Smash Hit: Top 10 tips, hints, and cheats to help you achieve your best distance yet!

Smash Hit strategy guide: Collect balls faster, smash through objects smarter, and achieve your best score ever!

In Smash Hit you're tasked with getting through the game unscathed by smashing through glass and other obstacles. You're given a set number of balls in the beginning but it's up to you to collect more along the way. If you run out, game over. Timing and strategy are key in Smash Hit and that's where iMore comes in. Here are our top 10 tips and tricks to earn your furthest distance ever!

1. Crystals are number one priority

Smash Hit: Top 10 tips and tricks to help you achieve your best distance yet!

In Smash Hit when you run out of balls, the game is over. Crystals are what replenish your stash of balls so be on the lookout for them. For each one you successfully smash, you get three balls. If you get a streak of 10 crystals in a row you'll activate multiball mode which automatically shoots out two balls at once, but only docks you for one at a time.

Definitely make sure you look out for pyramid crystals since those give you 5 more balls instead of the standard 3.

2. Two balls max rule

Smash Hit: Top 10 tips and tricks to help you achieve your best distance yet!

Two balls are enough to smash through almost any obstacle that stands in your way. Single panes of glass almost always can be destroyed with one, no matter how big they are. Larger blocks may need two in order to make an opening large enough for you to fit through. Waste not, want not. It's super important to make sure you're conserving balls whenever you can.

3. Save infinite ball rounds until you really need them

Smash Hit: Top 10 tips and tricks to help you achieve your best distance yet!

Infinite rounds are extremely helpful when you're running low on balls. Many times it can be the difference between getting a game over and continuing on to rack up lots of balls. I find them extremely useful when you have to take a hit and lose 10 balls on certain obstacles like lasers. Keep using them over and over and you won't actually lose any of your own balls.

4. Aim for strings

Smash Hit: Top 10 tips and tricks to help you achieve your best distance yet!

Every once in a while you'll see objects like blocks of glass dangling from strings. Don't waste balls trying to blast through them. Just aim for the string and they'll simply fall down, and you only burned through a single ball to do it.

5. Timing is key

Smash Hit: Top 10 tips and tricks to help you achieve your best distance yet!

In Smash Hit how you time your balls is everything. For instance, when you face windmills, two balls always do the trick but you have to wait until you're extremely close. Almost right on top of the windmill. Then rapid fire two balls off. This gives you just enough time to slip through, and that's all you need. You also won't burn through any time boosters this way.

6. Leave certain sliding objects alone

Smash Hit: Top 10 tips and tricks to help you achieve your best distance yet!

Some sliding objects that move back and forth or rotate aren't ever actually in your way. That means there's absolutely no reason to waste balls on them. Just leave them be and you'll pass by them unscathed without wasting a single ball.

7. Closeup shots

Smash Hit: Top 10 tips and tricks to help you achieve your best distance yet!

This goes along with tip number 5. Sometimes it's better to wait until you're right on top of an object to blast it. This typically means there's more power behind the shot and an object may require less physical balls. This also applies for items that are dangling and swinging. A closeup shot may be enough to throw it of its course long enough for you to pass by.

8. Improve your checkpoint standings

Smash Hit: Top 10 tips and tricks to help you achieve your best distance yet!

If you are ever having a hard time advancing to another checkpoint, try going back one. You'll notice that you start at a checkpoint with however many balls you had when you passed it last. If you had a very low amount, it can make it extremely difficult to advance. Instead, go back and focus on racking up tons of balls. That way it saves over the last time you passed the checkpoint with your new ball count. Then if you die trying to advance you at least have some extra balls in your arsenal to go to battle with.

9. Restart levels when you need to

Smash Hit: Top 10 tips and tricks to help you achieve your best distance yet!

If you're doing badly there's no point in continuing the level. Just pause the game and restart from the last checkpoint. This is especially useful if you mess up early on and don't want to continue on.

10. Aim and loft balls from afar

Smash Hit: Top 10 tips and tricks to help you achieve your best distance yet!

Some people don't seem to realize you can loft balls. Wherever you tap on the screen is typically the max height your ball will reach. If you see crystals off in the distance that are huddled together, start lofting balls early. It takes some practice to become good at lofting balls but it's possible. It also means you can rack up balls faster and from further away, which is a great skill to have.

Your tips?

If you've been enjoying Smash Hit, what tips and tricks do you have to offer? Let me know in the comments as well as what your current best distance is!

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  • There's so much cool stuff in this game I have never seen. I guess it's time to upgrade so I can save my progress!
  • Frugal use of balls is a big help. Going into level 9 with 280 balls that shoot 5 at once is a cinch to make it to endless mode. The Mediocre guys recommend launching two balls at once to knock down the big metal bars (in level 8, I think). It's not easy. Mediocre also knows about the hidden crystal bug in endless mode and they are working on it.
  • Hidden crystal bug? Do tell! Sent from the iMore App
  • After a door opening there is a crystal that you can't hit because it's so close to the door.
  • Orange exploding ball to the left of every third door as you pass through. The explosion js large enough to hit the crystal.
  • I hate the infinite leves and the hidden crystal bug. sometimes I can get it, some times I miss. my score is 11475. is that good ?
  • Those are some great tips! Thanks for sharing. Sent from the iMore App
  • So this is the game my niece has been raving about... :)
  • This game is crazy fun. Good stress reliever as well. Breaking stuff is always fun. Graphics are simplistic but really cool. Works great on my ipad!!
  • How do I get through those pink electric fences??
  • Hit the pink glass on the very left-hand side of the laser fence
  • My high score is 13125 i'm not joking, and i also do not have premium i average 12k+ per run, i have gotten into endless mode with over 300 balls, if someone tells me how to post and make a guide i will
  • I've hit 13930 and have started endless mode with 631 balls. But, I got that 13900 when I had started endless mode with about 550 balls. I hate that I can't get higher than that now that I have more balls to start the final round. Also, there are 2 "SECRET" achievements left that I have no idea what they are. Can someone help me with that?
  • I'm at 12230 and don't feel I can get much farther until they fix the hidden crystal bug in endless. I tried lobbing exploding balls all over the sides every time I go through a door to no avail. As it is I go in with 5 balls and give up every time a crystal I can't see much less hit takes me down to one ball when I go through a door.
  • Every third room has a crystal off to the left just inside the door. An orange ball smashing left as you pass the door will hit the crystal. It will come up again three doors later. As long as you can keep finding the orange exploding balls you are fine. That's more about luck than anything.
  • 2 secret achievements: Buy the game
    Watch/Smash all the obstacles in the credits
  • Developer Love and Developer Smash. To earn Developer Smash, you smash every object in the credits. To earn Developer Love, you have to buy the premium version.
  • Why can you get through some glass at one point, then not at another. There seems to be an inconsistency with how much of a particular obstacle you need to actually clear. Am I the only one who thinks this?
  • The obstacles for every section are preset, but it's randomized so you encounter them in different orders and quantities with each run.
  • already done the checkpoint one most of mine have over 100 and a lot of multipliers on most of them
  • How to go through those hanging glass attached by four threads at some weird angles
  • Wait till your extremely close then fire takes 1 ball :) x
  • Either get close and throw one ball or throw two balls at two adjacent places where the glass meets the rope, which can completely knock the shape out if done right. In case of Checkpoint 6's triangles, only use one. Also in Checkpoint 6, the squares with the metal centers need the two-ball knockout because throwing a ball at the metal part won't do anything.
  • 11883 is my score you just save as many as you can for the infinite round :) love this game addictive much !
  • OMG, thank you so much this was very helpful! I am sure to go on this website more often if I need any help!
  • What about the power ups? There are yellow ones and purple ones. I'm always so caught up in the game that I don't use them. Someone explain? Thank you :)
  • The green one gives you an endless amount of balls for a limited time, the yellow one gives your balls explosive power, and the purple one slows time down so it's easier to hit obstacles exactly where they're going to hit you.
  • My score is 7700ish and I haven't purchased the game yet. My tips are: the glass blocks held up by 4 strings can be easily bypassed by throwing a single ball at it up close. Second most of the hammers in the first wave won't hit you. As for the ones that will I suggest aiming for the part where the glass base of the hammer meets the swinger as it's much easier to hit.
  • Hi James, your tips are correct, but don't boast about your highscore as you have not played very far obviously. Other tips for getting through Smash Hit include;
    -Do not hit the sliding lasers in Stage 3 or 4, can't remember which.
    -If you launch a ball right when a pane of glass is swinging up, it doubles the force of impact, and you do not need to worry about it hitting you coming back up.
  • 16617
    Buy the Premium version
    Run levels without throwing any ball. Then, you will learn that some objects move very close but will never hit you, so you will save balls later in a real game
  • Smart suggestion. Thank you.
  • My highest score is now at 15886 Mediocre and I am at the unlimited level with 5 balls and 385 points to start with. I've been trying to beat the unlimited round still and I'm not actually sure there is an end to it? Tips: Aim high with the balls, and as soon as the objects come into focus then strike. Timing is will soon learn the sequence of rotations of swingning glass panels etc. If there is an obstacle in the way, then a crystal after that...aim high for the crystal/s and get them, then hit the obstacle, you have enough time.
    On the round with the "octapus" arms :) get the crystals that look like stars because they earn you 10 points instead of 5. That goes for any rounds that have star shaped crystals.
    On the round where you go through an "elevator shaft" type thing...throw balls down the shaft to hit the 10 star crystals, before they turn into 5 point crystals and also watch out for the same colored "red" planks that come out of nowhere, they can trick you :) Just remember you don't have to hit all the obstacles, some when you get close to them, you can pass through without throwing a ball at it. Always aim for the middle of the obstacle as well if its a pane of glass etc. With the pink laser's, just hit your ball/s where the arrow points to or at the LEFT end of the laser' prepared for falling planks though...aim high on those as well. Very addictive game and probably the best well put together application that I've played!
  • Does anyone know the trick to smashing down the floating cube clumps that send glass cubes towards you at the end of all the Mayhem Challenge levels? I've managed to get through them to level 7 but I keep using up all the balls at the very end trying to smash those things down, lol.
  • Never mind, I think I figured it out. If anyone's wondering I think you hit the part/side of the floating cube that lights up…at least that's worked for me lol
  • You hit each of the panes that isn't lit up, and they'll turn grey and cracked. Once each pane but the lit up one is broken it will fall down.
  • Reached endless mode with 400 balls. Current score is 15500, mediocre. Anytime you have two or more objects in a row and 3 or more balls aim so that some of your balls fly over. Especially when two or more crystals are lined up. Lose one ball, hit 2 crystals or knock down 2 or more hanging blocks. :-) waste not want not.
  • So, is 15000 where you get Mediocre?
  • WARNING this game is insanely addictive! Any way, you can get up to 5-ball, if you lose 5-ball, Stuart over and try again. If you ever lose multiball, start over. Terry again. Don't be afraid to go through a level to see which obstacles need to be broken and which don't. In classic, you should be able to get over 100 at checkpoint 1.
  • Damn Swype....
  • I only play the free game and my best is 13216. Does anyone know what the high score record is for the free version?
  • Does anyone know the order the ranks go in? I know the first one is Beginner and the last one is Mediocre, but I don't know the order of the in-between ranks. My current rank is Ethereal and my high score is 13317, if that helps.
  • You don't have to throw balls at wind mills and moving zappers and my highscore is unavailable
  • If you hit the crystals without missing every single one of them you will keep the 5 ball hit and the more the better. If you miss a crystal you lose the 2,3,4,5 ball hit and will go back to one.. keep an eye on your amount of balls it throws it's amazing
  • How do you change the colors of the crystals? I've searched all of Google and I can't find it. My friend somehow has black crystals and I tried everything the start menu to change it. Help!
  • using two fingers to throw from two points will be helpful. you can also do this with infinity mode by touching both thumbs on the screen.