iPhone 3G to KO Blackberry in Ultimate Smartphone Championships?

ChangeWave is back with trends in intended smartphone buying for June 2008. The good? The iPhone has soared from 29% to 56% from a low this time last year of 18%. The bad? Rim has tumbled from 29% to 23% from a high of 33% last July. The ugly? Palm has held steady at 3%, having free fallen from 24% way back in late 2006.

The iPhone dominated almost all rounds, causing an overall increase in planned smartphone purchases to 10%. Satisfaction levels were through the roof at 78% (way above RIM's 54% and trouncing Palm's 29%)

Blackberry held on to the title of reigning email monster, with a holding-steady 42% ownership of that space, but Apple is making inroads even there, up to 11%.

The KO? Of those planning to buy a smartphone fully 50% plan on getting an iPhone over the Blackberry and Palm.

We expect Big John to jump in and end the slaughter any minute...

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Bad Ash says:

Too bad Big John retired... ;-)

Captian NokiaBerry says:

Blackberry sucks lol, nokia sucks lol, Aplle robs you of your money (thats not funny thats true) why is that you ask? well does your iphone comes with a high quality camera ( i will wait for the answer people with an iphone are not that smart) NOOOO, does the bluethoot work? NOOOOOOOO, mms thats a NOO again.
well i wont continue before you kids start crying.