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Best Battery Cases for iPhone 11 Pro iMore 2021

The iPhone 11 Pro boasts a crazy powerful battery that can support up to 11 hours of video streaming. For those of us who live, work, and play on our phones, however, even this beast of a battery may not be enough to support an extra-long day of work or travel. That's why we have battery cases to extend the time between charges even more. Right now, the best case overall for charge power and functionality is the Alpatronix BXXIPro Battery Case, but your choice will depend on your needs and budget. Here is a rundown of our favorite battery cases for the iPhone 11 Pro.

Best Overall: Alpatronix BXXIPro Battery Case

AlpatronixSource: Alpatronix

For sheer power and overall quality, the Alpatronix BXXIPro is the full package. The 4200mAh UL-certified internal battery can increase iPhone 11 Pro battery life by 120% - that's up to 24 hours! They didn't skimp on protection, either. With a hard shell on the inside, shock-absorbing rubber on the outside, and a raised bezel on the front, your phone will be protected on every side.

You can also charge the phone inside its Alpatronix case wirelessly with any QI wireless charger, and the case is compatible with most Bluetooth devices and functions.


  • 4200mAh for 120% more battery life
  • 360º protection
  • Dual wireless charging


  • Not compatible with Lightning EarPods
  • It's pricey
  • A bit heavy at 4.1 ounces

Best Overall

Alpatronix BXXIPro Battery Case

Alpatronix BXXIPro Battery Case

The full package

This Alpatronix Battery Case for iPhone 11 Pro combines a powerful battery with 360º protection and easy accessory compatibility.

Best Price: QTshine Battery Case

Qtshine Battery Case HeroSource: Amazon

Without a doubt, the QTshine Battery Case is the best value for the price. Like the Alpatronix, the QTshine Battery Case is equipped with a 4000mAh battery that can add up to 120% to your iPhone 11 Pro battery life. Although it does not allow for wireless charging, the case does not impede wireless sync between the phone and computer. It comes with a power cable that can charge both the battery case and the phone at the same time.

The QTshine Battery Case provides adequate protection for minor drops and bumps, as well as preservation against dirt, dust, and scratches. Despite its slim design, it is pretty hefty at 7.2 ounces. For the price, however, this case has excellent value.


  • Long-lasting 4000mAh battery
  • Excellent price point
  • Slim design


  • Hefty weight of 7.2 ounces
  • Incompatible with wireless charging
  • May not protect against significant drops or face-down impacts

Best Price

Qtshine Battery Case

QTshine Battery Case

Makes budgets happy

You can't beat the QTshine Battery Case for budget value. The 4000mAh battery will add hours of life to your iPhone 11 Pro.

Best Versatility: Pelican Protector with Detachable Battery Pack

PelicanSource: Pelican

If you need a rough, tough, versatile battery case for your iPhone 11 Pro, this is it. The Pelican Protector with Detachable Battery is a lean, mean, charging machine with military-grade 360º impact protection and a nifty detachable battery pack. By military-grade, we mean extreme shock absorption for drops from up to 10 ft. If you're rough on your phones, this is the case you need.

The magnetic battery pack can be attached and detached easily to the case, providing up to 50% more battery life. The battery pack is compatible with any Qi-enabled device for dual charging capabilities. It also has a USB port so you can use it to charge other devices besides your iPhone. When you're done charging, detach the battery pack to keep your case slim and light.


  • Military-grade impact protection
  • Detachable battery pack
  • Dual wireless charging


  • High price point
  • Less charging power than other battery cases
  • A bit clunky with battery attached

Best Versatility

Pelican Protector with Detachable Battery Pack

Pelican Protector with Detachable Battery Pack

Cool factor

This is a tough case to weather anything. The detachable battery pack gives you extra battery life when you need it.

Best Aesthetics: Mophie Juice Pack Access

Mophie HeroSource: Mophie

Most battery cases come in one color - matte black. Some might offer blue or red, but very few come in pink and gold. The Mophie Juice Pack offers four eye-catching colors, each embellished with shiny metallic details. Don't be fooled by its playful appearance; this case also packs a 2,000mAh battery that can add 13 hours to the life of your iPhone 11 Pro.

Like the HONTECH design, the Mophie Juice Pack allows you to choose when to charge the phone; press the button on the back to start charging. Indicator lights will show you how much juice the case has left. The manufacturer also points out that the case offers 360º protection, with beveled edges and rubber shock absorption to protect the corners, screen, and camera lenses.


  • It's shiny and pink!
  • Four colors available with metallic details
  • Add 13 hours to the battery life


  • Charges slowly
  • Metallic texture may be prone to scratching
  • May not be compatible with some car accessories

Best Aesthetics

Mophie Juice Pack

Mophie Juice Pack Access

Pretty in pink

With four eye-popping colors to choose from, the Mophie Juice Pack stands out. It can also add 13 hours to the life of your iPhone!

Bottom line

Even though the iPhone 11 Pro is still brand new, there is already a great lineup of case options you can order right now. Whether you're a world traveler, outdoor enthusiast, or a busy professional, you are looking to extend the life of your new iPhone 11 Pro to the limit. The only obstacle now is to make a decision.

For the best combination of power, protection, and functionality, the Alpatronix BXXIPro Battery Case has it all. The BXXIPro is one of the only battery cases available that supports dual wireless charging. So, you can charge both the device and the case at the same time with a QI wireless charger. Also, robust 360º protection and a powerful internal battery make this case the best package deal.

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