TiPb Give-Away: 10 FREE SmrtCase Glide Cases for iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS

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The SmrtCase Glide for the iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS is a hard case shell that will protect your phone from scrapes, bumps, and even small to medium falls (depending on the angle of impact). The really innovative part of the case is that it has a small slot on the side where you can store a credit card, bus passe, ID, business cards, or even small pictures.

Oh, and did I mention SmrtCase is giving away ten (10) FREE SmrtCase Glide cases to our TiPb readers? Follow on after the break for details!

I have to let you know how excited I was to try out the SmrtCase Glide and I was not disappointed. So how does it work? The small groove in the back makes it easy to place cards inside and the hole on the back means you can use one hand to slide the card out to swipe or remove. Worried about scratching the back of your iPhone? Well, the people at SmrtCase have already thought of that. The SmrtCase Glide comes with a clear protective sticker for the back of your iPhone.

Smrtcase Card in 2Smrt Glide Gliding 2

If you're worried about the card falling out, well, I was too but a combination of the curvature of the case and the iPhone provide a snug fit for the card (and I gave the case a good shake to make sure -- see the video below!).

Of course, how many cards you can fit inside the Glide depends on the exact thickness of each card. SmrtCase states that the case can hold 2 plastic cards comfortably, one credit and one ID, however I found this combination was too snug if I wanted to easily slide one of them out to swipe.

To really put it to the test, I asked my husband, (who has a great disdain for cases in general) to try out one of the sample cases and give me his impressions. I have not seen the case since. He loves that he can put his metro passes (5 in all) in the case and not have to take out his wallet to get to them.

And, oh yes, the contest:

Head on over to the TiPb forums and tell us how a SmrtCase Glide would come in handy for you. We'll pick 10 of you at random, and each person picked will get a FREE SmrtCase Glide. The give-away starts now and ends Thursday, February 18, at 12pm PT

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Reader comments

TiPb Give-Away: 10 FREE SmrtCase Glide Cases for iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS


uuuummmm won't the iPhone wipe the info off the the cards? I always heard "don't put your ATM/Credit cards near your cell phone or it will get wiped clean"

I'd like to try this out because as a travelling computer technician, I could definitely use the extra space in my pocket!

I don't think there's an issue with cards next to cellphones. I used to put my card in the belt clip of one of my cases and my card works perfectly.

A smart case would greatly help me out. I am a student and going back and forth to the library and computer lab, I have to have my student ID. Having this case would stop me from digging my wallet out of my pocket. I want one. :)

Looks pretty cool - wouldn't mind giving it a try! Great when you only have one pocket on your scrubs...

This smart case is the perfect solution to my situation. I commute into New York for business purposes and I always need to have my license, train ticket, and metro card handy. I have my iPhone in hand most of the time. This would help me extremely, so I don't have to dig into pockets. I would like one! :)

Phones can't affect Debit or Credit cards as easily as Gift Cards and Gas Cards. Debit and Credit cards are not meant to be reprogrammed frequently and are less vulnerable to electromagnetic radiation cell phones give off.

Never have enough Social Security money left over to buy a case for my 3Gs. So I hope I am one of the lucky winners. I have looked a several and there are many I would like, now the idea of a card slot seems very appealing; I would keep my Drivers License in the slot.

This looks like a very handy case, I can now go out and never forget a credit card and my drivers license. No more reason to carry a whole wallet.
Looks very handy…..

I think the idea is awesome and would love to have it. But the thing that scares me through all my traveling is if i lost my phone or the case somehow dropped off i would be completely screwed. Other than that it looks awesome.

This is great, I never use cash anymore these days, I carry my wallet to hold a card or two pretty much thats it.. now I could hold it with my iphone... all set!

Actually the protective sticker is for the back of the iPhone, in case people are worried about scratching the phone with their cards. But it's not a problem for soft cards such as NYC MetroCards. The SmrtCase is really great for commuters, it's in high demand in Japan where everyone uses RFID cards to get on trains!

My wife came to me and said "Wouldn't it be great if there was a iphone case that could carry your debt card too." I had to tell her that there was already a case like that. She was disappointed because she thought she was the first to think of it.. She would love one of these cases.

It would be very awesome! I wouldnt wanna bring my bulky wallet everywhere i go cos i travel domestically a lot

It retails for 29.99 and as for scratching, there is a protective sticker provided for the back of your phone.

Frankly this would be a Godsend for me. I don't like to use a wallet so I use a money clip most of the time. Problem is that I'm sometimes forgetting my credit card sized code key to get into my office. This would alleviate that issue altogether.
To date, I've NEVER forgotten my iPhone 3GS. I'm in technology sales so it's almost an extension of my hand.

This case looks great! What more do you need than your ID and a credit/debit card? It seems like the perfect invention and I can't wait!