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TiPb Asks: What's your iPhone ringtone?

TiPb Asks: What's your iPhone ringtone?

Marimba, the default iPhone ringtone, is so 2007 -- so we're curious what you're using today? Have you stuck with the built-in tones or have you gone with something custom? Do you just use one ring tone for everybody or have you personalized your favorite contacts?

If so, do you like songs with lyrics or do you prefer instrumentals? Do you keep things musical or do you sometimes go with soundboard clips for that comedic effect? Video game themes, movie themes, rock, hip hop, special effect sounds, celebrity tag lines, sports jingles?

Let us know what you're using, and for those of us looking for some cool new ringtones, what would you recommend?


Senior Editor at iMore and a practicing therapist specializing in stress and anxiety. She speaks everywhere from conferences to corporations, hosts the ZEN & TECH podcast, and should be followed on Twitter @Georgia_Prime.

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There are 302 comments. Add yours.

csipe7 says:

My default ringtone is the orchestral theme from the Tim Burton Batman movie, with other orchestral themes (Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, 2001, E.T., The Good, The Bad & The Ugly) set for specific contacts.

Myles says:

My ringtone is the theme song to prison break. Best ringtone Ive ever had

Andy B says:

Super Mario Bros theme. When not using that I have the "Old Phone" ringtone active.

iPhoneRN says:

My current ringtone is Born This Way by Lady Gaga. I like songs with words. I set contacts with certain songs that remind me of them. Though I do have the exorcist theme song (tubular bells) set for work so I know its something I probably don't want to answer. I just wish I could use ringtones as text message alerts I used to have some interesting songs before I switched to the iPhone. But either way I love my iPhone and can't live without it!

JustinK says:

I've been rolling with Dirty Old Town by The Pogues

JT says:

the theme song to 'the office'

Mike says:

Had that one about 5 years ago. Still a good one.

brownat89 says:

I have that fir when my work call me.

Keith-IA says:

Personalized for certain contacts. I should get a set of the tones featured on USA Network's "Fairly Legal"... the lead character has various 'Wizard of Oz' song clips for certain contacts on what I believe is her iPhone... the rest of the show features Macs all over the place...

Dante says:

The 24 cisco ringtone.

Pax says:

What is Cisco ringtones, and where did you get it?

Rainman76 says:

Mine is the first 30 seconds of Ring-A-Ling from the Black Eyed Peas. Makes me laugh everytime I hear it.

just_me#IM says:

Area codes by Ludacris and my custom text tone is the main beat from 'thizz damce'. Every time I get a text I'm singing 'can you do the thizzle dance' lol

Mike says:

The ringtone from "Crank".

blyths says:

Me too - ringtone on acid - classic!

Mauicruizer says:

Crank! The best ringtone I've used for several years now.

Tophewing says:

I have ringtones for my most frequent callers. Anyone I work with (I'm a teacher) has part of Pink Floyd's "Another Brick in the Wall" (We don't need no education). A friend who is a Spiderman fan gets a gypsy guitar version of the Spidey Theme. My principal has the "Imperial March" (you know, Darth Vader's theme), my wife has her own ringtone - Tessie by the Dropkick Murphys, if the house calls my cell it plays the Doctor Who theme, and I have many others.
I love www.myxer.com as it allows you to take any MP3 you have and turn it into a ringtone. So... I ask people what song is their favorite and then make a ringtone out of it for them.
If you aren't in my contact list it plays "Long Way Round" by the Stereophonics. I also occasionally replace that with the theme from the show "Firefly"

Huntaah says:

Dream Theater's "The Glass Prison" (John Petrucci's arpeggio section from the beginning). Except for my soon-to-be fiancé, hers is Train's "Marry Me."

Mark Hernandez says:

The "doorbell" sound from Babylon 5 when someone is at the door of your quarters. Well, I added a little reverb.

James says:

My ringtone is Surrender by Third Day.

(Copy of) Dev says:

Yakety Sax.
Everything is better with Yakety Sax.

RejectKid says:

On fridays its "friday" by rebecca black just to annoy everyone
then normally its jurassic park theme song

v1nn1e says:

Mine is instrumental version of The Stripper by David Rose. It's all burlesquey and trashy and hilarious.. haha..

Brisn says:

I use Friday, by Rebecca Black! Always letting me know what day it is. (as long as it's Friday!)

TK says:

A rock version of Get A Weapon from Megaman 3

Tunnelrunner says:

"Wanted: Dead or Alive" - Bon Jovi

Steve says:

The Picard Song. Chorus.

jay says:

"you don't know me" by apparat

Mike says:

California - Phantom Planet

Piper says:

Commucition Breakdown, Led Zeppelin as a default. Some custom for friends & family.

Dmcwally says:

Kickstart my heart by Motley Crüe from the carnival of sins tour cd !

Ed says:

It's sort of ridiculous to pay for something like this and their pitch is admittedly obnoxious but i've been using the "JFK HI" tone from this collection for years: http://www.iringpro.com/purchase/zen2_purchase.html
It's very distinct and catching but also very pleasant

Kristopha Hohn says:

I have the Nokia ringtone from the 2009 Star Trek movie.

Rob Terry says:

Bruises by Chairlift (used on the old Nano commercial)

Pete Wilson says:

Mine is fairly old - it's In A World... by Beau Weaver from TUAW as my default, but I do customize some.

Rene Ritchie says:

I am, as always, captain default. Marimba, baby! Set for everything, everyone, just like it came out of the box.

fastlane says:

Me, too.
Nothing says "Grab this phone from the owner's hand and hurl it into a brick wall" like a hip-hop ringtone.

Till says:

Barney Stinson's "Magic Ringtone" from How I Met Your Mother.

Anthony says:

Mine is the theme from Hawaii 5-O!

Seabassthegreat says:

Midnight express theme song ... Chase by giorgio moroder

Seabassthegreat says:

Italian euro discotheque for the win! Lol

oakie#IM says:

as opposed to Italian African discotheque?

Seabassthegreat says:

Lol the only person I know that would fit that category is KANO or Sylvester.... Heck Eddie Murphy did a discotheque song in the 80s ...."party all the time" google it

John says:

Chamillionaire - The One

tim hees says:

Yakety Sax, the Benny Hill theme song

SF Susan says:

Some contacts have their own song: Beethoven's Für Elise for a friend who loves that piece; bagpipes for a Scottish friend, etc. For all others I use the Angry Birds theme.

iArnie says:

Mine is CeeLo Green's "F*** You."

JWalker75 says:

Sanford and Son theme song

1911#IM says:

Jetson's door bell. Goes with the mid century modern home and decor.

HSaturn says:

Time bomb by all time low

impaler says:

Just the old phone one. No custom tones. I should use the Darth Vader tone for my boss though...

Gavin says:

Mine is quite rude. Not sure what it's actually called but in an Asian voice it goes like this.
Pick up your phone you fxxking bastard, ding a ling, ding a ling, you fxxking bastard. Yes you you fxxking fxxking bastard etc
It gets even funnier. Not for the faint hearted.

Scorp25 says:

my ringtone now is the beginning of "no life without you" a soundtrack from the series Spartacus..

TGP CEO says:

Intro to Van Halen's "Dance the Night Away". Sublime!

Matt Gordon says:

I use Plea by Say Anything for my gf so I know it's her and everyone else gets the standard Marimba (which I quite enjoy, though dated it may be).

Ben Ragunton says:

My DEFAULT ringtone is actually 10 seconds of silence. That way if someone who is not on my contact list calls me my phone won't ring.
I have assigned the theme from Superman (the movie) as my ringtone to my casual contacts.

rslutes says:

AC/DC Thunderstruck Video Ringtone

Ong says:

Orchestral theme from Indiana jones. Used this from a few phones now....

Newliberty26 says:

I used iringtones on my Mac to make a custom one from Britney Spears "Trouble for me" ;)

Terensu Nakatawa says:

I use the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers' wrist communicator sound as my ringtone, makes me feel like a Power Ranger and brings back childhood memories...now, to get a decent phone watch to go with it.

Milenkod says:

Funny...my iPh4 ringtone is Treo Classic that I ripped from my 700p years ago. I though that I'd be different. The looks I get when I answer my phone calls amidst iPhanboys....priceless.

George DW says:

Tank!, opening theme from Cowboy Bebop.

Tyler says:

Born This Way by Lady Gaga.

Mike says:

"Truckin" by the Grateful Dead

Javier says:

Mine is 10 seconds of instrumental version of Dr-Dre feat Snoop Dogg - Still DRE.
If you think about it, it's actually a flavored-up marimba.

slumptin says:

Me too!!! Best ringtone I've ever used...

slumptin says:

I use the instrumental too, but I let it play for about 30 seconds.

oakie#IM says:

I'll change it randomly betwixt these:
Mickey Avalon - My Dick (usually set to this)
Motorola - Continental (for the times I miss my old DPC550)
Salt 'n Pepa w/ En Vogue - Whattaman
Robin Sparkles - Let's Go To The Mall

fayek says:

you mean imperial march... and yeah i have the same one, except it's the family guy elevator music version of that song, from season 6 episode 1. if you havent seen that episode then i recommend you get on that, pronto.

phinx404 says:

I'm using the theme from the boondocks saints movie!

pbertling says:

This makes a great ringtone. I've had it as my default since I got my iPhone 3GS.

Ag says:

I use perfect timing by orba squa for all of my contacts. Reminds of the beginning of iPhone.

Drdanes says:

I use the the hollowing theme. My wife gets freaked out everytime she hears it. Lol

CYaris says:

I'm using "the phone is ringing" by the Wonder Pets. My kids think it's hysterical.

desmondie says:

I use Intros from favourite tracks, made in Garage Band. Walk This Way for my spouse (we love hill walking), Sweet Child of Mine for the kids, Mission Impossible for work contacts, and the default varies between Cinnamon Girl (Neil Young) Pride of Cucomonga (Grateful Dead) and While My Guitar Gently Weeps (The Beatles).
When are we gonna get custom message tones???????????

ilovegeorgia says:

Georgia's voice of course because I'm nutty like that!

grunt0300 says:

Star Wars ringtones (various)

Uchiha Hogosha says:

"Derezzed" by Daft Punk - TRON: Legacy, however almost everyone I talk to on a daily basis has their own unique ringtone. For example, "L's Theme" from Death Note, "What the Hell" by Avril Lavigne, "Victory Fanfare" from FFVII... there are so many and I keep adding them to change it up.

CstDskSol says:

Last few seconds of Cheap Sunglasses by zz top.

Doug says:

Heaven and Hell by Black Sabbath. I switch between that and I live version of the guitar solo from comfortably numb.

xf says:

I have about ten seconds of foghorn. Not as irritating as the football crowd with vuvuzelas, but close.

Barrie says:

Fanfare for the Common Man by Copland. It was given away free with the Daily Telegraph when I had a Sony P900 and I've used it ever since - nearly ten years I suppose.

loki says:

Currently using a custome modem dial tone. Makes people cringe. and laugh because it brings back memories.

loki says:

Wow. Sorry for the spelling and punctuation mistakes. -10

pbn says:

Händel's Sarabande, the theme from Barry Lyndon.

Powert33 says:

Mine is the opening of old tv show 1adam 12. It's the rto saying one Adam 12- one Adam 12 a 211 in progress one Adam 12 handle code 3!

robclif4d says:

Theme song from Fox's tv show House.

FLskydiver says:

That would be "teardrop" by Massive Attack, at least according to the closed captioning.

Jason says:

Wow, there are some great ones on here that I never even considered!! I have quite a few different John Mayer songs, and my favorite Keith Urban song "'Til Summer Comes Around" but I made it custom, and the quality doesn't sound too good, so I have to go back in and redo it. I just downloaded the House theme song, which is awesome, but the one I've gone back to time and time again is "Not Afraid" by Eminem, the chorus. Gets my adrenaline pumping every time I get a phone call.

Darren says:

I have a 1950 telephone sample, you all remember when phones went ring ring and for my wife "Cholton and the Wheelies".

normanj says:

Since I hate being interrupted by the phone, I use Flora Purim's opening refrain "Stop haunting me now" from Good Morning Heartache.

Ken says:

'I Dream of Jeanie' for my wife (Jean), 'Old Phone' for my parents, and 'Piano Riff' for everyone else.

Ben says:

What is this stupid phad with song ringtones? What ever happened to a sophisticated simple ring? The fact that I had to SSH into my jailboken iPhone to dig out the FaceTime ringtone (which I use) is ridiculous. I also have a sweet ring that's used for all the phones in entourage. Email me at benmastel@gmail.com if you want me to share.

Jutdees says:

It's George takaei now!

Tygger says:

I use the intro to "limelight" by Rush. Awesome :)

Tom says:

The cave by Mumford and sons!

Jonathan Healey says:

Johnny got his guitar by pearl jam.

leoleon3 says:

i use the angry birds theme song. yes i'm a addicted!!!

Eric says:

I have two that I switch between... Primarily I use Gary Hoey's version of "Linus & Lucy" (The Peanuts theme) and occasionally I will swith to "The Answering Machine" by Marillion.

Jimmy says:

My default is currently "Tell me I'm a wreck" by Every Avenue. Otherwise all the important people have custom songs that remind me of them. My boss and all of my clients from work have the ringtone from the One Missed Call movie. And I use "who can it be now" by Men at work for Google Voice (I have it set to show my GV number for the caller ID). You can see and download my collection of ringtones from http://www.mediafire.com/?9ii044eciec83.

iMarksy says:

100% of the people at the iPad 2 launch had the "old Phone" ringtone

Tom-Tom says:

About thirty seconds of "It Ain't Me, Babe" by Joaquin Phoenix from the Walk the Line soundtrack

Stephen Mitchell says:

A section of The Coming of the Martians from Jeff Wayne's War of the Worlds. It's loud and high pitched so I stand a good chance of hearing it, and in the ~4 years I've had it on several different phones I've never found anyone else with the same ringtone.

Get Buckets says:

Rick Ross - Aston Martin Music

Izzyblak3 says:

Marimba ;D
Keeping it original

ace says:

The chrous to "Plastic Beach" by Gorillaz

natefish says:

Sweet. There's a ringtone in every song of that album. Love ti.

sangs says:

The theme song from "Archer" - which is currently the funniest show on TV.

TFausett says:

Awesome where did u get that?

Quarks_ says:

The start of Bubbles by Biffy Clyro 

Chris Vitek says:

I had the Tetris theme, but when I upgraded to 4.3.1, I forgot to resync the ringtones...so I am back to Marimba.

YoungChrisG says:

Show Me a Good Time - Drake (Phone)
Mario Coin Sound (SMS)

Bambam3883 says:

The beginning of The Star of County Down by Bardic.

robCal says:

Friday. by Rebecca Black.

Carolyn Nicander Mohr says:

Every day of the week or just on Fridays?

RobCal says:

Everyday for the past week... But now that u say that... It is officially my Friday ringtone! Lol

natefish says:

Colonial Anthem from Battlestar Galactica now, but it was A Beautiful Mine (Mad Men theme) for a long time.

eddie says:

kush (instrumental) - dr. dre

eddie says:

and law and order sound for sms

TFausett says:

Rolling stones " paint it black"

jspraggins75 says:

I composed the theme music for a local TV show here in Birmingham Alabama (ABC 33/40). The name of the show is Talk of Alabama. The theme music is my ringtone :)

mrsFAB says:

I guess I'm old school. I use the default ringtone. But I have songs and stuff for my FABfaves: mom= angry birds pigs and sometimes "momma" by Stewie Griffin. Dad= Star Wars Imperial march. Sis= NFL on Fox. My friend Jen= "Bravo TV's Watch what happens later" tone.

Tim Lutz says:

ed,edd&eddie,killer cartoon and ring

Jon says:

One of my own, professional-sounding ringtones! (click my name for the link)

Jayson Bauer says:

I have the iPad sound that is in the iPad commercials..

Baz says:

Underworld 'Born Slippy'

tfa225 says:

Assigned to work: Lady Gaga Telephone. Starts off "Stop calling, stop calling I don't wanna talk anymore." Default is Angry Birds tone...both from Cydia

Rickg13 says:

Mine is the theme from "Yor: the Hunter from the Future"

cheerleadingchizzy says:

Chris brown ft justin bieber "next to you"

dloveprod says:

Mariah Carey- Angels Cry

FLskydiver says:

Custom excerpt from Pink Floyd's early single "Point Me At The Sky"

bradtm says:

"Santaria" by Sublime, and the ringtone from Crank

meltdowngrfx says:

The opening to "Dayvan Cowboy" by Boards of Canada.

umop apisdn says:

"the chase" by georgio moroder, possibly better known as the intro music to coast to coast am.

Kyle says:

My mom - flight of the bumblebee
Gf named Anna - banana phone
General - imperial march

shawn says:

LMFAO f/ Lil Jon - Shots

parabel says:

For SMS: "Mail, Motherf...." from the movie Eurotrip. It's awesome! (the ringtone, not the movie)

Jinkst says:

Switch between the start of Ego by Beyonce ft/ Kanye West and Ooh Ahh by Gritz.

Freiteez says:

The son of Flynn - Tron Legacy Soubdtrack :)

iBlackdude says:

Old phone ring.....
Or sometimes Jesus Walks- Kanye West

cacdusty says:

I alternate between two ringtones that I edited from classical pieces, featuring piano and harpsichord. They are loud and distinctive

Linda says:

Still a Weirdo by KT Tunstall

Jt says:

Back in black for default, wild thing for wife, homer for boss, the office clips for various co-workers, etc

Dimwit says:

That ring-a-ding dingy-dong ringtone from the Gieco commercial. On a side note, my wife HATES it.

Carolyn Nicander Mohr says:

I'm a big fan of custom ringtones, though I use Marimba for my iPhone alarm. I use Pappa Don't Preach for my father's calls, Mad Men theme for my husband's, Hooked on a Feeling for my general ringtone, and many others for my friends. I love knowing who is calling by hearing their ringtones.

Ronn says:

Dropkick murphy - shipping of to Boston

Butch Hauke says:

I make custom ringtones from my music collection using Ringer for Mac. I always find good instrumental sections to use. My current default is 'The Scarecrow' by Avantasia.

Bill says:

"Let's Go To The Mall" by Robin Sparkles

fdv8 says:

WOW that's keeping it real.

Bill says:

Why, thank you! I do not have the "sandcastle in the sand" or "the beaver song" however in my ringtone collection.

Trickyd80 says:

Cocaine. UGK Feat. Rick Ross

fdv8 says:

"You're the best around" the theme song from the original Karate Kid at the end after he wins the first match. Now that's keeping it real.

penne says:

The Knife - Heartbeats

Matt B. says:

I have What Difference Does It Make by The Smiths.

Don says:

My default ringtone is a mix from a midi jazz tune in which I substituted a telephone ring for one of the instruments and 3 synthesized voices saying "Your phone is ringing."
I have about 250 ringtones on my iPhone, some by subscribing to the macmost ringtone podcast and some custom created.

tibbi64 says:

My ringtone is one I created from a song called Cambodia. It's the melody part of the song. :)

SteveP says:

Eruption from Van Halen

Dejackamo says:

i switch between this and Fresh Prince of Bel Air theme song

Vox says:

I use a version of the ringtone of the original iphone ad, but instead of flat sound level, this one starts in silence and goes up in volume through 30 seconds....gives me time to answer before it gets really noisy, is noisy enough when I need it to be noisy :)

Billy W says:

For those callers that I do not know I use "who are you" from the The Who. Everyone else that Call frequently have their own from my son's Rebel Rebel to my favorite oldie Der Kommisar which makes me smile when I hear it just as I smile when my better half calls.

Duscraft says:

My ringtone is Journey's "Urgent" and when my wife Mandy calls me... You'll never guess what ringtone that is ha ha... Barry Manilow's "Mandy" ta da!

Nelson says:

Ummm Einstein, Urgent was recorded by Foreigner, no Journey.

Mariano says:

Could you possibly send that ringtone to me? I love that show lol!

Stephen McGrath says:

I create my own from the beginning of Yazoo's "State Farm", a cool, funky, synth instrumental.
By the way, Dustin, Foreigner sings "Urgent".

kellyro says:

I use an ambient ring tone for everyone but my ex. His ringtone is the quacking duck ('cause that's all he does is quack, quack, quack).

trtmazda3 says:

My default is "Don't You Wanna Stay" by Jason Aldean and Kelly Clarkson. I change it about once a week. My fiance's personal ringtone for when she calls is "I Get Carried Away" by George Strait. And, when work calls, my iPhone plays "Take This Job and Shove It" by Johnny Paycheck. :-)

Benjamin Ong says:

I love the intro instrumental bit from J.Lo's "Get Right". And just load Alvin & The Chipmunks "Low"!!

Steve says:

Cheap Sunglasses from ZZ Top!

Damitol says:

An instrumental bit of Arcade Fire's "No Cars Go". When someone calls I always let it play a bit so I can listen to the song. I usually have a musical ringtone, but it's always been one tone for all calls. Next up is a Jezabels song. Great band from Austrailia.

Jester Josh says:

Team America Theme Song unedited since my bros deployed. Other wise usually He's Mine by Billy Ray Cyrus.

phansom7 says:

Well with 673 ringtones on my iPhone it's hard for me to stick with just one for too long. If I had to pick one of my most played ringtones it would be "Party Rock Anthem" by LMFAO.

Shytazz says:

I just brought a iphone and I dont know how to create ringtones for free on my device, help

JayRoc#IM says:

Go to audiko.net you can download them from there right to iTunes

Shytazz says:

Thanks, the ringtones work get.

MojoVersion8 says:

mine is the Door Bell from Star Trek Next Generation because the iPhone always reminded me of those datapads (and I firmly believe you should use an ACTUAL song as a ringtone)

jjb70 says:

I've used the one that Chuck Bartowski uses from 'Chuck' for quite awhile now and still like it.

Daniel Pinho says:

It's the one that I made for TiPb's iPhone 4 giveaway contest. It's special because I won the iPhone from TiPb and now it's my ringtone... :) I love TiPb

gern blanston says:

When my wife calls, it's Escape Clubs "Wild, Wild, West": "she's so mean, I don't care; I lover eyesand her wild, wild hair; dance to the beat that she likes best".

drdang says:

I'm using the beginning (7 seconds in) of this song from the 'Hanna' soundtrack:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zKlRD9Wkyw0

Steve Doherty says:

The CTU ring tone from 24. Gets a lot of comments. Either that, ot the Metal Gear Solid ringtone.

Thorasgar says:

I use that also for my default. Good choice.

SlighMD says:

Mine is adam sandler's ringtone in the movie bedtime stories, that "ring ring" then screams lol

SteveC says:

That's what I have assigned to my ex-wife! Hahahaha...

LzarEus says:

Miike Snow- Animal (Punks Jump Up Remix) is what I'm jamming with right now. Love it.

Allears says:

I wrote my own tune and made it my ringtone.

premoshock says:

Mine is "undead" by Hollywood undead.

Vam. says:

Mine is an instrumental interlude from "With You Friends" by Skrillex. I usually fleet between ringtones but I'm particularly taken with this one.

ArtursBoy says:

I have a song that I first heard on an ad for the original iPad a while back. It's the beginning of a song called "Never Stop" by Chilly Gonzales

michaele c says:

my current ringtone is diamond eyes, by shinedown, its the chorus. i change it up every couple days, with a mix of various others songs. but thats the current one.

LGgeek says:

my own clips that I edited, switch between James brown "Living in America" and Santana "Black magic Woman".

melb_guy says:

Good Old Collingwood Forever! (The theme song for the Collingwood Football Club in Australia)

Peter says:

I go back and forth between the theme from the Rockford Files and the theme from Sanford & Son. I think any great instrumental Television Theme song from the 70's works great.

Randy says:

Aloe Blacc – I Need a Dollar (How to Make It in America)

Macboy74 says:

Eruption from Eddie van halen

petaf says:

Intro to Wanted Dead or Alive by Bon Jovi. :)

Johnny says:

If you love to change your ringtones as often as you change your undies, you need to checkout GeoRing app. You can create a Ringtone Playlist of your favorite songs and Shuffle your ringtones to hear a new song every time your phone rings! :)

jesse says:

"friday by rebecca black"

j7469 says:

Beginning guitar solo of "Just got Lucky" by Dokken

Elducker says:

Yup, me too. Been using it off and on about 2 years!

Ridlaw says:

Mine is the opening bars from Queen's One Vision for most callers. Certain customers have the theme from Halloween and my Dad has the theme from Steptoe and Son!

n.roldan says:

And I'm Yours by Jason Mraz for my wife...

fishfarm20 says:

Metal Gear Solid - first the "!" Alert, then the Codec ring

Josh says:

Imperial March (aka Darth Vader's theme).

Axel says:

Still using Marimba. It's a classic.

Sean says:

This isn't spam, just the best way to let you hear my ringtone:
My wife always complained that I never felt my phone vibrate or heard it ring when she would call me. Made this a ringtone, and I haven't missed a call since.

Budgeuk says:

The Who,
whoooooo are you who who who who!

Tobias says:

Mine is "Speak Softly Love", the love theme from The Godfather. Everyone at work loves it....hahaha

coolest ipod apps says:

I love Marimba ringtone even its still my defaul ring tone even though its been a long time since i buy ipod.

DRUNK says:

C.R.E.A.M. Instrumental by the Wu-Tang Clan. Dolla dolla bill y'aaaall.

David Strom says:

I use and love the ringtone from 24. It is distinctive and relatively rare. I always know when the ring is MY phone.

AZMerf says:

I have the Austin Powers ringtone (originally In Like Flint) for the same reason. My partner has the Marimba so he's confused every time they use it on TV!

RichD says:

I have the theme song from Torchwood on mine as my default ringtone. Richard Marx's "The way she love me" for my ringtone when my wife calls... awwww right :)!

Don Camorra says:

I have the theme song from A-Team :)

EagleyeSmith says:

Yea, I just have the standard Xylophone. I used to have several different ringtones. One day, restored my phone, didn't select a new tone. Just left it on Xylophone. It gets the job done.

Jyan Omidian says:

I recorded my son's cry from when he was three monts old. I love watching people react when my phone rings.

Phil says:

I use the opening theme to Fatal labyrinth, an old Sega Genesis game. I've always loved the tune and NOBODY has the same ringtone as me.

Dustin says:

Star Wars Episode IV: Mos Eisley Cantina Song, but my wifes is Pinky & The Brain Theme...

Nuttz565 says:

The first 35 sec of the song "information" by the band Dredg. Its phenomenal!!

Tandesrn9 says:

Woo dredg! Good choice, can't wait for their new album. : D