Best iPhone SE (2020) cases 2023

Looking for the best iPhone SE (2020) case? You’re in the right place. The iPhone SE has long been Apple’s most affordable iPhone. It also sports a classic iPhone design that’s similar to the look case brands have been designing their cases for over the years – take a look at the older styles of iPhone and you’ll see what we mean. The 2020 version of the iPhone SE – but crucially not the more recent iPhone SE (2022) – has a slightly different shape that looks similar to the iPhone 8. 

Because this style of iPhone used to be the standard, there are a wide range of iPhone SE cases available for you to consider. Although bear in mind that many case manufacturers are now focusing on newer models of the iPhone SE going forwards.

With a lot of choice it can be tricky to figure out which iPhone SE case brand you should go with. Luckily, we’ve narrowed down the options for you and have selected our favorites for this list of the best iPhone SE (2020) cases, which includes different styles and features that we hope will fit a range of preferences and budgets. 

The best iPhone SE cases: our top picks

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How do you find the best iPhone SE case?

When you're looking for the best iPhone SE 2020 case, there are a few things you need to consider. The first one sounds obvious, but do make sure that the case is compatible with your iPhone. There are a few different models of the iPhone SE these days, you'll need to be sure it works with yours. 

The second is mostly around looks, which plays into level of protection. If you don't mind a chunkier case, you'll get added protection, like the URBAN ARMOR GEAR UAG option above. Having said that, durability doesn't always mean a big, bulky case. Mous is one of our favorite brands for combining protection and style. Which is why the Mous Limitless 2.0 Case is one of our most recommended options.

If you want a new phone case but you don't have an iPhone SE, we have a huge selection of iPhone cases and iPhone accessories guides for you to read covering the best iPhone models, like our best iPhone 13 cases. Or, if you have the latest iPhone 14 Pro, you'll love our best iPhone 14 Pro cases list.

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