Pocket Casts adds iPad, iOS 7 support, all new design, great new features

Pocket Casts adds iPad, iOS 7 support, all new design, great new features

Pocket Casts by Shifty Jelly is a bold re-imagining of their podcast app that not only adds support for the iPhone and brings a new iOS 7-style look and feel, but unleashes all the new features they've added to the extremely popular Android version. And more.

I've been trying out Pocket Casts 4 for a while now, and it does a great job providing robust, power user features in a way that stays incredibly clean and clear. The real secret, however, is their server-side smarts which does an amazing amount of heavy lifting on their end to make sure every podcast you subscribe to is ready and waiting as quickly and reliably as possible on your end.

I was surprised a few months ago when they brought a lot of their new features to Android first, but I couldn't argue with their reasoning at the time. I can argue even less now. By waiting they've not only been able to bring it all to iOS, but to iOS 7 which provides a better visual dynamism and some great new functionality all its own.

Here's some of what you get: Server-side sync across all your devices (iOS and Android), super smart episode filters to show you just what you want, just exactly how you want, iOS 7-style auto-downloads, instant refreshes, and, yeah, that whole new look and feel, and iPad support.

Not too shifty.

If you're already using Pocket Casts, it's a free update. If not, and you're looking for a great podcast app, check it out now.

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Reader comments

Pocket Casts adds iPad, iOS 7 support, all new design, great new features


so I'm a heavy downcast user and have tried podcaster, apple's podcasts, and instacast and they just didn't cut it. Are the improvements to pocket cast enough to switch? (not sure if you have used both).

I am a heavy downcast user as well and while i have not tried version 4 i can tell you that Pocket Casts is better designed but does not have all the flexibility that downcast has. Pocket Casts is easier to use and prettier but Downcast has all the customization and geek features.

Once again to clarify i have not tried version 4 so take this with some skepticism.

I have used downcast also but do prefer this. Each to his own, but the app is nice. It works exactly as described and is visually pleasing also. I use this app on Android and am happy to be able to cross platform sync also.

This syncs with Pocket Casts on Android. My podcast listening life is now finally complete.

Though...a Mac app would be nice *hint hint if you're listening Shifty Jelly*

I've been using the android version since the new UI update and it has been excellent. The best podcast app I've ever used. It is worth the try and I'm sure all will love it. iOS 7's visual style just takes the app to another level.