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Mega Evolution has finally arrived in Pokémon Go and with it, Mega Raids! A whole new class of Raids, Mega Raids let you and your friends challenge a Mega Evolved Pokémon. These are some of the most challenging Raids yet, but we here at iMore got your back! Here's everything you need to know about taking on Mega Pidgeot in Pokémon Go.

What is Mega Pidgeot in Pokémon Go?

Pokemon 018 Pidgeot MegaSource: The Pokémon Company

The Mega Evolution of Normal and Flying type Pidgeot, Mega Pidgeot has the same typing as its standard form but gets a major stat boost. Like most Mega Evolved Pokémon, it also looks pretty cool! On top of that, because Pidgey has been in the game since day one and are super common, most players have at least a couple really high IV Pidgeot just waiting to Mega Evolve. Even if you don't, you'll get the chance to catch a Pidgeot after each Mega Pidgeot Raid you complete so by the time you have enough Mega Energy, you'll certainly have a powerful Pidgeot to Mega Evolve.

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What are the best counters for Mega Pidgeot in Pokémon Go?

Mega Pidgeot is weak to Rock, Electric, and Ice type damage, while it can deal Flying and Steel type damage. There are a lot of really great counters for this Raid, but if you've invested the time and resources into powering up Shadow Pokémon, the best counters for this Mega Raid are in the Shadow Pokémon section.


Pokemon 644 ZekromSource: The Pokémon Company

The Dragon and Electric type Legendary mascot from Pokémon White, Zekrom is the best non-Shadow counter for Mega Pidgeot. Not a lot of players have had a chance to catch Zekrom because it was released during a global pandemic, but if you have one, it will absolutely annihilate Mega Pidgeot, all while taking half damage from any of Pidgeot's attacks. Charge Beam and Wild Charge are the moves you'll want your Zekrom to know.


Pokemon 409 RampardosSource: The Pokémon Company

A Rock type fossil Pokémon from the Sinnoh Region of Gen IV, Rampardos takes half damage from Mega Pidgeot's Flying type attacks, but double damage from its Steel type. Its first stage, Cranidos has been widely available through events and eggs, and it only requires 50 Candies to evolve, so many players have at least one or two powered up already. Smack Down and Rock Slide are the moves you're looking for if you're bringing Rampardos to this Mega Raid.

Mega Charizard Y

Pokemon 006 Mega Charizard YSource: The Pokémon Company

Although Mega Charizard Y can't deal super effective damage to Mega Pidgeot and takes normal damage from its Flying type attacks, the stat boost it gets from Mega Evolution make it a strong contender in this fight. I wouldn't recommend spending the Mega Energy on this particular Raid, but if you already have one Mega Evolved, it will perform very well. You'll want your Mega Charizard Y to know Fire Spin and Blast Burn.


Pokemon 464 RhyperiorSource: The Pokémon Company

Rhyperior, the final evolution of Gen I's Rhyhorn, is a Ground and Rock type Pokémon that performs very well against Mega Pidgeot. Although it takes double damage from Steel Wing, it takes half damage from Mega Pidgeot's Flying type attacks. Plus, having been the star of a Community Day, most players have a few powered up. You'll want the movest, Smack Down and Rock Wrecker, but if you don't have the Community Day exclusive move or an Elite TM to spare, Stone Edge can work as well.


Pokemon 243 RaikouSource: The Pokémon Company

One of the Legendary Beasts of Johto, Raikou performs incredibly well in this Mega Raid. Although it is a Legendary Pokémon, Raikou has been featured many times in a number of different ways so most players have at least one ready for this fight. It resists all of Mega Pidgeot's attacks and can deal double damage with Thunder Shock and Wild Charge.


Pokemon 462 MagnezoneSource: The Pokémon Company

The final evolution of Gen I's Magnemite, Magnezone requires a lot of Candies and a Sinnoh Stone to evolve. However, as an Electric and Steel type, it takes quarter damage from all of Mega Pidgeot's attacks, lending to it's tankiness. If you're bringing a Magnezone to this Mega Raid, you'll want Spark for the fast attack and Wild Charge for the charged attack.


Pokemon 466 ElectivireSource: The Pokémon Company

Another Pokémon that requires a Sinnoh Stone to evolve, Electivire is the final evolution of Gen I's Electabuzz. It requires 100 Candies, in addition to the Sinnoh Stone, but because it has a baby form that has frequently been featured in eggs, most players have at least one powered up. It takes half damage from both Flying and Steel type attacks too. Thunder Shock and Wild Charge is the moveset you'll want your Electivire to know for this Mega Raid.


Pokemon  145 ZapdosSource: The Pokémon Company

One of the Legendary Birds of the Kanto region of Gen I, Zapdos is an obvious choice for this Mega Raid. As an Electric and Flying type, it takes half damage from all of Mega Pidgeot's attacks and it's been available so many times in so many different ways that some players have entire teams of Zapdos powered up. Thunder Shock and Thunderbolt is the moveset you'll want your Zapdos to know.


Pokemon 639 TerrakionSource: The Pokémon Company

One of the Legendary Swords of Justice, Terrakion is a Rock and Fighting type native to the Unova region of Gen V. It's weak to Mega Pidgeot's Steel Wing, but still quite tanky. While not quite as accessible as some of the other best counters, many players have at least one or two powered up already. Smack Down and Rock Slide are the ideal moves for this fight.

Mega Blastoise

Pokemon 009 Blastoise MegaSource: The Pokémon Company

Although the Water type starter Pokémon from Gen I wouldn't seem like an ideal choice for this Raid, the stat boost Blastoise gets from Mega Evolving lands it a spot in the top counters. Like Mega Charizard, I wouldn't recommend Mega Evolving Blastoise for this Raid, but if you already have one Mega Evolved, it will perform well. It resists Steel Wing and can do normal damage with Water Gun and Hydro Cannon.

Back ups?

Whether you're looking to build a second team or to fill a couple spots in your main team, consider the following back ups:

  • Luxray with Spark and Wild Charge
  • Alolan Golem with Rock Throw and Wild Charge
  • Tyranitar with Smack Down and Stone Edge
  • Mamoswine with Powder Snow and Avalanche
  • Mega Charizard X with Fire Spin and Blast Burn
  • Galarian Darmnaitan with Ice Fang and Avalanche
  • Jolteon with Thunder Shock and Thunderbolt
  • Mewtwo with Psycho Cut and Thunderbolt
  • Zebstrika with Spark and Wild Charge
  • Gigalith with Smack Down and Rock Slide

Shadow Pokémon?

The rebalance of Shadow Pokémon rescued from Team GO Rocket make them excellent glass cannons. Not only are their stats boosted, but during special events, it's possible to change their moves. If you happen to have any of the following Pokémon with the right moveset, they will work very well in this Raid:

Note: Shadow Raikou, Shadow Magnezone, and Shadow Electivire outperform all of the best counters. Likewise, Shadow Zapdos, Shadow Tyranitar, and Shadow Mewtwo perform at the same level as the Pokémon in the best counters list.

How many players does it take to beat Mega Pidgeot in Pokémon Go?

Although Mega Evolved Pokémon have incredible stats, Mega Pidgeot is one of the easier to beat. Technically, two top level players with the best counters and Weather Conditions can take it, but you probably want to aim for three to five players (or more if you're hoping to increase the speed bonus.) Weather to watch out for includes:

  • Windy Weather will boost Mega Pidgeot's Flying type attacks.
  • Snow will boost its Steel Wing, as well as any Ice type counters you might be bringing.
  • Rain will boost your Electric counters, as well as Mega Blastoise if you happen to be bringing him along.
  • Partially Cloudy Weather will boost your Rock type counters.
  • Sunny/Clear Weather will boost Mega Charizard in case you are bringing him along.

Questions about Mega Pidgeot in Pokémon Go?

Do you have any questions about taking on this Mega Pokémon? Any tips for fellow trainers? Let us know in the comments below, and be sure to check out our Complete Pokédex, as well as our many other Pokémon Go Guides so you too can become a Pokémon Master!

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