Introducing Mobile Nations, our new community network brand!

Introducing Mobile Nations

Greetings TiPB Nation!

This past summer we soft-launched "Mobile Nations", initially using the name for our cross-site podcast that brings together the heads of state from AndroidCentral, CrackBerry, TiPb, PreCentral and WPCentral for discussion on all things mobile.

Today I have the pleasure of more formally introducing Mobile Nations as our new network brand, creating an umbrella under which all of our individual communities stand united. Take note of the new Mobile Nations top bar and footer on this site!

Though our history in operating the leading mobile-platform dedicated websites reaches back over a decade to the launch of VisorCentral in 1999, it feels like we are in start-up mode again, making aggressive plans and tackling our to-do lists with gusto. Forum regulars will have already noticed a number of recently introduced feature enhancements and podcast fans are now able to watch replays of their favorite shows in video. Over the weeks and months ahead you'll see us pull the trigger on a number of other Mobile Nations initiatives currently in the works, all aimed at making your experiences on all of our communities even more engaging and fun.

Thanks for being part of the journey,

Kevin Michaluk

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Kevin Michaluk

Kevin Michaluk is Chief Media Officer of Mobile Nations and soon-to-be owner of a gold Apple Edition watch!

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Reader comments

Introducing Mobile Nations, our new community network brand!


Just wanted to be one of the first to say... Mobile Nations.... Such an epic network! Long may it live providing everyone with the most balanced, up to date, and factual news available!

Yeah!!! I love it here. Such great resources and tools. Im looking forward to what is to come. MY only suggestion at the mment is the ability to have one user name that works on all the sites.

I would only say some of the blogging talent clearly overshadows others. There's some weak links in the mobile nations chain. Precentral has been hurting for a while now and it has nothing to do with HP or webOS becoming irrelevant. At which point do you decide to exclude them from the majors?

I understand that the logo is supposed to represent a generic smartphone screen, but what is it with the word "Nation" that causes companies/organizations to use basically the exact same logo with a different color? National Geographic (yellow), Nationwide Insurance (blue) and now Mobile Nation (orange).

This just in.........
Tipb and other popular mobile phone sites sell out to big corporate suits. Chalk it up to another website going straight down the tubes.