Prepare your kids for school with Qwizful for iPhone

Qwizful is an iPhone educational app for kids ages 4-7. It is filled with questions on key topics that are taught in school so as to prepare your child for the classroom. Qwizful aims to make the quiz and learning environment fun and enjoyable so that the process feels more like a game.

Qwizful is an enriching and entertaining educational tool that is designed to engage 4-7 years old in effective learning.

  • Practice extensive quizzes targeting key topics, including:

    • analogies
    • sequencing
    • pictorial and verbal reasoning
    • geometry
    • math
    • vocabulary
    • time telling
  • Track your progress and try to achieve the best results in the shortest time

  • Benefit from an abundance of fun stimulating exercises that incorporate carefully formulated educational contents.

  • Qwizful was developed by loving parents in close consultation with education and media experts.

  • Each quiz has been tested by children and experts to achieve effective practice, offer fun interaction and build confidence. In this vein, Qwizful combines meticulously crafted content, colorful inventive illustrations and dynamic sound that children enjoy and appreciate.

Qwizful is available on the iPhone for free and includes the first 40 questions.

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NY papa says:

Cool app. Simple interface engages kids for hours in learning for OLSAT/BSRA gifted and talented tests. For this price I could not buy the openning chapter of my son's practice book. Looking forward to more questions from them.