Best Anti-Gravity iPhone Cases iMore 2021

An anti-gravity iPhone case has a sticky back that allows you to place your phone anywhere. This is a convenient way to mount your iPhone on a dashboard, mirror, tile, whiteboard, cabinet, or any other smooth surface. Once mounted, use them to watch videos, or even take selfies hands-free. If you are on the look-out for an anti-gravity case, here are the best options!

Selendis Anti Gravity Case Iphone 11

For iPhone 11: Selendis Anti-Gravity Case

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The Selendis Anti-Gravity Case for iPhone 11 sticks to just about anywhere with its nanotechnology suction. While not defying gravity, this case also provides an anti-slip texture on each side, which gives you a little extra stability when reaching for the corners of the large iPhone 11 screen. A removable dust-proof film keeps it clean when not in use.

$10 at Amazon
Wingcases Anti Gravity Case Iphone 11 Pro

For iPhone 11 Pro: Wingcases Anti-Gravity Case

This thin silicone case from Wingcases is made for the iPhone 11 Pro with precise cutouts for the lighting port, speakers, and mic. The sticky anti-gravity back can put it into the perfect position on a variety of surfaces, and being a case, it provides basic protection with a raised frame that keeps your screen safe.

$10 at Amazon
Monca Anti Gravity Case Iphone 11 Pro Max

For iPhone 11 Pro Max: MONCA Anti-Gravity Phone Case

The MONCA Anti-Gravity iPhone 11 Pro Max Case is available in two color options, solid black, and a two-tone black and white combination. The nano-suction material on this case is covered with a dust-proof film that also prevents fingerprints from taking over the back of your extra-large iPhone.

$12 at Amazon
Cloudvalley Iphone 6/6S/7/8/SE Anti Gravity Case

For iPhone SE: CloudValley Anti-Gravity iPhone Case

The CloudValley Anti-Gravity iPhone Case keeps Apple's latest small-screen phone secure to most surfaces with a four-layer nano suction back. Unlike magnetic cases, the nano suction back doesn't interfere with Apple Pay or NFC, so you can keep tapping all the things.

$10 at Amazon
Dimaka Iphone Xr Case Triangle Marble

For iPhone XR: Dimaka iPhone XR Case

Dimaka's iPhone XR Case comes in a variety of colors and patterns, 27 to be exact, each of which features transparent areas that let your phone's natural beauty peek through. These cases are more than pretty looks though, as they not only offer the same stick anywhere anti-gravity grip, but they also offer drop protection with raised corner bumpers.

$16 at Amazon
STICK-AMIS anti-gravity iPhone case

For them all: STICK-AMIS Anti-Gravity Sticker

If you don't want or need a whole case, you can just place one of these stickers on the back of your existing case for the same effect. Since it is a sticker, you can use this clever solution directly on your phone, regardless of the model, or you can attach it to your favorite case to instantly make it anti-gravity.

$13 at Amazon

Peel and stick

Anti-gravity cases are a fantastic way to add a little extra convenience and protection to your iPhone. The latest anti-gravity iPhone cases use micro-suction technology, so they and be stuck and unstuck repeatedly without leaving any residue or damage behind. Simply stick one of these cases to smooth surfaces like glass, and you can sit back and relax while watching your favorite show.

If you just want a simple, no-nonsense, anti-gravity case for iPhone 11, then the Selendis Anti-Gravity Case is the one for you. This affordable, form-fitting case features a dust-resistant film that can be rinsed off when needed, ensuring that it will always be ready for mounting.

However, if you want something a little fancy or colorful, and you have an iPhone XR, then take a look at the Dimaka iPhone XR Case. This case comes is available in 27 different patterns and colors, each of which protects your phone from drops with a thick bumper. Dimaka's cases also let in a little color from your iPhone through with transparent areas.

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