App-solute Deadline: July 7th or Miss the Launch!

App Store Deadline July 7

The App Store will officially launch alongside the iPhone 3G on July 11th, but what's going to be available? We've seen the highlights. Super Monkey Ball. Ebay. Twitteriffic. Loopt. But a handful of Apps do not a Store make. Apple will need some volume and to get it... they've imposed a deadline!

Yup, of the fraction of developers who've been accepted into the program, only those who have their final release uploaded to Apple's servers by 12PM PDT on July 7th will be eligible for App Store launch. (And even then, there's no apparent guarantee Apple will approve you in time for that most auspicious of occasions.)

Quality apps will certainly be vital to the App Store's success, but is Apple cutting things (and developers) too close?

Who am I kidding, while this may inconvenience journalists overeager for early reviews, as long as consumers can hit the icon and get their monkey ball on, all will be right in App land. Right?


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App-solute Deadline: July 7th or Miss the Launch!


Too bad apple seemingly picked developers at random. I've heard of people being approved as a developer who aren't developers, just 'those people who always sign up for everything to get all the perks they can like testing the new firmware'... meanwhile, legitimate companies have to wait for the 'gee, when are we going to get approved? ever?'.