TiPb Give-Away: HyperMac Nano Battery for iPhone/iPod

HyperMac Nano 1

The HyperMac Nano by HyperShop is an external battery for iPhone and iPod with a built in charging cable. It's highly portable, looks and feels great, and is made of 1800mAh lithium ion which provides up 1.5 times full recharge of the iPhone.

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The design of the HyperMac Nano is very slick and reminds me a cigarette lighter. With dimensions of only 3.4" x 1.5" x 0.55", the battery will fit easily into your jeans or jacket pocket for easy portability. The rounded edges of the aluminum casing also feels nicely in your hands. The HyperMac comes in 9 stylish colors; yes, the same 9 colors available for the iPod nano.

What makes the HyperMac Nano unique to other external batteries is the built in charging cable. Underneath the cap you will find both male and female 30-pin sockets plugged into each other. The cap also conveniently snaps magnetically to the bottom of the battery so you don't lose it when the battery is in use.

To charge the HyperMac Nano, just plug your iPhone cable into the female socket; and to charge your iPhone, plug the male socket into your iPhone. When the HyperMac Nano is plugged into a power source, a blue light will indicate that it is charging and a green light will mean the charge is complete.

When on the go, I found the HyperMac Nano more convenient than an extended battery because it did not increase the length of my iPhone. I could easily fit them together in my jacket pocket without fear of them falling out because the short cable is long enough to rest the battery behind my iPhone and so nothing sticks out of my pocket.

In conclusion, I found the HyperMac Nano to be a great and stylish way to give my iPhone some extra juice.

Now for the give-away! Just leave a comment below and let us know why HyperMac Nano will be a great addition to you life. We'll pick one of you randomly and send you a silver HyperMac Nano. (The You need a valid email address and a US shipping address to enter. The contest starts now and ends Sunday, March 14, 2010.

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TiPb Give-Away: HyperMac Nano Battery for iPhone/iPod



These days, I'm using my iPhone for almost all my work calls, listening to podcasts or audiobooks to and from work, it's my commo channel to my significant other, as well as my to do list, grocery list, alarm clock . . . Keeping it charged is a complete hassle . . . If I don't win this solution, I'm probably going to have to buy it (or something like it)!

wow 1.5 charges , pretty damn good gotta admit.
might actually get me a full days worth of phone use :D

This would be great for traveling. There's times when I'm away from a charger for two days and I'm struggling to keep a charge. This would keep me from having to bring a bulky charger. Week long camping trips wouldn't be much of a challenge anymore.

This would be an awesome life extender. I use my iPhone all day. Sometimes there nowhere to charge up. This would remedy that!

This looks like a great device, one in which I would love to use on a plane, on the beach, anywhere and everywhere.

I'm constantly on my iPhone 3GS throughout the day. I use a navigation app often, along with games during my work breaks. The battery sometimes will die during the middle of the day (depending on usage). The HyperMac Nano Battery would be incredibly useful. I've wanted one since seeing it at MacWorld. Hopefully now I can finally have one!

I'm the husband of one and father of three iphone moochers. I'm charging two to three times a day. I'd love to tell them, "get your own," but they're too young to pay for it, and my wife is just too cheap when she can just use my iphone. ...I guess I'll just keep chargin'. But this looks like a pretty nice solution.

May I please have one. I'm always using up the battery on my 3gs. I love the podcast too and TiPB is first in my rss feeds. Great job!

Everyone knows that the battery life of an iPhone is it's weakest link in regards to everyday use. As such, this would be used in the afternoons when my iPhone decides it wants a nap!

I use my 3gs for work, school and play. It is nice to be able to answer my students' emails on my phone, but I have to fetch too much for my poor battery.

I work with lions 5 days a week and when i am not cleaning a cage or washing one i am on the phone. i could really use a charging battery.

I use my iPhone in the field...where they don't have convenient plugs. Being able to play plants versus zombies while I am out in the woods, waiting for mosquitoes to bite me, and NOT having to worry about losing my charge would be great!

This would be cool. I've tried almost every external battery or battery case out there and have yet to find one that actually works.

I use my iphone all day in my job as a Realtor, but often I can charge the phone at the office or car. However, I could see the HyperMac Nano being very useful in places that I have a hard time finding a charge: Airplane travel watching movies or playing games, Golf Course (no calls, just e-mail and GolfShot GPS), and also on the family camping trips. The 1 1/2 times charge from the HyperMac Nano would make life much easier in these areas.

I work at Bungie, the Halo guys, and we are exclusively an iPhone shop. We all carry extra chargers and cables around because we USE our iPhones for almost all our email.
How much would I love to be able to pull this out at the next meeting and keep my iPhone running in style without the need for an AC jack?
Have I mentioned I also suggest iPhone accessories? 230 iPhones. 230 people wanting this charger.... hint

I would use the HyperMac Nano by HyperShop to slowly take over the world. I will charge the charger at public places saving me tons of cash. I will then use the money to build my army of Iphone drones. Those drones will be powered by the HyperMac Nano by HyperShop allowing them to "take over" for 1.5 more times then normal. Then I will film a reality show with the drones, showing the world that they are more then just machines. Everyone will then feel bad for the drones forgeting that I put them up to it in the first place. It's a win-win for everyone!!

I would use this whil making paintings in the Layers app. After a few hours of painting, the battery is not so happy.

This looks awesome! I would love to be able to use my iphone without worrying about reaching 20% my mid afternoon! And as a bonus it just look so sexy :)

Not always by my home, car, or work charger and having that extra battery juice in a portable package can definately be a life saver!

I bought one of the cheapo 15 dollar iphone/ipod external batteries over the holidays, but it was so fragile I was only able to use it for a month or so before the dock connector (i assume) bent too much.
An external battery is AMAZINGLY useful. Even when you're in the house, just to have it charging in your pocket and not in the other room is handy. Mostly this would be a boost for airplane rides. I travel a lot and am always scoping where the nearest plug to the gate is.

With the short battery life of the iPhone this is almost required equipment. It should be part one of the accessories that come with the iPhone. :-D

Maybe I'll make it through a meeting-filled day without making a pitstop at my desk for more juice!

This is a perfect fit, 'cause I'm, well, a bit hyper (at least in my iPhone usage.) Every day I find more useful apps on the App Store, and my battery is sagging beneath their weight. I've been hearing the hype about these battery packs, and I'm ready to welcome one into my daily routine. Make me a proud papa!

I really want one of these. I use my iPhone a lot for about everything and I'm almost always running out of juice. Not only would this extend the battery life, but it also makes it easy to re/charge at the same time.
Please hook me up TiPb!!

The answer to a prayer. I depend on my iPhone more and more lately. Especially at work. I dispatch for an ambulance company. Emails fly constantly. Texting to reach crews in radio dead spots. Etc. Etc. Etc. This would be the perfect insurance policy'

Frankly, I always feel like these "Tell us how you would..." kind of contests always strike me as a throwback to the "What I did on my summer vacation" essays from grade school.
Nevertheless, I'd give it to my wife. She always forgets to charge her iPhone, and it is frequently running out of power. If she had this in her purse, I might actually be able to get a hold of her.

As a boy scout leader it would be great to be able to take the boys on a hike and have enough power in the iPhone to use the GPS so we can find our way back. Being lost in the woods is no fun.

As you know, gaming is being developed to a much greater level. This would allow me extra time if not around a power source!!

This would be a huge help when I go to conferences and I don't have access to a computer during the day - I can keep my iPhone charged all day while checking e-mail etc.

I'd use it for the gym after work. My iphone always runs out of battery power because I use it during meetings to browse, and by the time I want to go to the gym, the battery's nearly dead.

I'd like to use it to replace the POS JuicePack Air I just bought. What a piece of garbage that is.

Well you just never know when you might get stranded out it the wilderness and need your GPS to find your way out only to find your battery is in the red. Ah but I have my extra battery.

Sometimes I forget to charge it at night before I go to sleep, so having this at work for the commute in would be great!

I am not any more special than those posting, obviously, I just need a backup battery especially for traveling on planes. This one looks great.

Would be nice for when I'm listening to my iPhone at work and it's pushing the battery limit because of it's compact size, I would be able to put in my pocket along with my phone. :)

This would be great for me because I'm never home and always running around. Subsequently, I'm never charging my itouch. :)

I am a student in 4th year college and taking a study break and catching up on all the new gadgets out there and can't believe I've been under a rock for so long.
This would be amazing gift idea for the girl I'm seeing at school, she always talks about how her phone doesn't last through the day recording lectures, checking emails, and listening to music. Selected or not I want to thank you for sharing this!

I would use it to fake people out. They would be like "why are you plugging a lighter into your iPhone?," and I'd be like, "dude, I'm not! I'm charging it!!"

I currently have chargers set up at my home, my desk at work and in my car. It would be great not to need one of those during the day.

Used something very similar for my old Palm Treo. Miss it greatly for my iPhone. Would use it for traveling (when listening to music or watching video on long flights), at work, at play, almost anywhere!

As a regular business traveler I'm constantly killing my battery, and filling up between airport hops is definitely a pain. This looks like a fantastic solution.

I would Love to have this. Been lookin into portable power options. My battery doesn't seem to hold enough charge. Or maybe I just use it too much! lol

Echo many of the comments above. I travel quite a bit and this would allow me to leave one charger at the hotel or in my rollerboard bag while keeping just the battery in one of the side pockets. I needed this last week at a conference!

I jailbreak and use a bunch of extensions and addons which drain the battery. This would be very helpful.

Seems like a cool product. I've been looking for an external charger like this but haven't decided on one. Winning this giveaway would be great!!!

Definitely good giveaway here. I've recently started listening to internet radio and if I wasn't plugged into a power source doing it i'd run outta juice. Would be good to carry that around just in case.

This would be an awesome product to have so I can use my iPhone past the point of drainage... Pick me, pick me... Show that TiPb luvs me as much as I love them...

It seems I never have enough juice to make it through a day, let alone a multi-day hiking or business trip. This sure would help matters!

Have an 8 hour flight coming up at the end of march, this would be ideal for being able to watch that extra movie and keeps the games going a bit longer.

This would be awesome for my trip to Orlando for the Harry Potter Wizarding World. My friends and I anticipate spending hours in lines and we'll be entertaining ourselves with my iPhone. Even if I did win I would probably buy a second one because going without my iPhone is like going without oxygen.

This would be great for the times I'm up in the sky traveling. I have been looking for an external battery and I must say this one is really catching my eye. help a brother out guys

The HyperMac Nano will be a great addition to my life because I use my iPhone in the bathroom a lot and there's no charger in there so I could continue to tweet and poop. Thanks.

I want one cause you're giving it away, not to mention my iPhone is an energy vampire...get on it Apple!

My phone is always dying by the end of the day! After a day of classes and no charging, it's always a rush to charge before it's completely dead lol.

I totally want this! It is pretty much the coolest thing I've ever seen!! I'm such a procrastinator when it comes to charging my phone, and sometimes it dies in the most inconvenient places.

My iPhone loses power at the most inopportune moments.
THIS, my friends, would make sure I never miss a call from my dealer, ever again.

I'm planning a trip to New York City in May, and I know I'll be streaming tons of video on Ustream during the trip. This will drain my battery quickly, so I was planning on getting an external battery. This would be perfect!

I'm heading to the Coachella Festival next month and 8 hours at a concert in the desert does a number on your battery...one of these puppies would be perfect for the long days.

I would love to get this, I'm on my 4th (remanufactured) iPod touch, 2nd gen, and not only is my warranty up, but this units battery was already goin bad the day I got it :(

I use my iPhone quite a bit and am always needing to recharge; especially if out at events or traveling where a plug is not readily available or convenient. Have been looking for the perfect recharger!

This would be great for me since I leave my house at 4:30 am and don't get home till 5 pm 5 days a week... I have to be very cautious how much time I spend on it so my battery doesn't die before getting back to a charger :-(
Hope I win this one... Awesome.

Heavy user of an iPhone 3GS with Push Notifications and MobileMe Push both enabled. Needless to say, my battery life is quite dismal.

All the traveling I do, both for work and personal, it would make my life wayyyyy easier. Also great for extended movie viewing on the plane!

I'm only a month into my Iphone marriage, but I still long for the extended energy I had with my Blackberry relationship.

Going on a rafting trip down the grand canyon. Its a 3 day trip. this would allow me to extend my battery on the trip and keep the iphone running :-)

Way cool! I would use this daily as I am constantly running my iphone down. It would be nice to use the battery rather than tethering my iphone to my mac just for a quick charge.

I work at Bungie, the Halo guys, and we are exclusively an iPhone shop. We all carry extra chargers and cables around because we USE our iPhones for almost all our email. How much would I love to be able to pull this out at the next meeting and keep my iPhone running in style without the need for an AC jack? Have I mentioned I also suggest iPhone accessories? 230 iPhones. 230 people wanting this charger…. hint
I also rookied my email address the first time, which you'll need when you pick me...

I work in the corp BB world and I love out shining the boring BB that I work with with my powerful iPhone power and screen! This battery pack will make provide me with the added power boost to defeat those low BB scum!!! muahahahah!

What a cool device! I'm always looking for creative ways to keep my iphone charged throughout the day. This would be a dream come true. And in this tough economy, what better way to keep my iphone charged then with this FREE nifty charger. I don't want to beg,but PLEASE, PLEASE let the winner be me!!!!!

I go to school everyday, and I'm practically on my iPhone all day. By the time I get home, my battery is near death. I would use it for School and everday that I run the phone down!

I would use it for travel. I often take the train after work, without getting to charge my iPhone up first, so I usually find myself conserving battery by not playing games or listening to music. But if I had a recharging station that I could take on the go with me, I'd never be without power.

Hey there TiPb Crew! I think these new hyper mac portable battery packs are genius. I'm constantly on the go and heavily rely on my iPhone having juice to get me through my day. I spend the majority of my day on foot walking around with no access to a power source as I work as an emergency responder at a ski lodge. I'm outdoors a lot also and often use the iPhone as handheld GPS which KILLS the battery FAST. This product would not only boost my productivity but might keep me from getting lost when I'm hiking or skiing and loose power. Would also be a great emergency item for my car and motorcycle. If your car won't run you can't charge your phone. Could be deadly if you live up north and have car trouble with no way of calling for help if your phones dead. Safety is a must in the cold weather. An extra battery is just another life line if your in that situation. I'm a big fan of the site. Love the podcast! And the MacWorld coverage was wonderful! Thanx guys hope I win!

I need one since my 3G always runs low at the wrong time. This would save me from going back to my Blackberry with the spare batteries I always had.

This would be perfect for those long international flights. The ones where you want to watch a movie with the brightness turned all the way up, but can because you don't hve enough juice left!

I could use one, since I like to charge stuff. And I like free stuff, so this is a perfect fit.

This thing would be fantastic. If I had one, I could finally get my iPhone to last past 5 pm.

The HyperMac nano battery would be a great addition to my life because it'll fix my solution of not having enough battery life. My 3GS battery will last me through out the day when I'm out on the road. I can just plug in and go : )

This'd be good for those emergency situations where you're about to get on a plane and all of the plugs in the terminal are in use. GIMMEE!

That would be so great! The reason it would make my life better is gaming on my iPod touch. Especially Avatar, and those other apps that like to eat my battery, and I don't want to sit at my computer all the time while playing those games, Thanks,

I spend a great deal of time out and about, and much of my business is phone based, which isn't good if I run out of juice on my iPhone 3G. This could really come in handy.

I would love one! I work over an hour and a half from home and dont have access to a charger at the refinery. Having a newborn at home and having a dead battery while away is no fun. I have at times carried a spare prepaid phone just incase I use mine too much throughout the day. This would be a nice peace of mind gadget to have!

Who doesn't need an extra charging device? Even with my ancient original iPhone I run the battery down on an almost daily basis and something like this could get me through a tough spot til I could find a real charger

i have been looking for exactly this kind of charger for hiking. I hike in using runkeeper or trip journal stop for lunch plug it in for a bit and keep on treking. being all inclosed and light weight this fits the bill.

im a blackberry user that got a iphone 3gs to see what the hype is about the iphone.Although its not a bad phone the battery can not compare to any of my 3 blackberrys. I could use this to keep up with the oh so great blackberry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This looks to be the ideal external battery, mostly in terms of its 'carry-ability.' I want something that would easily fit in my pocket and easily accessible, not to add bulk to the phone, but simply to give an occassional juice. This would be perfect, and I could see throwing it in my pocket on a daily basis, like I did when I had the original Samsung Blackjack and always carried the extra battery in its on charging case.

OMG! I so need this. The one and only time I let my battery go completely dead, it wouldn't boot back up!!! I had to go to the Apple Genius Bar where they ended up giving me a whole new phone! I am totally scared to let it die now! So I need this for iPhone charging emergencies.

Using the iPhone to control my Apple TV is much easier than using the remote that it came with. I usually leave the Remote App on so that I can access the controls more quickly but this drains the battery. Using this HyperMac battery would make my viewing experience complete!

By the time I got off work today my batter was down to 30%, after errands it went down to 10%, I really need to consider investing in a device like this

I'm a fireman and sometimes we go out on calls all day and hardly make it back to the station to get a charge. This device will be great to juice my iPhone during that time that we are out.

I do need this myself, I use my iPhone as my iPod at work, and since my signal strength is so weak at work my phone goes through battery life really quickly.
This would help me get through the day and home.

This would be cool for my little ivampire. I was helping my wife with a computer problem using Teamviewer last night and after about 20 minutes or so I was down to 47% battery life (from somewhere in the 80%'s).

Would be great not to lug my charger around on a normal day. I normally have to charge my iPhone over night and it last til 1:30 pm and then I charge it for a while to get me through the rest of the day. Nice design. Looks like it would fit into a pocket with no trouble.

This looks amazing. I love the Apple look of this, looks just a product that Apple would make! This would be great for traveling.

Hey this would be great I work with younglife a non profit and we are taking kids to Haiti to work on some orphanges - a bunch of us have iPhones!

I would use it for my over time at work at the end of the days my battery drains and i'm left with a paperweight :(

Oh the places I could go with Hypermac Nano available - right now after an early start - gps navigating in the car, yelping for breakfast through monocle, talking through my bluetooth headset and catching up on the odd game high score - I usually end up dissolving into a lifeless couch potato along with my iphone around 2pm - this would pep things up for the 2nd half-of the day - and looks cool too!

Wow this would come in Handy when I go fishing in Alaska this summer...."Roughing It" would be much easier...if I could recharge the phone some to read books in the evening....

I'm just starting to take credit cards with my acubiz, and it would be horrifying if I ran out of juice when I needed to run one for a client. I run my iPhone with most everything extraneous turned off, and it's amazing how quickly it runs that battery down, just with 3G.

There are a lot of times at work that I am not near a wall outlet or computer, so this would come in handy to keep my phone going!

It would very handy to have some extra juice when I am away from my home or office for a long time. It's always a little awkward when you have to ask someone if you can use thei power outlet to charge your iphone.

This would be a life saver when having to travel around for work and would be much easier to carry than a regular charger.

Its a very practical device- period. Saves searching for a wall outlet. I would use it definitely daily rather than the wall charger.

i would use it like a charging fairy, sprinkling power to iPhone & iPod touch users with dying devices... i tend to be at a computer almost 90% of the time so im only ever using my iPhone starting with a full charge.
however i do happen to enjoy helping others get a boost of juice whenever i can, since it makes me sad to see someone "conserving" battery incase of emergency.
i'd be a battery savior. doing good for others.

I constantly use my iPhone at work and home. It would be great to have this so I'm not always looking for a wall outlet to charge up.

This has the perfect opportunity to be the enabler to my codependent relationship with my iPhone!

I love it! I'm always on the go and end up with minimal battery power. I'd get a lot of use out of this at work.

With using my phone for over 50 calls, 200 emails, 100 texts, and plenty of gaming, my battery runs out very frequently throughout the day. This would help immensely.

I hpe Apple improves the battery in the next gen iphone. Been caught running out on juice. This add-on would be a help.

I want one!!
Will keep the device going on real longer without worries about forgetting to recharge it everyday

About to go on a vacation to LA and I learned from a trip to NY one battery is not enough. My phone DIED and I no longer had my handy dandy Google Maps or Subway Map :( I would use the recharge battery to help keep me from getting lost in a big big city. :(

My iPod Touch is heading towards its 2nd birthday, and the battery life is finally starting to show strain. I don't want to start looking towards a new device just because I'm afraid to run outta juice on the road, so this would be perfect!

I'd like one because the battery on my 3g is horrible and I can't upgrade until august plus I'm always on the go for a while.

I would love this because i go camping a alot, and ut would be great to have this to have extra juice for long car rides and to check the weather for the day

Who couldn't use something like this? It's sleek and stylish, and could save my butt in an emergency if my iPhone battery is drained.

I live in Chile and have that charger may help me when all the lights go out. The iphone saved me several times when my life was on risk after the quake and having it charged was essential.

This would be great for my work travels. There are not many power sources available on my job site. I'm a surveyor and I tend to work in the woods.

The HyperMac Nano would be great for me because I often find myself at entertainment networking events and conventions (such as Comic-Con) without a full charge, which makes me uneasy to show off my video demo reel to those I meet. This will give me the extra charge I need!

I would use it to keep me powered up while updating my blog, surfing the web (on theiphoneblog of course!), making calls, texting, updating apps, remotley managing computers, controlling my house (h@me 2.0), facebooking, gaming, filming, emailing and the 14 blllion other things I do with this thing!

As the battery life on my iPhone constantly decreases, I need a solution to make it through the day.

HyperMac Nano Battery, so I can listen to more sermons about Jesus on my iphone :)

I'm going on a long hike this summer. In the desert... This would be nice to have just in case. Thanks!

need extra juice for the iphone on all of our weekend adventures away from electricity - the HyperMac Nano Battery looks perfect for the job!

Battery life on my 3GS is kinda sucking lately. Usually have to charge my phone in the early afternoon. :-/ This would be super-helpful!

the one downfall to the iphone is it's battery life. with this magical device, I can recharge my phone on the go!

I am on my iPhone constantly checking tech news, especially TiPb, and iPhone is always dieing before 2PM and I don't get home till 7PM or later. I am always on the go so having the HyperMac Nano would be a blessing cause my iPhone could still go with me yet be charged at the same time!

there are a lot of days when I get stuck on conference calls and the battery just doesn't quite make it...usually have to be really careful towards the end of the day so I've got some juice left in case of an emergency! This would certainly help out!

Between the heavy use my phone gets, and the amount of Backgrounding I do for pandora and other things my battery never lasts very long. This extra charge would be awesome.

Ok, I admit being an iPhone addict. I'm using my phone during business hours (E-mail, web...) and afterwards (Games, watching vids...). Usually my battery dies before the end of the day and since I have a tethered jailbreak (mainly for theming my phone), I can't boot it up again and have to wait until I'm home again. I just paid €675 for my phone (official Belgian price) and can't justify to buy accessoiries for it if I don't want my girlfriend to kill me. So I would be extremely happy with this battery-pack and promise to use part of its juice to visit your great site everyday ;) gimme gimme preaaase

This will be the most useful addition for the festival season in the summer. It'll enable me to use social media while at Glastonbury provided the phone mast coverage will allow it!

Man! This would be used almost every day, but I can see it coming in handy mostly if I'm camping and am away from electricity for a couple of days. It would be a great safety net.

Wont have to worry about my tethered boot lol, cancelled my idongle prototype purchase, cuz i am gonna win lol

iPhone 3g + last.fm streaming + bluetooth at work = about 2 hours battery life for me! Not to mention the fact that my iPhone won't charge via AC adapter while doing any video/audio streaming over 3g. This baby would help a lot!

I could really use something like that. I kill my iPhone battery in about 6 hours at work, mostly using it for productivity-based apps.

On the move alot and am constantly using my iphone(live on it). Something like this would really help keep my phone alive and would allow me to use it alot more especially at work in the hospital/9med apps drain battery)

Would love an item like this being that I travel frequently w/ my work in video production. I travel from September-march annually and w/ the countless trips to the bathroom just to charge the phone, Id love to have this gadget.

My wife is about to give birth in a few weeks to our first child. This would come in handy in those places in the hospital where I am not allowed to charge my iphone. The iphone will help keep my sanity while waiting and waiting and waiting.... Don't you all want me to keep my sanity?

I need the HyperMac battery because I'm a firefighter and always manage to get stuck out out of the station standing by on non emergency calls with a low iPhone battery. I've also never made it through a college football game tailgating and watching the game without my iPhone battery dying.

My wife and I are off on our first trip to Jamaica next month. With one of these "we'd be jammin" on the flight.

My iPhone 3GS never has enough power to get through the day. This would be a great solution!

We are driving to Florida in a couple of weeks and this would help keep my iPod Touch charged during the long time spent in the car.

Given that my iPhone doesn't last the day on a single charge, I would totally be down with having this item in my bag. Please let it be me! :)

Great review! I'll have to look into it because my iPhone battery is winding down and I've got to hold out a few more months to get the 4g. but then again... maybe I'll win one????

This battery will be great for me because I often have to leave for trips right from work without much notice, so having a little extra juice for my iPhone until I can get back to a charger would be a godsend.

The form factor is perfect with good battery capacity, this make it easy to carry around the HyperMac Nano battery everyday for backup source of power for my iPhone

I am an iPhone blogger as well and most days when I am out and about, I can hardly get through the day without charging my iPhone in between somewhere. This would be a perfect solution for me!

I travel a lot and there's not always a place plug the cord in for an hour or so. This would be a good solution.

Looks like a great accessory. Unlike the bulky battery cases, it gives you the power when you need it, and you can detach it when you don't.

My gosh do i NEED this. i text like crazy and man trust me i like many have to carry their chargers around. But dude this will be awesome to carry around instead of a odd block in my pocket!!!

I'd love one of these!! I've found myself in many situations where plugging to the computer or AC outlet is not possible/comfortable. And when the battery is running out, this sleek gadget could come in handy.