iPhone 3G to KO Blackberry in Ultimate Smartphone Championships?

ChangeWave is back with trends in intended smartphone buying for June 2008. The good? The iPhone has soared from 29% to 56% from a low this time last year of 18%. The bad? Rim has tumbled from 29% to 23% from a high of 33% last July. The ugly? Palm has held steady at 3%, having free fallen from 24% way back in late 2006.

The iPhone dominated almost all rounds, causing an overall increase in planned smartphone purchases to 10%. Satisfaction levels were through the roof at 78% (way above RIM's 54% and trouncing Palm's 29%)

Blackberry held on to the title of reigning email monster, with a holding-steady 42% ownership of that space, but Apple is making inroads even there, up to 11%.

The KO? Of those planning to buy a smartphone fully 50% plan on getting an iPhone over the Blackberry and Palm.

We expect Big John to jump in and end the slaughter any minute...

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iPhone 3G to KO Blackberry in Ultimate Smartphone Championships?


Blackberry sucks lol, nokia sucks lol, Aplle robs you of your money (thats not funny thats true) why is that you ask? well does your iphone comes with a high quality camera ( i will wait for the answer people with an iphone are not that smart) NOOOO, does the bluethoot work? NOOOOOOOO, mms thats a NOO again.
well i wont continue before you kids start crying.