The Winner of our iPhone 3G contest is....

The response to our iPhone 3G givaway has been tremendous. We love all the new action in our forums and we fully expect it to continue after this week -- which is to say that The iPhone Blog adores you and will continue to treat you right, stay tuned for future contests in the coming weeks.

Meanwhile, the time has come to announce the winner of our contest as chosen randomly via It's iLoveiPhones! Check your inbox for an email from me and we'll set you up with the $400 Gift Card we promised so you can be all set for Friday. Happy? Happy! Joy? Joy!

The air of contest finality is thick and we're going to make it thicker still: this is our final Wait-a-Thon post: comment here for your last chance to win a $100 iTunes gift card. We'll be sending out the final gift cards tonight (yes, it's still tough what with Apple's limit to the # we can buy in a month, but we figured out a workaround).

So congratulate iLoveiPhones (a username so good it's gotta be kismet) and let us know: once the iPhone 3G is really and truly out, what sort of stuff do you want TiPb to cover in the coming weeks and months? Are apps king? Shall we pit the iPhone 3G against every other darn smartphone out there, one by one? Should we continue to bring you tips and tricks? What'll it be?

Update: Looks like we made somebody's day. :D

I'm never gonna forget this day. Thanks so much to everyone here at the iPhone forum and the staff at the iPhone Blog. Couldn't have done it without you guys. Being someone who's never won anything, this is quite a day!

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Dieter Bohn

Dieter Bohn is former editor-in-chief of Smartphone Experts, writing across iMore, Windows Phone Central, Android Central, and more. You can find him on Twitter (and everywhere else) @backlon.

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Reader comments

The Winner of our iPhone 3G contest is....


Congrats! I want a recount or something, this was rigged! just kidding. Enjoy and let us know how bad the lines are.
$ 100 itunes gift card for me pls? Yes, no, maybe... anything

Congrats to the winner.
As far as future content, the number one thing I want to see is reviews. Cases, Bluetooth headsets, App Store apps, and anything else iPhone related. Doing more reviews may help sales at the Phone Different Store too!

Congratulations to iLoveiPhones. Even though I didn't win. You'd better not be kidding us, we'll mob you if you don't send iLoveiPhones the prize :)

Congratulations to the appropriately named iLoveiPhones. As for future coverage, I think an occasional smartphone vs smartphone is fun, but at the same time we're showing that we already chose iPhone by coming to this site, and I would love to see some app reviews here. So I guess the answer is some of both. Keep up the good work!

Congrats to iLoveiPhones ... of course, with a name like that, it almost seems like the winner was picked by name . . . :)
As far as future content, I agree with Nathan that reviews would be good. Of course, reviewing things that you DON'T SELL in the Phone Different store would lend credence that you're not just posting the review as a mini-infomercial. Also, it would be helpful if you reviewed several similar products in a category and did a compare/contrast among 5 or 6 and not just a stand-alone review 1 product at time.

I agree with WatersWest, PLEASE don't review products because you're trying to sell them or are getting paid by somebody.

hehe no surprise . . . i think i saw a post of theirs on almost every forum :P anyway, congrats and i hope you enjoy your free Phone! But i do hope that i can win the iTunes money so i can fill my comming BIRTHDAY PRESNT!!
Either way i have like 14GB of music :)

Congratulations, it was a fun contest. Let's just hope everyone else who signed up to the site isn't going to drop off now. This site is pretty cool to begin with, my only regret is not signing up sooner and just being a reader of the place. Thanks everyone for all your discussions on the forums.

Congratulations, iLoveiPhones! Man, I was really hoping it was going to be me, but oh well…

I'm never gonna forget this day. Thanks so much to everyone here at the iPhone forum and the staff at the iPhone Blog.
Couldn't have done it without you guys. Being someone who's never won anything, this is quite a day!
Once again, Thank you.

i hope that the traffic in the forum doesnt slow down too much now that the contest is over, it keeps me entertained at work. Everyone keep up the great work in teh forum and keep posting about your new Iphones. ALSO we shoudl try and draw attention of softwear developers and get them to start using the forum as a place to test ideas out. A few weeks ago we had somone asking questions about a movie/resturant rating app. WHICH WAS GREAT! i think we shoudl try to draw some mroe attention so that developers can get feedback from real iphone lovers.

I'm, of course, sour that I didn't win. However, congrats iLoveiPhones. In the coming weeks, if possible, try to give out $30 gift cards to the Apple store. Everyone could use some iPhone docks, right?

I thought I was the one grrrr j/k :D Congrats iLoveiPhones - enjoy your new iPhone. I'll still be getting mine on Friday. I think one of the best things about this contest is that I got the chance to "meet" so many other iPhone fans. It's been great reading all the posts here. I'll have to continue spending time here - maybe I can win the next model of iPhone hehehe :D

Congrats! What a nice surprise just a couple of days before iPhone 3G release! Have fun with that gift card!

I think some smart phone vs. Smarter phone (iPhone 3G) would be cool.
Also is this where I enter for the $100 dollar iTunes Gift Certificate?

Congrats iLoveiPhones! Enjoy...
As to the future, I'd certainly like to see tips and tricks continue, but I think apps will be where the action is. TiPb should be the primo independent source of apps; news, reviews, etc.

That lucky iloveiphones! I'd like to see info about less obvious but still useful tools for the new iphone. Things I might not find myself.

Congratulations!!, you were going to buy an iPhone 3G right?
Wanna donate the money to me so I can buy one?

Dang it. Ah well, congratulations. I love how appropriate your name is for this contest. I wish you and your iphone the best of luck

its so cool that a real person won i thought it was going to a fake person.
agian congrats

E-mail me and I'll give you iLoveiPhones address. Okay, Dieter? And don't read the line below, it's only for the commenters. I'm serious.
For commenters ONLY: I think Dieter is going to fall for it. I'm going to get a free iPhone!! I rulz.

Congrats champ! I'm still holding out for a $100 itunes gift card, pretty please? I promise to use it to buy some apps at the app store and provide a solid writeup for you guys to use. BTW, loving the accuweather iphone web app - you guys should write that one up next. It kills the native weather app - sat feed pictures every 15 mins, hour by hour forecasts graphically depicted, 15 day forecast. Tough to beat, can't wait to get an installed version from the app store.

Congrats to iLoveiPhones. I'm extremely jealous, nah I'm happy for them. I'm crossing my fingers and praying to the iPhoneBlog Gods for one last chance to win a $100 iTunes card but if I don't win, well c'est la vie.
Hey guys I hope you plan on covering as many of the new apps as possible. The most important part of this whole iPhone 3G business isn't the phone itself but rather the 2.0 software. And because all of us 1st gen iPhone users and iPod touch owners will be able to use these apps too the product reviews will be very important.

Congrats! I'd say app reviews and product reviews would be good. Keep the jailbreaking info coming in case there are good apps worth jailbreaking for: such as VoIP over cellular network or turn-by-turn GPS directions or other handy apps that don't play by Apple's rules.

Congrats on the iPhone winner. It must feel great! It was a very fun contest and I love this forum. Keep up the great work in the blog!

I've never spent any time in the forum, but I really like the blog posts. Keep it up! Oh, and congratulations to the winner!

Judging by the URL that your link points to, the odds of winning the iPhone were 1 in 86. That's not as bad as I thought...