You work your iPhone 6 Plus hard and you want to make sure it gets through the day. Not everyone has the luxury of hanging out near a wall outlet, and a backup battery can be cumbersome to use while on the move. Battery cases are convenient all-in-one solutions that power your iPhone directly with the added bonus of impact protection.

More often than not, you'll still be able to plug your iPhone into your Mac to sync data or charge thanks to USB passthrough on Made for iPhone-certified cases. If you absolutely have to make it to bedtime on a single charge, take a gander at these excellent battery cases for the iPhone 6 Plus.

1. Mophie juice pack

Mophie's 2,600 mAh battery case is a well-known standby. The juice pack brings an extra hit of juice to your iPhone 6 Plus without adding an obscene amount of bulk to the overall package. Mophie has a range of additional accessories that accomodate the case, including cradles, holsters, and car docks. Black, white, and gold colors are all available to match your iPhone 6 Plus.

2. Zero Lemon ZeroShock case

Zero Lemon iPhone 6 Plus case

Zero Lemon has great bang for buck with its beefy 6,100 mAh battery case. The ZeroShock case is incredibly rugged with two thick layers of impact protection plus a built-in screen protector. A dedicated hardware button the back allows you to start and stop charging. As a cherry on top, the case includes a belt clip that can double as a stand for your iPhone 6 Plus.

3. Tylt energi sliding power case

Tylt's classy 3,500 mAh battery case easily slides on and off a secondary slim case as needed. You can easily leave the energi sliding power case attached all the time, but if you need to keep your iPhone portable or want to charge the case separately, you can easily slide it off. The MFi-certified Lightning connector allows for charge and sync passthrough when connected.

4. PhoneSuit Elite Pro

The PhoneSuite Elite Pro case has a 4,200 mAh and a slick capacitive touch area on the back to toggle charging. MicroUSB passthrough allows you to charge and sync your iPhone 6 Plus without having to take it out of the case. When activated, the PhoneSuite will detect if the iPhone is topped up and automatically shut off.

5. Alpatronix BX150plus

Alpatronix Battery Case for iPhone 6

If you want a tough case with a built-in battery that isn't quite as tank-sized as the Zero Lemon option, Alpatronix makes a great case with good bump protection. A 4,000 mAh MFi-certified battery is enclosed in a carbon fiber weave, while a microUSB plug allows for charging and data transfer. A headphone jack adapter is included if you need to plug in, though you can always go with a Bluetooth headset to avoid the hassle. Two slits in the case allow the iPhone 6 Plus speakers to emit clearly.

6. Your favorite battery cases for the iPhone 6 Plus?

This is but a sampling of the wide world of battery cases available for the iPhone 6 Plus. If you've used something like this in the past, leave a link in the comments and let us know how it worked out for you.