and maybe something for your trouble!
Email me at cpadave@mac.com

Here's tip for some of you to consider: There are many, many, Exchange-based e-mail providers out there if you look for them, some of which are even free. I currently use mail2web.com on a 1st gen Samsung Blackjack running WinMo 6.0, and the direct-push works fantastically. I can't wait to get it up and running on my new (hopefully free) iPhone!!

I don't use exchange, but I am planning on splurging for MobileMe. Of course I wish it were cheaper (or even free), but push e-mail and wireless syncing of calendar events and contacts sounds too good to pass up. I just hope Apple keeps improving the features of MobileMe to make it worth it compared to free options like Google Calendar, GMail, Yahoo's push e-mail, etc.

Now we want to know: Are you Exchanged-up at work? If so, will your IT Overlords put your iPhone on the network? If you’re not, will you be going push with Mobile Me? Will you forego push altogether?
I will not be using this for work and I will not pay for Mobile Me, so will do sync's manually if necessary I guess. I plan on using google's calendar, etc. also

I have a Blackberry 8330 on Verizon, like the berry but Verizon's service sucks with the Curve so I'm going to switch and get an iPhone. No exchange so I'll miss the push, and maybe when I buy a mac I might give mobile me a shot, but don't really need it right now.

Giddiyup! I'm actually finding the forums to be very informative and funny, but I guess that was the point. Great job running this site. You certainly help me get my iPhone info fix everyday!

If this contest is to win a FREE iphone 3g, which model are they giving away? The 8gb or the 16gb? For those that are ineligible for an upgrade, they have to pay $499. Wouldn't $400 not cover the cost of that? Can someone explain?

I have to either coerce one of the IT managers at work, or wait until my iPhone is on the "approved" list because those frigtards don't want to play nice. I'm hoping I will just be able to authenticate and connect just by setting up my account on my phone, otherwise I'll have to continue to use our Outlook Web Access until I get my way.

I will just stick to Yahoo push mail and sync my calendar and contacts on my work computer. I can't see paying $99 for MobileMe. It's just not worth it.

I have exchange and plan on using the iPhone 3G goodness with it. Since I am executive with a small company, and am the defacto IT Overlord, I don't need to "sell" this too anyone. I am looking at switching our mobile service to AT&T from the company that begins with a "V" and ends with "erizon", this will be the first test in that migration. Personally, I am coming from a BB 8830 which is boring, but works when and how I need it to. ActiveSync is the prime feature that I am looking to test, and what kept me from buying the first generation iPhone.

I love that the date has been pushed up. Just wished the date for the actual sale of the phone was also pushed up. This anticipation has me feeling like a kid on the night before Christmas. Can't wait to see what's on the App store, and how well mobileMe works.

Work has an Exchange server but it was never set up for push email not even for WM devices so I guess it won't work for iPhone 3G either. I'm considering MobileMe- I will probably try their free trial and see how well it works for me. Otherwise I will stick with Gmail and Yahoo! accounts.

I'd like to point out that Gmail offers IMAP, which will give you push email. However, it's a pain to set up in Mail.app/on an iPhone. However however, I managed to find complete instructions on making Google's IMAP work flawlessly in Mail/on iPhone here --> http://5thirtyone.com/archives/862

Great giveaway! And, no, no Exchange at work. I'm still gettin' a 3G, though! (If I can get my hands on one...)

Contest ending soon...
Thanks for the cool contest. Hopefully it bumped up some traffic for you guys. Someone's going to be one lucky iPhone holder.

I agree with Robin. I am hooked. the info good and bad about the 3G will only get better on Friday and beyond.

. . . so i never thought that it would be this boring and time consuming . . . Correcting track names and getting Album Art. I'm roughly half way done . . . and i think i'd rather take another practice SAT than do this (well maybe not). Then i have to Change genres . . . UGH tomorrows going to be a long day.