Best iPhone XR cases 2023

Even though Apple has released the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro, not everyone needs the latest and greatest. The iPhone XR is still a fantastic device, despite being several years old at this point. Despite its age, if you treat the iPhone XR well, it can still feel new and fresh, especially with iOS 16. And if you keep your iPhone XR protected in a great case, then it should last you a few more years. Here are our top picks for the best iPhone XR cases money can buy right now.

Keep your iPhone XR safe and sound in a great case

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Give your iPhone XR some TLC

And there you have it. These are the best iPhone XR cases out there. The iPhone XR might be outdated at this point, but that doesn't mean you should forgo protection. You can keep your iPhone XR going for a few more years until you're ready to upgrade to the best iPhone, which at the moment is the iPhone 14 Pro. After all, the iPhone XR can still run iOS 16, so you can still experience some fresh new features for the time being.

But with so many great recommendations, which case is the best for you? My personal favorite is Velvet Caviar. You can find colors, patterns, and unique designs that are cute and definitely stand out among the crowd. But despite the cute appearances, Velvet Caviar cases are tough and durable. I've used several different ones over the years and they have all withstood my numerous drops, keeping my iPhones safe from any damage.

Another great one is the Speck Presidio Grip + Glitter. I especially love the Presidio Grip cases because those rubber ridges on the back really do help you hold your iPhone better, preventing it from slipping out and falling to the floor. I'm also a big sucker for all things glitter, so I appreciate the fact that the glitter is embedded inside the case itself, preventing it from rubbing off over time. Oh, and glitter won't get on everything else in your life!

If you're prone to dropping your XR or tend to toss it in a bag and forget about it, we recommend the Spigen Tough Armor. It has military-grade strength and Air Cushion Technology that keeps your phone safe even when dropped. It also has a built-in kickstand so you can go hands-free when needed. And if you want something that is affordable but still lets you show off your iPhone XR color, go with the Mkeke clear iPhone XR case.

And if you prefer a folio, you can't go wrong with the Snakehive Vintage Wallet. It's made of genuine leather, holds your cards and cash, and has a magnetic closure to keep everything safely inside.

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