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You're getting the new iPhone XS, which happens to be the same size as the iPhone X. So technically you don't need a brand new case. Still, who doesn't love getting a brand new gorgeous case when getting a new phone? A new case makes a new phone seem even more special. When it comes to getting the best protection for your phone, the Catalyst Waterproof Case is our go-to choice.

Best Overall: Catalyst Waterproof Case

The Catalyst Waterproof case is solidly built without being uncomfortable to hold. It features two clear hardshell panels on the front and back, with the rear plate removable to allow you to insert your iPhone. The silicone band around the side of the case has a rubbery feel without sacrificing rigidity, allowing the case to feel comfortable in your hand without feeling flimsy.


  • IP68 rating
  • Mute switch
  • Included screen protector


  • Expensive
  • Stiff Wake/Sleep button

Best Overall

Catalyst Waterproof Case

The ultimate protection

Catalyst's waterproof case keeps your iPhone safe and dry, without adding a lot of heft to your phone, and without interfering with normal phone operation.

Best Thin Case: Totallee Thin iPhone Case

If you don't want a case covering up your gorgeous phone, but you know you need a little something. Enter Totallee with its ultra-thin cases. You aren't going to get much drop protection with a case that's about as thick as my fingernail (0.02 inches to be precise), but it will at least ward off scratches.


  • Extremely thin
  • No branding
  • Camera lip


  • No drop protection

Best Thin Case

Totallee Thin iPhone Case

As thin as can be

The Totallee Thin iPhone Case is great for the absolute minimalist. No branding and no bulk to be seen!

Best Battery Case: mophie Juice Pack Access

The mophie Juice Pack Access can give you about 25 hours of extra power on time. The case is built from polycarbonate to help prevent damage from impacts (like dropping your iPhone), and it can also charge via USB-C cable or Qi-wireless charging. The small LED lights on the back of the case indicate the current battery power left in the juice pack. You'll always know when its time to charge it up.


  • Extra battery life
  • Rugged design
  • USB-C charging


  • Bulky
  • Gets warm while charging

Best Battery Case

mophie Juice Pack Access

Extra juice when you need it

Fantastic protection and enough extra battery power to ensure you get through even the busiest of days.

Best Leather Case: Mujjo Leather Wallet Case

If you love luxurious leather, take a look at Mujjo's products. The vegetable-tanned full-grain leather ages to a beautiful patina. Even the buttons are covered with leather while remaining fully functional. A leather pocket on the back will hold two or three cards. Soft microfiber lines the inside of the case so it won't scratch your phone.


  • Holds one or two cards
  • Premium Leather
  • Microfiber lined


  • Less protective than other cases

Best Leather Case

Mujjo Leather Wallet Case

Luxurious leather with functionality

This is a high-quality full-grain leather wallet iPhone case, that not only looks great but lets you take your important wallet items with you.

Best Clear Case: Spigen Ultra Hybrid

If you want crystal clear protection without breaking the bank, Spigen's Ultra Hybrid in Crystal Clear is the best option. The hybrid design of the rigid back and a flexible bumper means it's easy to get on and off, and the Air Cushion technology means any impact is absorbed. Your iPhone XS remains safe, snug, and you can show it off without sacrificing a thing. You can get the case in a completely clear option or have a colored bumper like the image up above. Plus, it's incredibly affordable.


  • Clear
  • Military drop tested
  • Inexpensive


  • A little bulky

Best Clear Case

Spigen Ultra Hybrid

Clear as day

The dual-layer design of the Spigen Ultra Hybrid lets you show off the beauty of your phone, without having to sacrifice protection.

Best Photography Case: RhinoShield Mod case

The RhinoShield Mod case gets its name because it has a modular design that lets you change the way it looks and functions by swapping in-and-out different parts. With varying designs of backplates to choose from, different colored bumpers, and even different colored button covers, you can have your iPhone looking exactly how you want.

You can get multiple different lenses that screw into the case with ease allowing you to transform the iPhone Xs camera into a Macro shooter or a wide-angle lens. Plus, the case is made from RhinoShield's Shockspread material that is drop tested to 11 feet.


  • Modular design
  • Drop tested
  • Extremely customizable


  • Difficult to get on and off
  • Lenses sold separately

Best Photography Case

RhinoShield Modular Case

Step up your photography game

Customizable in a myriad of ways, the RhinoShield Modular Case will up your photography game and protect your phone.

Bottom line

A great case should not only protect your iPhone XS, but it should complement how you use your phone, so you get the most enjoyment out of it as you can, and I can't imagine any better case than the Catalyst Waterproof Case.

Despite its focus on protection, the Catalyst case doesn't interfere with normal phone operation to any major degree. I'm getting the same results out of my iPhone's camera both in and out of the case, for instance. And the Catalyst case adds barely any weight to your phone, and only a little noticeable thickness and width.

Best Overall

Catalyst Waterproof Case

The ultimate protection

Catalyst's waterproof case keeps your iPhone safe and dry, without adding a lot of heft to your phone, and without interfering with normal phone operation.

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