Best accessories for iPhone XS iMore 2020

Good news: all of the accessories created for the iPhone X will be compatible with the iPhone XS as well. That doesn't mean you can't invest in some new ones though! Here are some of our favorite accessories to trick out your new iPhone.

High-end headphones: Bose QuietComfort

If you really want to treat yourself, pick up a pair of these Bose headphones. They're noise-canceling, Bluetooth-enabled, and offer 20 hours of wireless listening time off of a single charge. They're even Alexa-enabled if that's your thing. Read more about these headphones and how they stack up to Beats Solo3 here.

$349 at Amazon

The ultimate biking companion: SmartHalo Bike System

The SmartHalo Bike System takes your bicycle to a whole new level. It gives you turn-by-turn navigation, notifications from your iPhone, theft protection, lighting, fitness tracking, and more.

$150 at Apple

Take better photos: olloclip Mobile Photography Lens Box Set

The iPhone XS houses the best camera Apple has developed yet. Enhance your photography even further with this kit that includes fisheye, macro 15x, and super-wide lenses as well as a portable stand.

$100 at Apple

Elegant charger: Logitech Powered Wireless Charging Stand

The U-shaped cradle makes it easy to charge your iPhone XS wirelessly. It works in both portrait and landscape mode, so you can talk on the phone or watch movies while you charge.

$70 at Apple

Powerful, waterproof speaker: WONDERBOOM Bluetooth Speaker

This little speaker packs a punch. It's small and portable, so you can take it with you on the go. And it's waterproof, so go ahead and bring some tunes to the beach or pool party. Read more about how it stacks up with another favorite here.

$65 at Amazon

Power and light: Aibocn Power Bank

We'll forgive the ridiculous name, because this 10000 mAh external battery has two USB ports so you can charge two devices at once. Plus, it acts as a flashlight in case you need one. Check out more of our favorite battery packs here.

$11 at Amazon

Back up: Omars iPhone Flash Drive

It never hurts to have extra backup for the important things on your iPhone, so here is a handy flash drive memory stick. It's got a lightning plug on one end and a USB on the other, so you can transfer photos and videos from your iPhone to your computer quickly. Here are some more of our favorite flash drives.

From $24 at Amazon

A more secure grip: PopSocket

Personally I don't get the appeal of these; but they are wildly popular. When I worked at the Apple Store, these were probably the most requested item we didn't carry. So get a better grip on your phone with this baby, and use it as a kickstand to watch videos too. I do like that they come in so many cool designs.

$10 at Amazon

A better grip: Spigen Style Ring POP

Now this is more I like it. This slim ring style offers a more secure grip than the popular PopSocket, and it rotates 360 degrees so it can be used as a kickstand. It's metal, so you can use it with a magnetic car mount.

$12 at Amazon

Hands-free in the car: Spigen Car Phone Mount

This doesn't have to be used with the Spigen Style Ring POP, but they do go together nicely. If you don't have a metal ring on the back of your phone, you can use one of the two metal plates that come with this car mount instead. Keep in mind, any metal or plastic item on the back of your iPhone will hinder wireless charging.

$10 at Amazon

Keep it clean: Whoosh! Screen Shine

This stuff is awesome. I use it myself on my iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, MacBook, and even my glasses. It quickly gets rid of fingerprints and smudges of all kinds, not to mention that it gets rid of that nasty bacteria. Read more about Whoosh! here.

$10 at Amazon

Way more than a selfie stick: DJI OSMO Mobile 2 Gimbal for iPhone

Take your iPhone action photography and videography to the next level. Stabilize your video, auto-track a subject in motion, take stunning time-lapse photos, and much more. I've used this myself and it is ah-mazing. See more of our favorite gimbals here.

$140 at Apple

The iPhone XS may not represent a new form factor, but that doesn't mean that you don't need new accessories. You've invested in the best technology that Apple has to offer, so why not take full advantage and enhance your experience further? These accessories will help you do just that.

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