Best Accessories for Your Joule Sous Vide Cooker iMore 2022

Sous vide cooking is a fantastic way to make super tasty and healthy meals. The Joule sous vide wand from ChefSteps is one of the best on the market. Slimline and sleek looking, it's smart, connected, and very popular. We're taking a look at some accessories that will help you get the most out of your Joule cooking experience from the absolute essentials to more peripheral products that are just handy to have.

Everie Sous Vide Container

Put a lid on it: Everie 12-Quart Sous Vide Container with Lid

Staff Pick

The first thing you need to sous vide is a container to create your water bath. While any old pot will do, if you're taking the sous vide thing seriously, a specialist product is worth the investment. Everie's option is designed to fit the Joule perfectly. You don't need to use the clamp as the perfectly proportioned lid will hold the wand in place while keeping your water levels healthy.

Nurtichef Vacuum Sealer

Seal the deal: NutriChef Vacuum Sealer

A vacuum sealer is an essential accessory for sous vide cooking. This sleek model is easy to use with soft-touch digital buttons and LED indicator lights. It has two sealing modes, one for dry food and the one you'll likely use with your Joule -- a moist mode. The unit's housing is stain-resistant and wipes clean with a glossy black finish, and cool blue LED lights.

Vacuum Bags

Bag it up: AMJ Vacuum Sealer Bags

You'll be needing bags to seal your food before you put it in your water bath. We like these as they are BPA free and FDA approved. They are boilable, freezable, dishwasher safe and technically reusable, although we wouldn't recommend that if you're using them for meat. This five-pack is a great starter set as it gives you various sizes for different food types.

$24 at Amazon

See the attraction: Colorful Ceramic Disc Magnets

To keep your food under the water, these clever magnets secure your vacuum-packed food to the side of your sous vide container. They keep your food safely submerged during cooking. When you're not using them, simply stick them on your fridge ready for next time.

$5 at Amazon
Sous Vide Weights

Heavy metal: Depps Sous Vide Weights

An alternative to magnets are these weights. Place them in with your food before you vacuum seal the bag, and they will keep food under the water. They are made of food-grade stainless steel inside and have an FDA approved silicone shell. They are non-toxic, have no smell, and are high temperature resistant.

$19 at Amazon

Rack and roll: Geesta Stainless Steel Rack

Another way to keep your food where you want it to be in the water is to use a rack. This has a crossbar at the top to keep food bags from floating to the surface. It also keeps food bags nicely separated for more even cooking. This size fits most 12-quart containers, but other sizes are available.

$25 at Amazon
Baoa Trivets

Coasting along: Boao Set of Eight Silicone Trivets

You should always protect your kitchen surfaces when sous vide cooking. This good-looking set of trivets will do just that. When you're not using them with your Joule, they can also help as hot pot holders, jar openers, spoon rests, drink coasters, and even for peeling garlic.

$22 at Amazon

Winsulation: Everie Neoprene Sleeve

Another way of protecting your surfaces is a neoprene sleeve. They are also energy saving as the insulation will help to heat the water bath faster. Plus, it helps to keep the water temperature steady, hopefully making for less re-heating cycles.

$10 at Amazon

Non-slip grip: Topulors Oven Gloves

A decent pair of oven gloves are useful for removing bags from the sous vide water. These flexible silicone options are heat resistant up to 446 degrees for up to 10 seconds, so they should definitely cover you for some sous vide action. They are also dishwasher-friendly, so cleaning them is a breeze.

$11 at Amazon
Sondiko Torch

Fired up: Sondiko Butane Culinary Torch

Sous vide cooking makes for super tender proteins, but with no attractive finish. That's where a searing torch comes in as a great way to add color and a tasty caramelization to food. This is an affordable butane-powered torch that is designed for simple one-handed operation.

$20 at Amazon

Feel the heat: ThermoPro TP03 Digital Meat Thermometer

A meat thermometer is handy when sous vide cooking as you can't easily access the sealed up food. This foldable option works within five seconds, has a highly accurate probe, an easy to read display, and boasts a magnetic design so you can store it on your fridge door.

Sealing tape

Stick with it: J.B. Prince Sous Vide Adhesive Sealing Tape

If you use a probe-style meat thermometer with vacuum-sealed food bags, you need to get some sealing tape too. Add a small strip of the tape to the side of the bag and then use the thermometer through the taped area. When you remove the thermometer, the tape expands to cover the hole and protect your food from the water.

$17 at Amazon

Sous vide swank

From products like the Tupolors silicone gloves that will keep you safe, via products like the Boao trivets that will keep your kitchen worktops safe, as you can see there is a plethora of useful bits and bobs that will improve your Joule cooking experience and up your sous vide skills.

Not every Joule chef will need every item on this list, but products that can help keep your sous vide bags underwater, ensure your food is cooked properly, and give you the desired finish on your food are well worth considering.

Getting the basics right is essential, though, which is why we recommend investing in a decent container. The Everie container we've highlighted is designed especially for the Joule sous vide wand, so you could argue you can't get any better than that.

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