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Jawbone's $180 Up3 is its most advanced fitness tracker yet

Jawbone announced its third-generation fitness tracker today, the Up3. The activity tracker builds on the features introduced in the Up24, and takes it a step further by including a heart rate sensor that Jawbone claims is the most accurate available on a wearable device today. Also included are a host of new sensors and a new Smart Coach platform that offers recommendations based on your daily activity.

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Jawbone turns Twitter into a social DJ with Drop

Announced at Twitter's Flight developer conference, Jawbone's new Drop app turns Twitter into your social DJ. The app allows party guests to add songs to a playlist through Twitter so you can have a playlist that encompasses all your friends' favorite songs and musical tastes. For the app and service to work, you will need a Twitter account along with a premium subscription to either Spotify or Rdio, which is where Drop pulls the songs from.

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Jawbone releases new fitness tracking app with HealthKit support

Jawbone UP fitness tracker owners have enjoyed using the official iPhone and iPad app for some time, but the company has just released a second fitness tracking app with support for Apple HealthKit. Fear not if you're baffled by the presence of two apps as we'll explain what's going on and help clear up any confusion.

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Jawbone UP partners with Automatic to get drivers to walk more

Automatic, the company behind the smart driving assistant that we reviewed in March, is partnering with Jawbone to integrate data into their UP fitness app. While the UP band tracks your steps, integration with Automatic will show drivers the connections between their physical activity and driving. Jawbone has previously partnered partnered with Whistle in a similar way.

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UP24 by Jawbone review

The UP24 is Jawbone's latest fitness tracker that pairs with your iPhone in order to track steps, calories, distance, and even sleep. The companion app breaks down all that data into easy to understand information. With support for advanced reminders, timed sessions, and more — can the UP24 help you get healthy and stay healthy? Let's find out!

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Apple product placement exec leaves for Jawbone

Suzanne Lindbergh, Apple's worldwide director of "Buzz Marketing," has accepted a position at Jawbone, according to TechCrunch.

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Jawbone announces MINI JAMBOX, companion app, tons of boom

Jawbone has announced the MINI JAMBOX, the third in its JAMBOX line of Bluetooth speakers. A slimmer, lighter Jambox, the MINI JAMBOX features new speaker designs and colors compared to the original and BIG JAMBOX. The MINI connects using Bluetooth Low-Energy, unlike it's bigger siblings, and is supposed to get 10 hours of battery life, as opposed to th 15 hours of the other models.

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Jawbone UP health monitoring bracelet and iOS app available again

Jawbone just launched a (sort of) new bracelet accessory called UP that plugs into your iPhone's 3.5mm jack to document exercise and sleep habits.

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Take your Bluetooth speaker power to the extreme with Jawbone's BIG JAMBOX

Did you ever look at a Jawbone JAMBOX and wish that it was bigger? If so, your wishes have been answered with the BIG JAMBOX, everything you loved about the original but at a much larger size. (10.1 x 3.2 x 3.7 inches and 2.7lbs to be exact!)

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