Best wallet cases for iPhone

Pad & Quill vs. Twelve South vs. DODOcase vs. Ayano Kimura vs. Vaja in the ultimate iPhone wallet case showdown!

Wallet cases are an incredibly convenient accessory for your iPhone. They let you keep all your credit cards, cash and ID cards all in one place, safely tucked away beside your phone. There are several different kinds of iPhone wallet case to choose from, however. There are wallet cases with elastic straps and without. Made from leather and made from nylon. Small and large. But which one is the very best?

Pad & Quill Little Pocket Book for iPhone

The Pad & Quill Little Pocket Book is a beautifully crafted wallet case for the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s. The luxurious top-grain leather on the outside, a hand-finished wooden cradle and room for your credit and ID cards, and cash, on the inside, and an elastic strap to keep it all closed.

If you want the ultimate in old-world luxury for your new world tech, get the Little Pocket Book.

Twelve South BookBook wallet case for iPhone

Twelve South's BookBook wallet case for iPhone 5s and iPhone 5 looks, for all intents and purposes, like a gorgeous old leather-bound book. Like something out of a pulp-fiction library or fantasy role-playing game, magic bound within. And indeed there is! Open the BookBook up and your iPhone — and cards and cash — are safe and secure inside!

If look and feel is the most important thing to you, the BookBook is the wallet case to get!

DODOcase leather wallet for iPhone

The DODOcase leather wallet for iPhone is everything you love about the DODOcases for iPad made pocket-sized. Made in San Francisco, the DODOCase leather wallet for iPhone combines fine, old world leather sewn onto sturdy book backing with three "slash" pockets and one window pocket to hold your credit and ID cards, and a tray to hold your iPhone.

If you want a wallet case that's as sleek and solid, go for the DODOcase!

Ayano Shadow wallet case for iPhone

Bling my Thing's Ayano Kimura Shadow wallet case for iPhone 5s and and iPhone 5 is for those who want something closer to a wallet than a case. Not only does it fit your iPhone snugly, it has a full-sized pocket for your paper money so you don't have to fold or otherwise mangle your bills just to carry them around. And... there's a change purse and even a key holder!

If you want something that's more wallet than it is case, go for the Ayano Shadow!

Vaja Lucy Clutch Case for iPhone

The Lucy Clutch is totally decadent. Totally. But that's how Vaja does things,right? And the Lucy Clutch for iPhone is the opposite of an exception. A combination iPhone case, wallet, and carry bag, it's hand crafted like all of Vaja's creations, soft, protective, easy to use, and offers space beyond what it's small size would suggest. I

If you want the ultimate in premium cases and you're willing to pay for it, go Vaja!

Your favorite wallet case for iPhone?

Whether it's one of the ones I picked or one you think I missed let me know — do you have or are you considering a wallet case for your iPhone and, if so, which one?

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Best wallet cases for iPhone


I waited 8 months for this case(bullettrain SAFEwallet) . It was not worth the wait. Speck smart flex case was far superior and much cheaper. I hated it so much, I only used it for about two hours.

About a year now (I have the stick on and use it on my own case). I regularly use 2 credit cards and an ID in there, theoretically 4 cards would also fit (but may expand the slot so that any less cards then would fall out)

I have to disagree on the Dodo case. I bought one and decided to return it. I have been using the Twelve South for over a year now, and its been great. I bought the Dodo, cause it looked a little sleeker and because of its review on here. For one, they glue the iPhone holder in. Twelve South has it under its leather, so there is no way it can come off.

On the Dodo Case, I saw separation from the glueing immediately. Also, you can not put more than an ID and two credit cards with out seeing the material separate. The glue is horrible. They need to stitch things more, like Twelve South does.

I hate to say this, cause I love you guys, but this isn't a good review of these products. I actually bought the Dodo case because of your first review and I was extremely disappointed after I received it. In fact, I didn't even use it for a day. Just trying to transfer from my Twelve South to the Dodo was enough to tell me that it was not going to hold up.

I have not used the pad & quill yet, but I might order it to give it a try. My only worry is if you drop it, will the wood/bamboo? split. I had an original Dodo case for my iPad, and one drop and it was ruined.

How many other wallet cases did you review before coming up with this "best of" list?

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I have the bookbook case. I love it. I carry it around playing pranks on people "excuse me do you have a minute to talk about Jesus Christ our Sacior?"

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