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Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff: Top tips, hints, and cheats you need to know!

Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff strategy guide: Help Peter and all your favorite characters rebuild Quahog faster and better than ever!

In Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff, you're tasked with rebuilding Quahog after Peter and his chicken nemesis, Ernie, have destroyed it. In order to do so you'll have to help Peter clear the town of debris and find all the other characters, including Stewie. While coins are somewhat easy to come by, clams are not — unless of course you want to shell out some serious cash. That doesn't mean you have to though. If you've got a bit of patience and plan strategically, you and Peter can have Quahog thriving again in no time. Here are our top tips and tricks to help you along the way while spending the least amount of real world cash!

1. How to earn free clams and coins from your friends

Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff: Top 10 tips and tricks you need to know!

You have the option to link your Facebook and Google+ accounts in The Quest for Stuff. If you have either I'd suggest linking them as it allows you to visit all your friend's versions of Quahog and collect money. Sometimes you may even wander across free clams in your friend's towns. Make a habit of checking in with friends once a day.

2. If you buy anything with real money, buy clams not coins

Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff: Top 10 tips and tricks you need to know!

Coins are pretty easy to come by and rack up quickly. Clams on the other hand are more rare and are only rewarded for larger tasks or leveling up significantly. Every once in a while you may have an urge to rush the process of building Quahog. If you must buy anything with real money, it's better spend on clams. Also look for deals on specific purchases. Sometimes Quest for Stuff offers buy one get one sales on specific packages and those are normally the best deals.

3. Don't use your clams to rush tasks

Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff: Top 10 tips and tricks you need to know!

We've already discussed how hard it is to come by clams so it's important not to blow them on the little things. Save them up for buildings and other tasks that will reap a higher reward. Don't spend clams to rush tasks. That leads me to my next tip..

4. Save longer tasks for before you close the game

Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff: Top 10 tips and tricks you need to know!

If you have a task you need to complete that takes a longer period of time, save it for before you close the game. This way you aren't having to tie up an entire character while you're playing the game. Tie them up instead once you close out. It's a better use of your time, and the characters.

5. Make sure each character is doing something before you close the game

Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff: Top 10 tips and tricks you need to know!

This ties in with the previous tip. Once you start unlocking more and more characters, it's important to make sure they're always working on something before you close the game out. This is a great way to make sure when you open the game you've racked up a decent amount of coins and XP. Letting them sit idle while you aren't playing just makes rebuilding Quahog and even more daunting task.

6. Hire more builders as you need them

Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff: Top 10 tips and tricks you need to know!

At the beginning of the game you are only given one builder. That means if he is working on a project, you can't build anything else until that's done. The Quest for Stuff actually lets you hire up to four builders. Each one you add will cost you more clams but it's worth it as you start making more money and building XP faster as Quahog expands. Don't spend the clams right away but once you notice you have the coin to build multiple things simultaneously.

7. Short term tasks are a quick and easy way to boost your coin bank

Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff: Top 10 tips and tricks you need to know!

While you're actually playing the game, spend some time racking up some coins quickly. The easiest way to do this is by making characters perform tasks that don't take a long time. Tasks that require a partner — such as Peter and Quagmire napping together — are great choices since you're earning XP and coins on two characters, not just one.

8. Build based on what earns you XP and coins

Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff: Top 10 tips and tricks you need to know!

Tapping the info button in the inventory selector lets you see how much XP and how many coins you'll earn from a specific building or object. This is important because you don't want to build things that don't earn you currency and XP quickly. At least at the start, focus on buildings and items that earn you the most cash and XP. Then once you've got a cushion, build some fun items.

9. Store buildings and items you don't have room for right now

Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff: Top 10 tips and tricks you need to know!

In build mode you can store buildings and objects that you don't have room for at the current time. This is convenient when you come across an instance where you want to build something new or better for cash flow than what you currently have but run out of room. Just store one item in order to build another. Then when you clear out more real estate, go ahead and place it back. The best part? It doesn't cost you anything.

10. FaceSpace is a quick and easy way to check your characters levels

Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff: Top 10 tips and tricks you need to know!

FaceSpace is pretty much in-game Facebook for your characters. Not only is it entertaining to glance at from time to time, it's also a super easy way to check how much XP each character has accumulated and who you need to work on leveling up. Typically tasks get more time consuming and more expensive as a character levels up so finding ones that are lower can sometimes be a good time waster if other characters are busy.

11. How to unlock Stewie

A lot of people have been asking how you go about unlocking Stewie. The answer is that he's contained in the 8th district and you'll unlock him when you build Bob's Funland. It'll cost you some serious clams though so if you really want Stewie, better start saving now!

Your Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff tips and tricks?

If you're currently playing your way through Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff, what are your top tips and tricks to level up faster and earn more clams? Do you spend real cash or do you patiently bide your time and just make better decisions when choosing how to expand Quahog? Let me know in the comments!

Note: Originally published, April 2014. Updated, September 2014.

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  • I'm trying to get into this game but it is just not as fun or engaging as Tapped Out Sent from the iMore App
  • What are you talking about the game is the same as tapped out they're both the same type genre game.
    The only problem I have with Family Guy on ios is that it's not showing any of my friends and I ran out of friends to invite, I guess I'll have to check the FB settings on the interwebs
  • on family guy how do i sell items or building not wanted anymore????????
  • I finally got Unlimited Clams and Coins from here:
  • I don't understand everyone's love affair with Tapped Out. It takes forever to build anything or get new characters and I find myself just sending everyone to do the same hour long task all day just to get money and level up since its ridiculously expensive to build and requires lofty level ups. The missions are few and far between and I just find myself bored most if the time with Tapped Out. Whereas with Quest for stuff I've got a decent size Quahog already. I also prefer the interface and ability to zoom all the way out. I haven't spent a single clam to build anything as I usually place it right before I head offline. The only thing that is getting annoying is how I can't get any buildings or characters to drop any of the "ultra rare" items even though I've kept at it for over a week. I can't unlock 2 characters without them. Other than that though, I love this game!
  • I changed phones and redownloaded the app. It says log on with a different facebook. I'm on level 8 and it's making start over. I want to just play the one I've been playing or I'm not going to play anymore. What can I do?
  • I'm having the same trouble. Replaced my faulty tablet today and now it's telling me my FB is already in use !
  • no when you go in to account info at bottom should say log in to existing account u can do that i had same problem but noticed that which i glad as i on level 17
  • i really enjoying this game only problem i got is waiting to unlock last 5 characters but finished all tasks only 1 left is the gift to buy clams or cash which i refuse to do anyone know why the last lot not unlocking
  • I'm what I assume is about half way through the game, I've unlocked 9 characters, and have less than 100 clams. I use clams sparingly, and like most I refuse to buy them, but I scrolled through the inventory selector and calculated that it'll take over 8000 clams to complete everything. It would cost $250 of real money to buy this many clams! Is there a way too accumulate massive amounts of clams when you get closer to the end? If not, why would they make it so impossible or expensive to complete? No one is going to spend that kind of money on a game!
  • Ok, so, I dont use real cash to play this game so clams are extremely hard to get and in which case, so are the characters. This is really annoying. Is there a way around it? I dont have a lot of neighbours either, so that doesnt help.
  • Yo, did you complete the update? Check for it if not. A lot of the feedback was taken into consideration and tiny co made an update which ads another task on accumulating charectors. Now when you get group charectors you are rewarded with LARGE amounts of clams. Such as "kids table" you unlock Meg, Chris, Connie and Stewie and get 15-35 clams. You can earn 15-100 clams just for completing a single face space mission. Obviously some are hard but a lot are easy and you can accumulate it just by unlocking charectors or even accumulate outfits for existing charectors like Peter. Look at the face space on the game and if your version has updated, you'll see a totally new layout that shows you exactly what I'm talking about. I'm on level 31 and since that update I've acquired about 150 clams just because it update and completed the face space missions. I have 3 charectors left to unlock and have used some clams to buy brain damaged horse, consweala and Jake but never spent a real penny. Another thing we can all do is become Facebook friends for those that use it and we can acquire coins and clams the regular way once a day. Look me up on Facebook Zack957 at gmail
  • What are the face space missions?I updated it but didn't receive clams
  • I started playing this game about 3 weeks ago, maybe4. I have bought a few things, but I only did so when worth it and the one thing that helped me a LOT was, when I built the costume shop and it started telling me to create Hooker Peter. It popped up with a deal that read- create Hooker Peter instantly now for ( I think it was 320 clams, may have been 270??) and get 600 clams right back. I had no clams, I looked in the purchase area to see and 320 clams is around ten dollars. 600 clams will cost you $20. So for ten I got $20 worth back, & I did that one and it worked. It also gave me 4000 cans of free blam. So right away my game had 600 clams, and 4000 blam. Then I did a 2nd deal buy any box of coins get 4000 blam, or buy some clams and get coins free. that cost me $5. So for $15 total Ive been able to finish just abt everything needed so far& gave me a decent start. To me thats acceptable. If someone wishes to spend NO cash, things will take time! Thats the nature of building games- a lot of waiting. Play a 2nd game and switch back & forth between them during your time of playing. Then you will not feel compelled to hurry tasks with clams. Visiting friends gives me one clam per day only, the rest is 10 coins per checkmark. I too could use more friends who play. If anyone needs some friends I will be through game center on apple- meecepeece, look me up. I use iPod only however, gamecenter is Apple. I suggest if buying only a couple clam items, to pick wisely. If you like one celebrity over the rest, go for him or her . I PAID FOR patrick Stewart but dont care if I get anyone further, Ect. Dont buy the Blam truck, youll get plenty on your own. Consuela is only worth it if she is a character you really love- her tasks do not drop anything. The characters you buy Facespace list is not worth completion if spending clams to win less clams than it takes to get. There is no way around waiting for things, I think upgrading your workers house once is worth doing& plenty. Ive gotten to level 18 on just a level2 worker. Be patient& occupy yourself on another game as you wait. Save long tasks for when you are going to sleep, then when you wake up youll be pleasantly greeted with everyone finished& lots of coins waiting. Have fun and dont get too hung up on having every item. Thats how they get you sucked in! They know some people will want to have it all and feel they missed out if not. You will be ok without everyone or all things. Have fun above all else !
  • My family guy game won't let me build anything, If I try it will just freeze and I end up having to exit it! So I can't claim any of my prizes or complete some of the quests! My hospital has also disappeared! I don't really want to uninstall/reinstall as I'm up to level 31 and don't fancy losing that as I have no idea what/where to find my log in details to get back on to it! Can someone please help!! It's so annoying!! Thank you!! :)
  • Hi KAlexandra Try clearing your cache & turning your phone on and off.
    This is what FGQFS support have told me to do when having issues. Good luck hope it sorts itself out.
    If not while in your game go to the contact us & write your problem in there explain every detail & phone etc as they always ask more info before suggestion what to do, also add in every method you've tried yourself to try and fix it like clearing your cache etc and if possible can it be fixed without uninstalling
  • Level 13
    I have quit the game because I spent $95 on clams. This games just sucks money out of your purse. I'm going back to clash of clans
  • I have everything unlocked ground wise done all missions except buy a box of clams... I have over 150,000 in coins how do I get stewie?? I have no new missions to do
  • I am in same place you are Leigh.. I am waiting to unlock Stewie, Lois' dad (can't spell his name lol) and Tom Tucker.. Every mission in my Quohog is complete except spending real money to buy clams.. I really liked the King Butt limited time missions.. It was a great distraction but now I'm back to no missions.. I guess all we can do is keep our characters busy for now and hope Stewie and others come soon!
  • I buy buildings that produce cash every hour or two.
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